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Spring 2018
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Friday, January 31, 2014

making tracks

Snowmobile tracks on the Nashwaak Stream, Fredericton, NB.
January 29, 2013.

In winter there is snow and there are ways to get around on the snow whether it's walking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or skiing.  Make tracks.

Snowmobile tracks in an unused orchard Jan. 9, 2013

And back home.

Animal tracks in the snow ~ Jan. 9, 2013

Cross country skiing ~ Fort McMurray, AB, Feb. 2013

Rabbit tracks

Animal tracks ~ Douglas, NB, March 2013

Snowmobile, dog, deer and people tracks ~ March 10, 2013

First day of spring March 2013.  Making tracks through the snow.

Raccoon tracks in the snow ~ April 2013
They were out early last year.
And yes, we had snow in April.

So….get outdoors and make some tracks!  Enjoy Winter.

Thank you so much for all your visits and kind comments.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

a Sunday drive to church

On Sunday morning we woke to a pretty snowfall covering everything and the sun was shining.  

Looking through the windshield that was covered with ice and snow.  We were on our way to church.  My Piano Man didn't clean the window off very well did he, but he had the heat and defroster cranked on high.   I took these photos with my iPhone.

We leave at 8:30 as we are both involved with music on Sunday's and need to be there to practice.   That means we are sometimes on the road before the plows are and it can be a tricky, slippery drive after a snowfall.  It can also be a very pretty drive.

There are lots of pictures so get a cup of something hot and enjoy the drive.

The plow had gone up the road but not down the side we had to travel on.  The wind was blowing the snow across the road too.

I like how it looks like there's a big hill behind the trees.
It's clouds.

I debated showing this one.  My side window had ice and water drops on it.  I was taking pictures in a clear spot but we hit a bump in the road and the phone jerked.  It's kind of pretty how the sun was shining through the ice drops and made these cool circles.

Along the frozen river.

On the way back home.  The towers are coated in frozen snow on one side from the wind blowing it.

The road doesn't look much better does it?  It was still very slippery.   They stayed slippery until Monday afternoon.  Schools were closed in our district.  It snowed a few centimetres on Monday morning and the temperature rose from -16 C to +5C by 3:00.  Then it rained.

It rained hard and the wind blew for a couple of hours.  By 6:00 it was cooling down and we had a flash freeze turning everything to ice.  What wacky weather we've been having this month!

It has been quite a severe winter all across the continent hasn't it?
I know most of you have been experiencing snow and cold too.
Hang in there.  This should break soon.  Right?
I'm going to think positive and hope for nicer weather soon.
I wish my blog friends in the southeastern US a safe day as they are dealing with snow, ice and cold.

Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind comments.
Have a great day!



Monday, January 27, 2014

a light breakfast or lunch

A light breakfast…..or, maybe a light lunch.

On one of 2 sunny days last week I thought I'd get creative.  I found this tray at Target on Thursday and dug out some vintage linens and dishes.
Racking my brain for ideas to post about I remembered the raspberries in the fridge to put in the vintage green bowl.  Then I remembered the vintage chicken egg cup so got an egg out of the fridge too.  (make sure you cook it first…this was a prop!)   

I found the tea towel at a thrift store last year.  It has an appliquéd maid in a yellow uniform and white apron holding a tray with an envelope on it.  Must be a gentleman caller at the door.  :)

All the dishes came from my mother-in-law's house.  I use the mugs often (there are 3 of them).  I am not much of a coffee drinker and have to admit I added some coffee flavouring to this mug after the photo shoot and drank it up.  :)  I couldn't let it go to waste.

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

A fresh tulip.

The tablecloth and napkin were in our house when I was growing up.  I remember the tablecloth being used for lunch at the kitchen table or the odd picnic.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will visit Sandi for

Have a great day!



Saturday, January 25, 2014

winter scenes and tulips

These photos were taken on January 4….back when we had a lot of snow…..before the big thaw.
I thought you might enjoy seeing some of 
New Brunswick's beauty in January.


bouquet #1 on the dining table

I bought a new bouquet of tulips this week.  
Actually I bought two bouquets….one pink and one white.  I combined them into two pitchers and they are adding a lot of cheer.  
We actually had 2 sunny days in a row this week.
Mind you…..it was -16C both days.  Chilly!!
But, the sun made it so lovely inside.

bouquet # 2 on the coffee table

I hope you're having a lovely weekend and that it's not too cold or snowy where you are. 
{it's snowing a bit here today}

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

snow buntings and an amaryllis

A fuzzy closeup of a snow bunting taken January 2013.

There has been a large flock of snow buntings around the back field this past week.

An even fuzzier close up.  :-)

And a blurry photo of the flock taken Tuesday January 21, 2014.

We often see these huge flocks of snow buntings as they swoop and land on the snowy fields in January and February.  They are very difficult to capture as they are so fast.  The first photo of the single bird was taken from my car last January just before it took off to join the flock.  The group photos were taken from our kitchen window.

Can you see them?  I'm sure there are a hundred of them.  They like to sit in this grassy area.  I took these photos today.

If you are in the country and see a large flock of birds like this you will know they are most likely Snow Buntings.
They come south from the Arctic for the winter months as far as the middle of the US.  To see more facts about these birds you can check them out right here.

I just had to share this gorgeous Amaryllis with you today too.
This is the second stalk from the bulb and it has 6 blooms!  The first stalk had 4 and it lasted over a week after I cut it off and put it in a mason jar of water.  I did this so the second stalk would get nourishment.

Count them.  6 blooms!

Well, the forecasted snowstorm has not arrived here and I'm just as well pleased.  We may get some light flurries but so far it's just calm and cloudy and cold.  

My new glasses are in so I plan to pick them up tomorrow.  :-)  

The daffodils popped through last week when it was above freezing for several days and the snow cover melted.  There is a 2 foot snowbank right next to this garden (it was 5 feet high!).   I got some boughs and covered the daffodils to try to protect them from this cold snap we're in.  This is the earliest we've had daffodils up like this.  I've seen this in February but not mid-January.  They'll survive.

Little green daffodil shoots.

Thank you all for your kind words on my post yesterday.  I really appreciate each one of you!



Monday, January 20, 2014

across the miles

More dull days this past weekend and today and no sunlight to take pictures.   I hope we get a break in the weather soon but would rather not have the cold that is coming this week and the expected snowstorm on Wednesday.  

I think I might be down in the dumps right now.
I'm really missing my girl.
I'm wishing I could be at our daughter's across the country and help her for a while.  I wish I could drop by and spend the day with her and our grandsons and help her out while she gets some much needed rest.  It's difficult for us both to be so far apart.  We will be going to visit them next month but it's been 6 months since we were there.  We talk nearly every day these days and Skype most days too.  Sometimes when we Skype we just visit as though we were in the same room.  The boys play or eat lunch while we chat.  She might do laundry or change little E's diaper.  We drink tea together sometimes.  But, it's not the same as being there ~ holding her, playing with the boys and hugging them, laughing, helping prepare a meal or do laundry.  I am truly thankful for today's technology where we can text, Facebook or Skype any time we want to.  But, it's not the same as being there is it.  

I don't know how people did the long distance thing in the past.  I mean….Skype has only been around a few years but today we can talk in real time and see each other ~ sometimes at our worst.  The "good old days" were simpler but imagine not being able to see or hear from a loved one for weeks or months while you awaited a letter in the mail or an expensive phone call from across the miles!  

Do you Skype with a loved one across the miles?
Or do you call on the phone or write letters?
Maybe you do all three.  

Me and my girl.

Thanks for visiting and all your sweet comments.

And thanks for listening.



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