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Friday, January 9, 2015

this and that

January 2, 2015   Five deer in the backyard.

They high-tailed it out of there when I whistled to them.

A beautiful Monday morning sunrise, January 5, after a snowstorm on Sunday.

The garden has a white blanket on it again.

By mid-afternoon on Monday it was very cold and blustery in the gusting winds.
That isn't fog.  It's blowing snow!

The wind was wicked as it licked at the snow and lifted it across the field.


It has been very cold all week with the temperature staying around -18C or zero F in the day and going down as low as -26 at night.  We're used to it but it's still a shock to the system when one has to be out in it.  I did venture out on Tuesday to my friend's house for tea in the afternoon and on Wednesday afternoon to a funeral for a friend who died too young from cancer.

Grace Memorial Baptist Church, Fredericton, NB
While waiting for the service to start I couldn't help but notice the beautiful windows with the bright sunlight outside which was streaming in from the windows behind us.  It was a beautiful home going celebration for a wonderful lady who is dearly missed.


On Thursday morning we were greeted with -26 temperatures and a gorgeous sundog in the sky.  There were actually two of them, one on either side of the sun, but I wasn't about to step outside to get pictures of the whole scene!  Plus, the one on the right would have been behind trees.

This is what -26 looks like.  Thursday, January 8.  The shine is from ice pellets and freezing rain that fell last Sunday after the snow.

I'm watching the Amaryllis slowly open more each day.  One can almost see it moving.  :)

It's snowing here this morning.  A light gentle snowfall with no wind.  South and east of here it's a snowstorm.  The temperature has actually warmed up to -12 at mid-morning from -24 at 11:00 PM last night.  

Well that's a bit of what's going on here.....rather quiet.....too cold to go anywhere unless I need to.

How is your week going?  Are you under this cold spell too?  I hope it doesn't last too long, don't you?  Have a good and cozy weekend!



  1. You take the prettiest photo's, Pamela. The snow is so nice but cold. It was 16 here yesterday morning.

  2. beautiful but blustery scenes! loved the deer tails! i'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

  3. What beautiful scenes! The church is lovely. So sorry for the loss of your friend.

  4. I end up with this-es and thats too. Always nice to make an array out of them :)

  5. thanks for the little peak into your corner of the world. its about the same here weather wise, a bit warmer but still VERY cold.

    the deer are beautiful. stay warm and safe

  6. Wonderful photos ! I am still yet to get photos of our deer here but with the Cedar hedge covering the back 40 I don't get to see them ! One day lol ! Thanks for sharing , stay cozy and have a good weekend !

  7. I'm rooting for the Amarylis!
    I must get myself some fresh flowers next week...
    I bought 2 tiny Kalanchoes the other day...could not resist!
    Love the snow blowing in the wind...beautiful!
    Enjoy your weekend
    Linda :o)

  8. I love the photo of the field with the wind kicking up the snow. You take amazing photos! The sun came out today and it feels nice here but I'm a little 'under the weather' so I'm staying in. Happy weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

  9. Very cold here as well, but not as cold as NB!
    Bitter cold last night, snow this morning, raining now, tomorrow's forecast -11 and sunny... crazy weather!
    Such a lovely church window, always sad to say goodbye to a friend.
    Blessings <3

  10. I'm sorry about your friend. The stained glass in the church is beautiful!

    We're past the cold snap- like you, the weather moderated here yesterday somewhat, so it became more tolerable.

    White tailed deer are such curious critters.

  11. Hi Pam....Your amaryllis is going to be a beautiful one. Do you believe that I never got one this year.....and I miss it so. Life is so busy at Christmas time. The photo of the church window is glorious with all the stained glass! Take care!

  12. I am sorry about your friend Pam I am so sick of hearing this word cancer it effects everyone I know now. Beautiful photos. Keep warm. Hug B

  13. That amaryllis is going to be a beauty.
    Very pretty photos you have captured of your sunset and snowy landscape. It does, indeed, look very cold.

  14. It has been cold here but not that cold. BRRR. Gads I don't think I could handle that cold. But I wished it would snow. I came home tonight from Nashville. I rented an apartment and now I have to take care of my condo. So busy crazy and still trying to wrap my arms around this whole thing. And it feels like I have been in a daze for two weeks. Carol

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  16. Another bitterly cold day for us tomorrow, winter is definitely here!

  17. Love the deer! That's beautiful landscape, too. Gorgeous sky!

  18. I can only guess what a sundog is from the photo, Never heard of one before. The shine on the snow is beautiful but I'm sure the cold does not feel so good. We matched a record for low the other night but are now back up to the 20sF. Great picture of your deer!

  19. I'm so sorry for your loss, Pam. It is so hard, emotionally, to go out to a cemetery when the weather is bad, whether a day that is dreary or a day that is bitterly cold. Your sunset photo is just stunning. We're having -10 F. temp here today, but the sun is shining. That helps a lot.

  20. Beautiful photos - that sunrise shot is fabulous!!

  21. I am so sorry to hear about your friend Pamela. The blowing snow image is just perfection. Take care in that snow and keep warm xx

  22. You make the cold look so pretty, dear Pam.. xo

  23. The snow drifting across the landscape is so pretty, Pamela, but I'm glad I'm not out in it. I'd be staying home cozy and warm, too. I'm sorry you're grieving someone else in your life - hugs to you.

  24. You have some wonderful photos, Pamela! That sunrise is just gorgeous and I love the sundog photo. I don't think I've seen one that large before. It looks so cold there, but then it's been very cold here, too. We don't have snow, tho. It looks beautiful in your photos!

  25. Oh my goodness, such beautiful pictures, but I am sure that I can feel the cold from here!! That really is too cold and icy for words. I cannot imagine what that is like. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I am sending good thoughts and hugs to you. xx

  26. Although the temperature there has been very cold I'm glad you can see that it truly is beautiful too. The church windows are beautiful too, but I'm sorry you have lost a friend.

  27. I suppose that the beauty you see is a bit of compensation from God for the terrible temperatures!!


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