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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sunlit Sunday

It's another blizzard day this last day of January 2015 here in New Brunswick.  It's the third snowstorm in a week and we now have more than 70 cm. of fresh snow on the ground.  Yes, I'm tired of it!!  I won't bore you with any pictures of blowing and drifting snow this time.  : )

Our local fire hall got new red siding in November.  Doesn't it look great against the snow and blue sky?

I went for a walk while our car was in for its annual motor vehicle inspection at the local garage the other day.  It was one of those beautiful winter days in-between snowstorms.  There wasn't any wind although the flag seemed to pick up in the above photo.   I walked down the road past the orchard and will share more photos later this coming week.

The swing and tire swing are waiting for spring and little ones to have fun.

A snowmobile track up through the old orchard.  I've been having issues with my camera this week.  The focus keeps messing up on me and just goes in and out trying to focus on something.  I thought it was the cold but it happened inside too.  Hm.  It corrected itself a few minutes later but I'm not happy.  I'm probably wearing it out!!

I tried the camera again for this shot and it worked.  Walking up the hill tuckered me out.  I had on my big insulated rubber boots which aren't the best for walking but they keep my feet warm and dry with wool socks.  The road is wet not icy.

I told you about the huge transformer that was to be moved this week along our road.  The move was postponed twice and finally on Friday it was a go.  This thing weighs 110 Tons and took up almost the whole road!!  It was interesting to see it go by.  I've seen much larger loads on the infamous Highway 63 between Fort McMurray and Edmonton in Alberta but this was a big event for our country road.

That's a lot of wheels!!
The move went smoothly and it was delivered safely.  It took months of planning and I expect a lot of money to transport this transformer across the province.  

Marbles in a cream bottle.  No, I haven't lost my marbles!!  Yet!  : )

Can you see the reflections of the trees and deck in them?

Well that's my selection for Sunlit Sunday this week.  I hope you are enjoying the weekend and perhaps some sunshine where you are.  It's going to be bitterly cold the next 3 days as an arctic blast moves in again.  But.  That usually means sunshine.  I sure hope so!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Good Fences

I've shared these scenes many times on my blog in all seasons but it is always beautiful to me so I hope you don't mind seeing them yet again.  These photos were taken on Monday before the blizzard.

This is the lane that I like to walk down but the snow at the end is over my boots so I'll have to wait.

I'm joining Theresa for Good Fences.

Have a super day.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

it was a blizzard out there

Looking out the dining room window at the height of the storm.  The snow was blowing wildly in the wind.

We got through it!  The big blizzard left us with over 30cm. of snow all blown around by gusty winds that made lots of drifts in yards, fields, streets and roads.  It was a school 'storm day' again today and decent enough out that the kiddos could get out and play in the new snow.  We are still getting some snow today - probably another couple cm. - but the wind has shifted to the north and is much calmer.
Hubby's trip was postponed until Sunday for which we are both thankful.  Word has it there is another snowfall coming Friday into Saturday and possibly one on Monday which is why he's flying out Sunday.  It's a winter wonderland here and the snowmobilers, skiers and snowboarders, snowshoers and sledders will have a blast in all this fresh snow.

Here are a few photos during the storm.

Looking out our front window, which did not blow in much to my relief, at the snow blowing across the road.

The snowplough didn't go by very much yesterday and some of the wind gusts were so loud I thought it was a plough.  I did happen to catch this one flying by.  It looks so close but it's not really.

More blowing snow.  Note the mailbox swinging sideways.  :)

A kindly neighbour came to blow out the driveway late afternoon before Murray got home.  I was so thankful that Murray didn't have to contend with cleaning the driveway out.

 And here are some photos taken today after the storm.

I found this drift against the end of the house today.  Pretty neat eh?

The huge drift over the flower bed.  There are daffodil and tulip bulbs under there somewhere.

Another huge drift.

I can't believe how much snow drifted into our backyard.  The steps were cleared by moi the day before and some of the deck too.  I don't know how Murray will tackle this.  

Well, enough of that.  I know some parts of the New England States received even more snow than we did and I saw photos of the terrible damage along the Massachusetts coast as the waves broke through and destroyed many homes.  I'm so thankful we didn't have any damage or loss of power.  

Now we have to clear up as much snow as possible before the next storm.  I think I'm getting tired of winter now.  How about you?

We have a one day reprieve tomorrow and I have a hair appointment.  I may even do a bit of shopping and of course get some food just incase I don't get out again until next week sometime.  

Have a good one.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the calm before the storm

This is my view this morning as we are in the beginnings of the great blizzard.  It's actually looking worse than this now as the wind is blowing out of the northeast (hence the Nor'easter name) and the snow is flying across the landscape.  It's cold and miserable and I'm trying to keep warm inside.  Our big living room window is creaking from the wind blowing on it, which always scares me as I expect it to blow in one of these days!  No, that won't happen.  I hope!  But it sure is a creepy feeling to hear it creaking like that.  I had to use a bungee cord to attach the screen door handle to the front door handle as the wind kept whipping it open.  lol   It's garbage collection day here and the bag is out at the roadside with a nice drift around it.  I saw the truck go up the road so he'll be by soon.  There is barely any traffic on the road and it's drifting badly and the visibility is very poor so it's wise to stay home.  However, my dear husband had to go to work today.  He left very early before the storm started but will have a nasty drive home.  He's supposed to be flying to Winnipeg tomorrow morning.  I'm hoping the trip will be cancelled.  

