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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lake Louise, Alberta is a special place

The last time I posted I left off as we were about to visit Lake Louise, in Banff National Park, Alberta.    The above photo shows the road going into the lake.

This is the Chateau Lake Louise which is situated on Lake Louise.  What a spectacular spot!

Here is is!  Lake Louise in winter.
In summer the lake is green as it's fed by a glacier which you can see in the distance where the mountains form a valley.

A bit of open water near the shore.

The paths around the lake near the hotel were well cleared.  It was just gorgeous there on this day.  Cold.  But gorgeous!  There were hundreds of people around taking part in winter activities of skating, hockey, snowshoeing and cross country skiing or just walking and taking photos.  

There were several ice sculptures on display in front of the hotel as well as the ice castle out on the lake.  The one above is of elk fighting.  Pretty awesome eh?  I guess it never got mild enough for them to melt and there is a bit of snow on some of them.

The ice castle. 
 If you follow Lorrie's blog, "Fabric Paper Thread", you might remember that she posted about this very ice castle right here when she visited in January.   Pop over to visit and also have a look at what's blooming in her house this week. 

There was some hockey going on on several cleared 'rinks' on the lake that day.  The Lake Louise Pond Hockey Classic was taking place.  Above are some sledge hockey players, some of whom are paraplegic.  

Has anyone ever seen a 'block of wood heater' before?
This was sitting on the ice and burning on the inside.  It created a lot of heat right up close to it and smelled so good too.

Our family with a special announcement.  :)
Do you get it?  1, 2, 3…..another ba…by.   :))
Isn't this a cute way to make an announcement?
It was so special for me to be able to take the photos of our daughter and her family for this special moment in their lives.
Baby is due in August, which means they won't be able to come home to our son's wedding in August but, we'll be going out again later this year to visit them and meet our newest grandchild. 
You can see why Lake Louise is such a special place to us. 

Murray was here one time on a business trip many years ago and had the opportunity to paddle a canoe on the lake right up to the far end.  We also visited here about 14 years ago.

We got home late Tuesday night.  I have a bad head cold and sinus infection so the landing in Montreal and Fredericton was pretty bad on my right ear….which totally blocked in Montreal…. and while landing in Fredericton I had a lot of pain in it and my sinuses.  I'm off to my doctor to get a prescription for antibiotics to clear it up this morning.   I can't hear very well so hope it clears up.  
We sure do miss our family.  It was so quiet here this morning.  

I can't believe how much snow we have here at home.  There were several bad blizzards while we were away as well as freezing rain in between.   Lots of snow to clear away before we get more.  Come on Spring!!

Thanks for visiting and all your kind comments.  I see some new followers too and I thank you for joining me.

Have a great day!



Monday, February 24, 2014

picture postcards from the Canadian Rockies

On Saturday we headed out to visit Banff and Lake Louise.  It was cold and partly sunny and we drove through a bit of snow here and there.  The roads were very slick with a dusting of snow on them as the traffic had packed it down.  We took our time.  They use sand grit on the roads here but not salt.  When cars pass you the rocks fly up and hit your car.  I, of course, jumped every time one hit the car!  It's a scary thing but they are so used to it that it doesn't bother them.  Cracked windshields and dents in the vehicle are a common thing.  :)

The views were like picture postcards.  The mountain tops laden with snow and the trees with a dusting of fresh powder were so beautiful.  Enjoy!

The Trans Canada Highway to Banff.

This is the entrance to the Banff National Park.  We paid for a Family Day Pass and drove on through.

This car had slid off of the highway and we saw a transport truck sitting on the median in the deep snow a short way up the road.  It was too slippery to travel fast as a lot of vehicles were.  No one was hurt in this accident.

Castle Mountain was caught up in the clouds over it's summit.

There are many of these tunnel overpasses along the highway.  There are fences all along the sides of the woods along the highway to keep the elk, bear and wolves off the highway.  These bridges are for the animals to use to get from one area to another without being a danger to vehicle traffic.  The roads were drier along this stretch.  

We are just about to Lake Louise and I'll be back with more photos of that iconic tourist spot soon.

I hope you enjoyed the drive along the highway through the Canadian Rockies.  I was so glad that we went on this day trip.
It was so spectacular to see the beautiful mountains with the snow and the bright blue sky.  Even the clouds were beautiful.

I hope you all have a great week.  We head home tomorrow which makes me sad as I will miss my family here so much.  It's just too long between visits.  

See  you soon.



