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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sunlit Sunday

It's another blizzard day this last day of January 2015 here in New Brunswick.  It's the third snowstorm in a week and we now have more than 70 cm. of fresh snow on the ground.  Yes, I'm tired of it!!  I won't bore you with any pictures of blowing and drifting snow this time.  : )

Our local fire hall got new red siding in November.  Doesn't it look great against the snow and blue sky?

I went for a walk while our car was in for its annual motor vehicle inspection at the local garage the other day.  It was one of those beautiful winter days in-between snowstorms.  There wasn't any wind although the flag seemed to pick up in the above photo.   I walked down the road past the orchard and will share more photos later this coming week.

The swing and tire swing are waiting for spring and little ones to have fun.

A snowmobile track up through the old orchard.  I've been having issues with my camera this week.  The focus keeps messing up on me and just goes in and out trying to focus on something.  I thought it was the cold but it happened inside too.  Hm.  It corrected itself a few minutes later but I'm not happy.  I'm probably wearing it out!!

I tried the camera again for this shot and it worked.  Walking up the hill tuckered me out.  I had on my big insulated rubber boots which aren't the best for walking but they keep my feet warm and dry with wool socks.  The road is wet not icy.

I told you about the huge transformer that was to be moved this week along our road.  The move was postponed twice and finally on Friday it was a go.  This thing weighs 110 Tons and took up almost the whole road!!  It was interesting to see it go by.  I've seen much larger loads on the infamous Highway 63 between Fort McMurray and Edmonton in Alberta but this was a big event for our country road.

That's a lot of wheels!!
The move went smoothly and it was delivered safely.  It took months of planning and I expect a lot of money to transport this transformer across the province.  

Marbles in a cream bottle.  No, I haven't lost my marbles!!  Yet!  : )

Can you see the reflections of the trees and deck in them?

Well that's my selection for Sunlit Sunday this week.  I hope you are enjoying the weekend and perhaps some sunshine where you are.  It's going to be bitterly cold the next 3 days as an arctic blast moves in again.  But.  That usually means sunshine.  I sure hope so!

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  1. beautiful images again Pam. The marbles are really pretty in the bottle.

  2. Love your sunlit photos. I think the one with the tire swing is my favorite! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Great photos - but I'm glad I'm not living in the cold and snow. The fire department looks fabulous.

  4. I especially like those marbles in the glass jar! And even though snow can be a pain, it truly is photogenic. :)

  5. Thank you for these sunlit views, Pam!
    Ours has been a week of very thick clouds... Exhausting!
    The marbles look really pretty. Love the reflections!

  6. Pamela, I love that new red siding on the fire hall, and coupled with that crisp, clean white, the building looks extra fresh against the bright blue sky. Your marbles mimic your beautiful surroundings so smartly!

    Wishing you a warm and cozy Sunday!

    P.S.: I can so relate to keeping one's feet warm AND dry, as I have been suffering from lingering aches and pains from getting soaked a few weeks ago!:) Good, warm and waterproof boots are a must it seems, in preventing such winter woes!

  7. Hi Pam,
    Visiting you from Normandy, France via Sunlit Sunday today.
    Love all your images especially the marbles in the cream bottle and you just can't go wrong with sun on snow captures.
    bon dimanche.

  8. Love the jar photo with those marbles. Fabulous reflections of the trees. And poor swings...they look a little lonely.

  9. I always enjoy seeing your photo's, Pamela. The snow is so pretty.

  10. Pam,
    This was fun! The snow is pretty, moving the transformer (probably a little boys dream!!!!), the reflections in the marbles (glad you didn't loose them!!!!). The red siding just pops against the snow. Lovely, fun images.

  11. It seems every time I turn on the Weather Network the east is getting hit with yet another storm. I've had that problem with my camera too, just zooms right out all of a sudden and then I can't adjust it. I just turn it off, what a bit, and try again. Sometimes it happens 2 or 3 times before it sorts itself out. The fire hall looks brilliant against the white snow. Have a great day.

