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Spring 2018
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

an Easter tea

Welcome to my Easter tea.  I thought I'd bake some sugar cookies just for you and me today.  These little bunnies are made with my vintage cookie cutter.  I'm not the best cookie decorator but they sure do taste good.  

And of course, a bowl of candy coated chocolate eggs is a nice treat too.

I bought some daffodils in support of the Canadian Cancer Society on Saturday.  They were tight buds but soon opened up and bring a lot of cheer as we certainly don't have any blooming in our yards yet.  I did peek at the end of the house today though and found the crocus all budded and the daffodils up about  6 inches not far from the deep snowbank.  A good sign of spring.

My teacups are Royal Albert on the bottom left and Royal Vale on the right.  I like the colours in them both and, of course, the daffodils on the Royal Vale one are perfect for this tea time. 

Thank you for joining me for tea today.  I am joining Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday and Ruth at Antiques and Teacups for Tuesday Cuppa Tea.   Please feel free to join us.

Thank you for visiting and your kind comments.  Have a blessed week.


Monday, March 30, 2015

a boy and his horse

I'm sorry I've been missing the past few days.  I guess I've been busy and haven't been able to post.  
I wanted to share a mosaic of this boy, Matthew and the horse, Ella that I took at Kings Landing last weekend.  I love the look of the horses eyes in the above photo.   She looks so dreamy eyed don't you think?  :)  I think it's her blonde eyelashes.  I don't know anything about horses but I'm wondering if this one is pregnant and that is why she wasn't on duty to pull the wagon loads of visitors through the village that weekend.  She looks a bit wide don't you think?

We've had some milder days this past week and weekend so the snow is slowly melting more each day.   I haven't seen any spring birds yet but the deer are on the move and playing in the field on the hill behind us and on the roads as well.   They must be happy to be able to get about better and find some grass to eat.  

I'm going to link with Mosaic Monday today at Judith's blog "Lavender Cottage".

I hope you have a wonderful day and week ahead and I hope to be back soon.  Now I must get around and visit some blogs.  I'm way behind! 


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kings Landing Sugar Bush part 2

Here are a few more photos of our visit to Kings Landing Historical Settlement this past Saturday for the Sugar Bush weekend.   Enjoy.

That is a huge snowdrift on the left that is covering the fence.  The wind blows right off the river from the northwest so the drifting was incredible. 

The young lad on the left is Matthew and he was handling the horse, Ella, so that children could pet her.  Ella was quite vocal and kept whinnying very loudly and often.  Such a beautiful horse.

I love this photo.  My favourite of the day.

The sun is shining for the second day in a row and the temperature is going to rise to +4 C so the snow will be melting slowing again today.  Tomorrow is another story - wet snow followed by some rain and +6 C - which will see more snow melt....I hope!  

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.  I appreciate knowing  you were here.  
Have a wonderful day!


Monday, March 23, 2015

a visit to Sugar Bush Weekend at Kings Landing Historical Settlement

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Sugar Bush weekend at Kings Landing Historical Settlement just west of Fredericton, NB.  It was a nice day weather wise, and we enjoyed a really lovely walk through the village on the wet and muddy road trying to avoid the ice and horse poo as we stepped along.  There were hundreds of people out for the event yesterday which included a breakfast sponsored by the York Sunbury Search and Rescue and also events at the Kings Head Inn including maple candy on the snow.  We didn't attend the breakfast as we had been to one at our church in the morning and really weren't hungry.  

You can see that the road was really messy so boots were needed.  It was just above the freezing mark yesterday with a weak sun and snow flurries too.  I think I was overly dressed as by the time we walked for an hour I was extremely warm.  {aka sweaty}

This is the iconic photo for Kings Landing ~ the old saw mill.  It and the dam that holds the water from the creek back are undergoing a major million dollar rebuild and repair.  The dam was damaged by flooding about 3 years ago and was unsafe so this part of the village has been closed to the public since then.  You can see the orange machinery to the right of the mill behind the trees.  It will be nice to have this part opened again as the saw mill and the grist mill (behind the trees to the left) are a big draw for people who visit.

