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Friday, February 13, 2015

have a heart ~ vintage valentines

Valentine love.

This idea came from a blog or Pinterest and I did it my own way.  I reached across the snowbank along the road one day a couple weeks ago and cut {I could actually break them} some branches from the wild apple tree growing in the ditch and brought them inside.  I put them in this vase and added 3 red hearts which are for my 3 sweet grandsons, plus a vintage postcard.  When I was Skyping with our daughter and grandsons last week I showed this to them.  Ewan, the eldest at 4, said "I think the middle one is mine, Grammie".  He loves hearts and Valentine's Day.  

I hung some vintage Valentines that my husband received as a child on a red ribbon across the dining room window.  I love the sweet animal graphics and sentiments on them, don't you?

Do you remember making envelopes in grade school for your classmates to put Valentines in?  This is the one I made in about grade 3 or 4 I think.  I don't have any Valentines left but for some reason I kept my envelope.

I remember spending a lot of time decorating and colouring my envelope with lace trimmed red hearts.

This is in the kitchen window.

The kitchen window sill.  I found this little framed chalkboard at Michael's the other day... cute eh?

Valentine's Day isn't just for two people in love. It's not about roses, chocolates, a fancy dinner out, and gifts.  It's for anyone that has 'heart' and can share love with someone else.  Take the time to do something special for someone this weekend - out of love from your heart - and let it happen all year through.   Everyone deserves a little loving kindness.


On February 15, 1965 Canada adopted it's new flag, the maple leaf.
This Sunday will be the 50th anniversary of the flag that is so well known around the world.  


It's been very cold for two weeks now and today the sun is shining although a cold wind is blowing.  I've heard we are in for a huge snowstorm on Sunday.  A nor'easter that will bring strong winds and possibly as much as 45 - 50 cm. of snow!  I've also heard we could get up to 25 cm., which would be plenty, so we'll see what happens when it's all over.   We'll be digging out on Monday no matter what falls.  I'll have pictures on Monday.  

Thank you for your visits and comments and, a big Welcome to my new followers.  
Have a heartfelt weekend everyone!  Share the love!



  1. Brrrr...makes me cold to think about all that snow, Pamela. Your valentines are beautiful, and I remember the teacher requiring that we had to bring enough valentines for everyone to get one, not just our best friends. You probably saved the envelope for all the artwork on it!

  2. thank-you for inspiring me for my dinner table tonight! I'm doing the kid's valentine celebration tonight 'cause hubby and I are hoping for a short get-away this week-end:)

    also enjoyed the little history lesson on the flag! I did not know that!

    Keep warm! today we are having our coldest day so far, this winter!
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Cute displays of Valentines!! I love the fact that you kept your Valentines envelope all those years!
    Stay safe and keep warm!

  4. Love the bunting with the vintage valentines. Such sweet memoires and do you know that the school kids--at least my granddaughters--still do valentinees at school, the one holiday that does not seem to offend. I love Valentine's because it celerbrates nothing but pure love, so I send mine on to you dear friend. Happy Valentine's. PS save the branches for Easter! Love 'em.

  5. Oh, Pam, those old Valentine's cards sure do bring back memories!!! I never knew it was the anniversary of your flag...a lot to celebrate, for sure. Stay warm...thinking of you...:)JP

  6. WOW good job this is so pretty love the apple branches and hearts. Old valentines are things that stir the memories of a blonde green eyed little girl smiling at a valentine from a blue eyed boy named Bobby:) Thanks for that:) Have a nice weekend be warm it is so cold out. Hug B

  7. Beautiful post, Pamela. I love Valentine's day and I think it's because of the childhood memories of things we made. Your tree is sweet!

  8. Wonderful post , decorations and photos for Valentines day ! The old Valentine cards really bring back the memories of the old days ! It has been snowing in and off here for over a week now I hope that big nor'easter storm dies out before it reaches you . Yes the Canadian flag is one year older then me lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. Lovely vintage cards and decor. Have a Happy Valentine!