Friday, February 21, 2014

busy beavers

I'm continuing the walk around the beaver pond trail at Mactaquac Provincial Park.  The above photo shows there a very large tree was 'chopped' down by some very busy beavers.  By comparison, the sapling in the foreground is about 5 inches in diameter, so this was a huge tree.

I think this is the same tree that I took a photo of in Sept. 2012.

I stepped in closer to the tree to get this shot looking right down at the stump.

This is looking up the tree that had fallen.

This tree was about 40 feet tall!

Here it is laying into the trees, taking some others down with it.

More of the perspective of the tree (on the left) and the trail.

Back on the main trail one can see that a lot of the softwoods have been clearcut in this opening.

When we exited the road we crossed the highway to the other side of the park where the Mactaquac Golf Course is.  The cedar rail fence is all along the edge of the course.  More on that for another day.

We are going for a road trip to Banff and Lake Louise tomorrow.
These two places are major tourist attractions and are very beautiful.  I'm pretty excited to see them in the winter.  The only time I've been there before was in October about 14 years ago.  It's going to be a lot colder than it has been since we got here.  The temperature is dropping tonight and by Sunday it will be -26 C in the morning!  I haven't had to wear my big parka since we got here, just a light fleece jacket, but I guess I'll get to wear it for the duration now.  It's also supposed to snow a bit tomorrow in the mountains so I hope we have a safe trip.  At least the vehicle has studded winter tires on it!  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comments.



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

a winter walk by the beaver pond

Recently, my friend Lois came up for lunch and then we went for a walk at Mactaquac Provincial Park.  We parked in the parking lot by the highway and walked in the road to the trail around the beaver ponds.  The whole road is groomed for snowmobilers and is the main 'highway' across country to Nackawic and beyond.  It was easy walking as it's nice and packed down.

One of the beaver ponds.

An open spot in the ice.  See the turquoise pipe on the left?  There is water flowing up and out of it.  I'm not sure why or how.

I bought a 'hood' for my lens and this is what happened with this photo.  It was on for the other photos prior to this and didn't do this.  Can someone explain why this happened?  Maybe because it was a closer up shot.    We took this trail into the woods.  In the summer it is wheelchair accessible as it's level and compacted with fine crushed rock.

My good friend, Lois.

Would you like to have a seat?
You can see that many people have been on the trail lately and most recently a sled or toboggan has been pulled on it.

The trail comes out at the edge of the beaver pond which can be crossed on this footbridge.

Me, all bundled up in my down parka, hoodie and toque.

It was pretty in the woods with the sun filtering through the trees and not as cold as out in the open with the wind blowing.

The beavers have been busy gnawing away at this huge tree.  To see the perspective, the smaller trees are probably about 6 inches in diameter.  They've gnawed well into the trunk and if the wind doesn't take it down before spring they will probably be back in the summer to finish it off.  

I'll be back with some pictures of another tree the beavers tackled.

I hope you are having a great week!



Monday, February 17, 2014

over the hill

Can you see all the deer tracks in the crusty snow?

On a recent Saturday afternoon I convinced hubby to join me for a walk up the hill behind our house.  It was still a lovely day in the sunshine for early February.  You can see that there is a lot of snow and ice on the fields but the grasses are showing in some spots too.
Below you can see the ice that Murray broke with his boots.  It was really slippery on these patches in between the snow patches.

Ice, snow and deer tracks.

Almost to the top and looking back down the hill.  Do you see the two small white houses at the edge of the trees on the left?  The one on the right is ours.
It's a longer walk up there than it appears from the house!

I mentioned the deer tracks in the snow.  Well, where there are deer there is also deer 'scat', to be polite.  We saw lots of scat up there.  Some like this and some in neat piles.   They look like beans.  Haha.  We didn't see any deer at all.

When we got to the top of the hill we could see across the head pond (that bit of white in the trees) to Mactaquac and beyond.   
You'd reach Maine eventually….if you were a crow.  :)

We got up to the wooded area and found a pretty spot to look through the trees across the neighbouring farm fields.  This is looking north.

There is a pretty copse wood that, due to a southerly exposure, had less snow.  I think the deer spend time there and we found evidence of them eating the new growth buds on the trees.

the copse - a nice shelter for the deer


Me in my down parka and lined gum boots.  

The view down the hill again towards Fredericton. 

What a gorgeous day it was!  I am so thankful to live in such a beautiful place.

There has been a LOT of snow added to the landscape since this day as two blizzards back to back this past weekend dumped about 50 cm. of snow on the area.  

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post.  I am visiting around in my very spare time.   Have a blessed week!


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