Anyway.  This post is not about the storm.  It's about the calm before the storm.  Yesterday.  Monday.

I took a little walk with my camera around my neck, and bundled up in my hat, down parka, boots etc. against the cold.  It was a gorgeous sunny blue sky day.

The goldfinches were busy dining at the feeder.  I've noticed their feathers are starting to change to brighter yellow lately.  Could spring be on the way??

My favourite spot just up and across the road.  The track is from snowmobiles.  

A plantation of pine trees make for great graphics in the snow.

The neighbour's farm.

A view of the snowbank and the road.  A big 'event' was supposed to take place yesterday as a 110 ton transformer was to be moved along our road to the Mactaquac Dam on a flatbed trailer.  I waited and waited so I could take photos of it as it passed our house.  The road was closed to through traffic and there would be guide vehicles if you had to get to or from your house. The trip would take hours as the transport only goes 4 km/hour.  Our road at the north end is a very steep hill to the valley.  Well guess what??  They couldn't get up it with this huge load so had to cancel it!    I don't know what their alternative plan is.  They may have to wait another week after this storm's snow is gone.  The salt truck very liberally salted the road from one end to the other to melt the snow and ice build up from Saturday night's storm.   I hope I'm home when the move happens.  You can tell not much exciting happens around here.  lol

This is the field across the road from us.  I like the tufts of grass with little drifts of snow around them.  Notice how they are leaning to the right from the north wind blowing on them.

The little brook is still open and running.  

I found these squirrel tracks in the yard.  

White snow and a blue blue sky.  The snow on the Juniper tree.

Last night's sunset.  Hard to believe this blizzard was on it's way today.

Well, the garbage has been picked up and the plough and grader have made one trip up and down the road.  I hope that if you are experiencing this terrible weather that you will be safe and enjoy your cozy home.  
Thank you for all your visits and comments.  


Monday, January 26, 2015

celebrating a friend at Tea Time Tuesday

Do you enjoy a cup of tea at least once a day?  I sure do.  My blogging friend, Sandi in beautiful Prince Edward Island, is celebrating her 5th year of hosting Tea Time Tuesday at her lovely blog 
Rose Chintz Cottage.  I'm sure some of my followers have visited Sandi before and have also joined in her weekly meme for tea time.  I hope you will visit her this week and perhaps share a tea time to help her celebrate her 5th anniversary.

It's a beautiful sunny and cold day here in New Brunswick....the calm before the storm that will arrive in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow.  Most of the northeast US and the Maritime provinces of Canada are under a winter storm and blizzard warning.    I hope you will be safe and stay at home where it's cozy.

I set up a tea party on Monday afternoon with a few of my favourite teacups and teapots.  I have a lot of teacups and can't share them all today but here are a few favourites.
I even made shortbread cookies that morning for us to enjoy.

Above are some very old Bridal Rose dishes that were my Great Grandmothers and handed on down from my mother.  There are also 2 Limoges cups and saucers in the stack.  I love the dainty pink flowers on this china.  There are just odds and ends and I never use them.  Maybe someday I'll have a proper tea with guests and actually use these delicate dishes.  

This Royal Albert teacup is very special to me.  The pattern is Memory Lane and it was given to me when I was in my teens from my Aunt Isobel.  She also gave me the matching cream and sugar set.  I'm thinking she wanted me to start collecting this pattern for my trousseau which was a tradition with young women until recent years.  That shows my age I guess.   :)  I also have two of the Bristol style mugs in this pattern.  I love forget-me-nots and have them growing in the garden so this teacup reminds me of spring and my late aunt.

I love the blue banding and pretty bouquets of flowers in this Queen Anne teacup.  

This is a new tea mug that I received for Christmas.  It's from Teavana, the tea store, and it has a saucer, lid and strainer for loose tea.  The colours are perfect with this tablecloth.  I made a cup of White Chocolate Peppermint Rooibos from Teavana to have with my cookie(s).  :)  Delicious!

This is my favourite teapot even though I cannot use it.  It's very old as you can tell and was also my Great Grandmother's.  It's a really large pot with the tea leaf pattern and would hold lots of tea but I'm afraid it might crack so it sits on the shelf in my hutch along with the matching biscuit jar and a tea plate.  Isn't it a beauty?

Fresh cookies on an old plate.  Please help yourself.

Thank you for visiting and joining me for tea.  Please visit Sandi if you'd like to wish her a happy 5th anniversary of Tea Time Tuesday.  Thank you so much Sandi for hosting this beautiful meme the past 5 years.  I know it's a lot of work and we get a lot of enjoyment visiting you and the other participants.  

Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comments.  Have a safe and cozy day.  And enjoy a cup of tea!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

squirrel shenanigans

"Hey you!  You looking at me?"

It was a lovely snowy day a couple weeks ago when these two squirrels came to forage for sunflower seed in the snow on our deck.

"Yeah, go ahead and eat all the seeds.  I'll fix you!"

Oh they got into it in a fur fury all right.

Ninja fighting.

So funny to watch.

And they're down again.

And the winner is....well, I'm not really sure, as with all the furious fur flying I couldn't tell one from the other.  This all happened within a few seconds but it sure was entertaining.  I had set my camera on Sports Mode and snapped away.   The other one survived because he came back a few minutes later and stayed well away from the 'winner'.

I'm joining Judith at Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.  Have a great week!


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