  12. I really liked your sun lit photo teasers . . . amazing how sunshine makes everything seem better.
    Happy you still have all your marbles . . . I caught the reflections.
    Mammoth transformer . . . not sure how it could be moved on your snowy icy county roads. Carefully, I am sure!

  13. I enjoyed seeing the variety of photos. Mercifully, since my elbows are so sore from snow removal that I can't hold them up, there'll be no blizzard photos from me either. Three more to go this week! Glad that the transformer was safely delivered. Hope it means good things for power supply.

  14. It's nice to see some green in your post along with wintry outdoor colours. I like green and white or cream together, so the first photo really caught my eye. The marbles too; I may have been going nutty this past week, but I'm glad to read you haven't lost your marbles!


  15. I like the new red siding! It looks really good against the snow! And it sounds like you have plenty! Thanks for your help with the tern ID!

  16. glad you saw some sun! i like that fire hall and flag, too. :)

  17. oh what a clever thing to do and catch sun and all the other thing with marbles. take care Jaana

  18. You stay warm and safe amidst all that snow a Pamela. I wish for you blue skies this week. Carol

  19. Bellissime foto di tanta neve e poi ... le biglie, meraviglia!

  20. Love your sunlit Sunday. Yes, the red against the blue and snow was wonderful. Keep your toes dry and warm.

  21. Keep warm and safe. We had our first snow this weekend. Think we managed about 3mm, yes you read that right. It disappeared within an hour. No sledging for us x

  22. I hope that if it is cold, it does bring sunshine to you this week! That was quite a load to watch moving along, as you say, what a lot of wheels!! xx

  23. We were in Mexico but had access to CNN - most of the coverage early in the week was about your blizzards. Glad you survived! Hope your camera isn't giving up on you. Bitter cold with sunshine is great if you can stay indoors. Have a wonderful week.

  24. The sun makes the cold so much more bearable. We were able to go for a lovely walk together even though it was -20 and with the windchill, -25. Layers, layers and more layers. :)

  25. Your first photo reminds me of a still life painting. it will be wonderful to see the green grass and children playing on the swing. Sorry to hear that you are looking out at another blizzard. Winter is not my favourite time of year.

  26. We've h had a lot of snow here also, Pamela, but happily not the blizzard you had in the east! My brother and his family live along the coast of Massachusetts and they had almost three feet of snow and are getting more tomorrow. Our weather has been strange with warm days followed by snow days and then warm days again. I think we will all be happy to see spring arrive!

  27. I never get tired of your snow photos Pam - I imagine I might if I had to live with it day by day like you.
    I enjoyed the little peek inside your home - what a pretty little jug.
    The red siding on the fire hall looks beautiful against the white snow and clear blue sky.
    I'm looking for advice on buying a new camera - any tips Pam?

  28. Every time I hear about storms in NB I think of you and my cousins there! You have certainly had more than your share. Two things stand out for me - how much I'd like to swing on that tire in the tree........and the beautiful marbles in the cream bottle. Yes, I saw the trees in them!

  29. We have been watching the weather map for your part of the country...what a lot of snow! far our winter has been quite good, in contrast to last year.

  30. I'm sure you are tired of the snow by now, Pamela, but it is so beautiful in your photos!! Since we're not getting much this year, I'll enjoy yours. :-)
    Mary Alice

  31. wow, that is a lot of wheels. you are so right. i enjoy the red barn and that Canada flag. what a gorgeous shot with all the snow. pretty. drool. can you drool over snow? i think so. i am so so jealous. i wish there was another word for jealous ... because it is always in the bad light of things. but i mean it very nicely. thanks for sharing more snowy views ... you are too great!! appreciate it so. big big hugs. ( :

  32. I enjoyed your selections of photos.

    One Canadian gal to another it seems. We are snow friends.

    Snow and more snow. Beautiful when you don't have to drive in it.

  33. Love those Kalanchoe!
    Maybe the wee one will bloom again....
    Linda :o)


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