  10. Such beautiful words and pictures! Happy Valentines! Stay safe and warm - as I always say! - in the snow and cold. xx

  11. Those are very vintage photographs!

    About the only notice the feds are giving the anniversary here is a display at Winterlude about the flag. I guess they really hate that it was a Liberal government that passed that flag.

  12. Happy Valentines Pamela!
    Love the vintage valentines, love the little mason jar with the lace ribbon, and love the hearts for your grands. The Canadian flag always makes me happy too, so thankful for Canada! Our True North Strong and Free!

  13. Valentine's Day is a rather recent holiday in our country, so it was especially lovely to see the valentines envelope (so sweet!) you had made and the vintage valentines.
    I think your flag is also very much liked and respected around the world.

  14. very cute valentines. :) stay warm up there!

  15. ackkkk...why would they give Pamela a Valentine with a kid getting his eye poked out!!!!

    Oh, my mind wanders on Fridays.

  16. Someone did a wonderful job saving Murray's Valentines...first his dear mom and now you! Look how neatly you made the letters on your envelope! So sweet. Everything looks festive with just the right amount of Valentine's touches. Sorry that you're going to get Sunday's storm. Depending how it tracks, we'll get between one and two feet with the possibility of more. Ackkkk!

  17. Pam, what a great thing that you have the old valentine cards. I remember them well but unfortunately don't have any that were mine, only a couple from garage sales. Canada's flag is really a pretty one. Hope you don't have to shovel out too much. We are being drenched in sunshine!! Sorry, to you and us!..Happy Valentine's Day..Judy

  18. Pam, your Valentine touches are awesome. I didn't even get out my Big Box this year, just never enough time is there? I LOVE your kept your Valentine's envelope. We always decorated shoe boxes. I kept my favorite one and it was full of the years of Valentine's - and I tossed it and all my old notes and letters about 10 years ago. And I sure wish I hadn't. I was just trying to organize and did it, and have regretted it ever since. Ugh. Oh well, out with the old and more organized is my aim. starting there I guess. *Sigh* You have a WONDERFUL collection of vintage cards - they look great displayed as you have them.

    Happy SVD weekend, my sweet friend. Hugs. ♥

  19. Madly in love with your twigs and hearts. What a fantastic idea. And those vintage cards....oh, my. Happy Vallentine's Day Pamela. Hugs, Carol

  20. Those vintage Valentine's are so sweet. How great that you still have them. And your Valentine envelope. I remember making those in school. It was such fun. And then to fill everyone's envelope with valentines carefully prepared the night before - oh the memories!
    Happy Valentine's Day, Pamela - hope the storm isn't too wild.

  21. A Valentine I sent this year said "I like the Heart about you . . .
    I am sending this message to you too . . .
    Happy Valentines Day Pamela . . . be safe during the storm.

  22. love your valentine tree and all your vintage valentines. brings back memories from my grade school years too.

    stay safe in the storm.

  23. Vintage Valentines are so sweet. I wish I had mine from my childhood. Happy Valentine's Day and farmhouse hugs!

  24. It looks so festive at your place. I'm amazed that your husband still has valentines from his childhood! I can see from the envelopes you made that you had a good sense of colour even when you were a child - your green name on purple background. Isn't it amazing that the Canadian flag is already 50?!

  25. What fun Valentines, and I love the simple and beautiful bouquet of apple branches and hearts. Darling! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, Pam.

  26. Happy Valentine's Day- I love the sweet little hearts for your grandbabies.

  27. I hope you aren't too deep in the snow Pamela! I love the Valentine's on the red ribbon.
    I remember very well the day the new flag was flown. I was in the Ontario snow belt and our class all bundled up and trooped out to see the flag go up the pole.

  28. Yep - the snow just keeps coming here too. and the temperature keeps dropping. Our fireplace is pretty much going non stop today.
    Love the vintage cards! that's something I will definitely have to look into next year.


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