Sap cans on a maple tree.

Here we are behind The Kings Head where they were boiling maple sap in these black iron kettles over wood fires.  

Maple candy rolled on a stick on the snow.   Mmm

Looking across the field toward the church and the Perley house.  There is lots of snow!

There were two wagons transporting people through the village if they wished.  In this photo one team is being changed out for another.  They needed a rest after their hard work.

On their way to the barn for a snack and rest.  :)

Can you see what this is?  Water flowing down the road at Kings Landing made its way through the hard icy snow.  It was a mild day on Saturday but by Sunday it had turned cold again.  
This morning it is -14C with a wind chill of -25C.   The sun is trying to shine but that wind....

I hope you had a great weekend and that you have a blessed week ahead.  I'll be back with more photos from Kings Landing soon.


Friday, March 20, 2015

vintage aprons and ironstone, spring is in the air....somewhere

SPRING is in the air....somewhere.

I have several pieces of vintage ironstone that I move around the living/dining rooms in different seasons.  Sometimes they sit it out in a cupboard but I like to display it when I can.   I often have the white pitcher on the table with real or faux flowers in it.  Today they are faux tulips and pussywillows.  I was going to buy some fresh tulips at the grocery store but decided to wait.   And the pussywillows aren't making their appearance in the roadside ditches yet.  These will have to do.

It's officially SPRING  today in the northern hemisphere and I'm ready to celebrate it even if the weather and temperature don't show it.

The aqua mug is from Medicine Hat Potteries in Alberta.  I love the colour of course.  It holds two vintage Easter eggs.  The white pudding bowl is one of a set of 3 and holds faux ceramic eggs.  Did you notice the pretty aprons in the background?  I found them at Value Village a few years ago.  They aren't in great shape but make a pretty accent to the wall space between the kitchen and dining room for spring.

Another ironstone bowl in my favourite aqua colour (I have a pink one too) serves up some pastel eggs next to a jar of speckled eggs.  

This is an old calendar page that I cut out and put in an old picture frame.  The calendar artwork is by John Sloan and I always loved to buy his calendars from Lang.  I love this one because of the old farmhouse, apple tree, sheds, and the blooming forsythia bush, tulips and trees.  It's speaks of SPRING to me.

I want to wish each of you a beautiful SPRING day even if it's not looking like it where you live yet.  It will come.  I keep telling myself that every day even though we have over 4 feet of snow in most areas.  Spring weather will come eventually and we'll be ready for it.  It is to warm up to +2C today and it's a gorgeous sunny day.   ENJOY!



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

this winter is for the birds


.......TO THIS TODAY, WEDNESDAY. (two snowstorms later)

We had a blizzard on Sunday with 32 cm. and another today, Wednesday.  Schools were closed Monday and are closed again today.  We were only supposed to get 10-15 cm. of snow which may be true, but the strong northwest wind is blowing that snow into drifts again and causing whiteouts.  The Maritime Provinces have been hit really hard this winter.


The above photo was taken late afternoon Monday as Murray was snow blowing in the back of the house.  I liked how the sun created shadows with the trees in the snow.

Murray has to chop through the drifts that have hardened before he can push the snowblower through.

That used snowblower sure has come in handy the past 3 winters!

The snow does have it's beauty too.

Our backyard does slope up hill but you can see how deep the drifts are.  Our garden and fire pit are out there.  We could see the fire pit a bit on Saturday as the snow had melted some last week.

We have had dozens of birds here feeding the past few days.  There are Pine Siskin, Common Redpoll, Goldfinch, Chickadee, and Purple Finch.  They fly in all together then something will startle them and most of them will fly back to the safety of the trees, then they fly back again.  Fun to watch.

Sorry about the bars.  It's difficult to take photos through the deck railing.  :)
Between the birds and the wind the feeders get empty pretty fast.  The wind makes them swing and the seeds fall out the holes.  There is probably lots of seed under the snow.  We'll find out when the snow melts.

