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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

strange landscape

The long claw of a creature?

Snow covered mountains?

A mountain range?

I took these photos at sunrise one morning last week.  I love how the low sun makes shadows across the snow where Murray has made piles from clearing the driveway and deck.  It looks like a moonscape.  And.  If you look closely you can see tiny sparkles in the snow....thousands of them.

We had rain over night Sunday and into Monday morning and it was very mild - almost felt like spring.  The temperature will be back to well below freezing on Tuesday.  I guess it's our January thaw but perhaps we'll have another one later on.

This is the same shot as the above photo but taken this morning after the rain and mild temperatures.
Not so pretty with all the detritus from the trees that blew on it and was revealed in the melt.

This morning's sunrise.  I don't know what it's called when the sun shoots a beam into the clouds but it sure is beautiful.  

And....the sun shone in the living room window, albeit at an angle, this morning lighting up the corner for the first time since November 19.  Yay!!

Winter is slowly passing....only 2 more months to go.  We'll see a lot more 'strange landscapes' before it's over with and the grass becomes green with new life.  In the meantime, the wind is howling from the northwest and the clouds are rolling away this morning.  It will be a cold and sunny winter day here.

I see I have some new followers and I want to thank you for coming along!  Thanks to everyone for your visits and comments.  I appreciate each one.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Good Morning Pamela, you have captured some great views of the outdoors but that light on your chandelier is the photo Iike best. I know how that feels. I hope your winter continues without another huge snowstorm. I am amazed that yours will be gone in two months. If we are lucky we will be snow free by the end of April but it's more likely to be in early May. Ours will be shorter this year though as we are heading south of the border if or. A couple of weeks. I enjoyed looking at your decorations in your last post as well.

  2. Yes, don't you just love it that the daylight hours are increasing!! The first set of photos looks like a moonscape. :-) fun photos!

  3. pretty light and shadows. you're making the most of your winter time. :)

  4. The shadows on the snow really do look like a moonscape. We've noticed the light increasing here, too. So lovely. Day by day.

  5. Some of the things that snow turns ordinary objects into are amazing. I can totally see a very large mountain range, until the rain came and the tree bits fell, then it spoils the illusion doesn't it! Great fun to take different pictures and see what you can find in terms of sunlight and so on though isn't it. xx

  6. Beautiful! I'm still wishing for some snow!

  7. Light or lack of light sure creates interesting images on the ground and in the gardens and in side the house. You captured some great photos. I was going around the house today taking photos of sunny puddles and shadows on the walls ... just in case we don't get any more this week in time for the next Sunlit Sunday :)

  8. Oh these are such pretty shots, Pamela. No snow here yet but I'm waiting! The long shadows certainly did create some lovely shadowing on that snow...and I saw the glitters too :)

  9. Lovely photos , I took photos of snow like that last year lol it looks so amazing doesn't it ? I have noticed the sun sets later now each day that's if we have sunshine this last part of January here is usually quite gloomy and cloudy . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Nice photos and I love the chandy decor. So pretty!

  11. That sunrise is glorious! I loved the tone of this post...makes me feel hopeful. =D

  12. Pamela, so glad you got some sunshine today. I need sunshine to keep my brain functioning and not getting seasonal effective disorder. Those first few photos look like they could have taken on the Moon. Carol

  13. There is nothing like fresh pure white beautiful!
    You captured it so nicely...
    We are cloudy today...and cold...not sure what is brewing!!
    Enjoy your day, Pam
    Linda :o)

  14. Pamela, if I didn't know better I would think I had gone to the moon! I just love when the sun is just right and shining into your room..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  15. Yes, the sun is shining in new corners, again.. I am not rushing the time but I do love Spring.. Enjoyed the weird landscapes.. smile.. xo

  16. I'm loving your snowmoon scapes....very colorful. We have a warming trend, and then it will be a cooling trend...winter it is what it is...LOL.

    Nice to see the sun though isn't it?


  17. Those first three pics made me think of Antarctica Pamela - I saw many scenes looking a lot like that!
    Bad weather coming by the sound of it - I may see snow yet, in my garden instead of in yours, yippee!

    Mary x

  18. First look, I thought we were on Mars or the Moon!


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