Well, as I said, we are very tired of winter and the snow we've had here this year.  I shouldn't complain as it's just snow and it will melt.  We have our health, a warm house and clothes to wear when we go out, a car to get around in, and we can stay home if we can't get anywhere.  It's just been a really long, cold and snowy winter and we're ready for some warm weather.  

How is the weather where you live?  Spring will be here on Friday, officially, but spring weather won't be here for a while yet.  

I took this photo on May 26 last year.  It was a beautiful rainbow after a rainstorm late in the day.  You can see that the trees are just nicely 'leafing out'.  Yes, we have a late spring here.  It's March 18th today so we have about 2 months before we start to really enjoy spring weather.  The first day of spring really means nothing to us here.  Just another winter day usually.  Do you feel sorry for us yet?  Haha.

 I enjoy seeing the signs of spring coming in other parts of our world (British Columbia, England, and the southern and western US), so take lots of pictures and share them for us warm-weather-starved people.  Pleeease??  

This weekend is the Sugar Bush Weekend at Kings Landing Historical Settlement and I hope to visit there with my camera and get some photos to share.

Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy your day.


Monday, March 16, 2015

the red umbrella in Carnarvon, Ontario

When I shared my post on spring decorating last week I mentioned that I had a question about the postcards on my coffee table tray.  I found these postcards years ago in a wood box from my aunt's house.  I always wondered where this place was....in the days before I was on the computer and internet....and the other day, thanks to Google, I found it.

  Each of the cards has printing on it for advertising.

I typed in Carnarvon, Ontario and found Red Umbrella, Twelve Mile Lake and Minden.  And little did I know that the Red Umbrella is still in operation as an inn.  I'm guessing these postcards are from the early 1930's as one is addressed to my aunt who had a guest house and tea room called Hillsteps along the St. John River here in New Brunswick in 1932.  You can read all about Hillsteps Tea Room here. The postcard was never mailed but it had a message on it.

"Just another view of the lovely landscape around here.  Note the dinner-gong and are the meals grand.  The Red Umbrella has rooms and cabin accommodation for about 40 and its a grand crowd that comes."

Do you see the 'dinner gong'?  It's a wrought iron triangle hanging from a post.  I guess all the guests dined at the same time and were called from their leisure time for meals.  You can also see cottages in the background.

Here is the Red Umbrella from the back entrance.  Do you see the umbrella?  I imagine it's red!

And here is what it looks like today.  I got this photo off the internet.

The back view of The Red Umbrella Inn.  It has had several additions over the years.

The front faces Twelve Mile Lake and it looks lovely there.  The Inn is open year around with lots of seasonal activities.  It is located on Twelve Mile Lake near the towns of Carnarvon and Minden in the Haliburton Highlands.   Here is a link to the Red Umbrella website.  They are also on Facebook.

So, my question is....how  many of my Ontario bloggers know about this place?  Have you ever been in this area of Carnarvon, Minden or Twelve Mile Lake?  I'm curious.  I wish I knew who gave the postcards to my aunt and why they were visiting there.  I read on line that The Red Umbrella has been in operation since 1929.   

 I found it interesting to research the Red Umbrella and wanted to share it with you, especially my readers in Ontario.


Yesterday we had a terrible blizzard that blew through here all day long.  It started around 4:00 am and ended about 9:30 pm.  The wind howled out of the northeast and we got about 32 cm. of fresh snow and lots of drifting.  Murray went to church as he had to play keyboard but I stayed home as I wasn't feeling well in the morning.  I've missed 3 Sundays in a row now so hope I can get there this week.   Schools were closed today in much of the province as the roads and streets needed ploughing.    Today is bright and sunny though and the temperature is 0C.  

Looking out the front door last night around 10:00.  Murray went out and did some cleanup with the snow blower.  Surprisingly the deck was bare but the snow drifted really high in front of it.  

Spring arrives on Friday but I'm sure we'll be seeing more snow in the next couple of weeks.  We always do.

Thanks for stopping by to visit and as always for leaving a comment.  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


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