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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

this winter is for the birds


.......TO THIS TODAY, WEDNESDAY. (two snowstorms later)

We had a blizzard on Sunday with 32 cm. and another today, Wednesday.  Schools were closed Monday and are closed again today.  We were only supposed to get 10-15 cm. of snow which may be true, but the strong northwest wind is blowing that snow into drifts again and causing whiteouts.  The Maritime Provinces have been hit really hard this winter.


The above photo was taken late afternoon Monday as Murray was snow blowing in the back of the house.  I liked how the sun created shadows with the trees in the snow.

Murray has to chop through the drifts that have hardened before he can push the snowblower through.

That used snowblower sure has come in handy the past 3 winters!

The snow does have it's beauty too.

Our backyard does slope up hill but you can see how deep the drifts are.  Our garden and fire pit are out there.  We could see the fire pit a bit on Saturday as the snow had melted some last week.

We have had dozens of birds here feeding the past few days.  There are Pine Siskin, Common Redpoll, Goldfinch, Chickadee, and Purple Finch.  They fly in all together then something will startle them and most of them will fly back to the safety of the trees, then they fly back again.  Fun to watch.

Sorry about the bars.  It's difficult to take photos through the deck railing.  :)
Between the birds and the wind the feeders get empty pretty fast.  The wind makes them swing and the seeds fall out the holes.  There is probably lots of seed under the snow.  We'll find out when the snow melts.

Well, as I said, we are very tired of winter and the snow we've had here this year.  I shouldn't complain as it's just snow and it will melt.  We have our health, a warm house and clothes to wear when we go out, a car to get around in, and we can stay home if we can't get anywhere.  It's just been a really long, cold and snowy winter and we're ready for some warm weather.  

How is the weather where you live?  Spring will be here on Friday, officially, but spring weather won't be here for a while yet.  

I took this photo on May 26 last year.  It was a beautiful rainbow after a rainstorm late in the day.  You can see that the trees are just nicely 'leafing out'.  Yes, we have a late spring here.  It's March 18th today so we have about 2 months before we start to really enjoy spring weather.  The first day of spring really means nothing to us here.  Just another winter day usually.  Do you feel sorry for us yet?  Haha.

 I enjoy seeing the signs of spring coming in other parts of our world (British Columbia, England, and the southern and western US), so take lots of pictures and share them for us warm-weather-starved people.  Pleeease??  

This weekend is the Sugar Bush Weekend at Kings Landing Historical Settlement and I hope to visit there with my camera and get some photos to share.

Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy your day.



  1. oh, man, those drifts are high again! hang in there!

  2. I saw and heard all about the snow storms in NB crazy stuff . I do hope for spring for you very soon and no more snow for you either , I dont blame you for being sick and tired of it I would be to . Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing and have a good time at the Sugar bush weekend hope you get lots of photos !

  3. Oh, my goodness, Pam, you have really had a cold winter. Yes, snow is pretty and it is easy for us westerners to say that, but you must be really tired of it by now. Those little birds are such fun, one especially looks like a ballerina in the group. That rainbow pic is really bright and beautiful. I have never seen one so bright..Have fun at Sugar Bush and stay warm and enjoy your week..Judy

  4. I can see grass Pam, and lots of dirty black snow along the side of the road. We've had sun, but cool temperatures this week but as long as we don't get any more snow it may look like spring on Friday.
    Every time you get your hopes up, you get more snow dumped on, I feel for you being so discouraged.

  5. Well, I think you have the right to do a little complaining, my dear girl! That is quite a lot of snow - you must feel like an Eskimo by now! I suppose when you have these long, cold winters, spring is very much appreciated and never taken for granted. I love the photo of the birds in flight! So nice of you to feed the poor things. Sending you warm weather wishes. Hugs xo Karen

  6. I'm with you Pam. This is getting RIDICULOUS!! Enough is enough. I don't know what we've done to tick Mother Nature off. Obviously Ole Man Winter is not ready to retire.... I think he needs to be fired. And no severance, either!!

  7. Beautiful shots. You really have gotten hit by the winter this year. We still have snow covering everything here, but the snowpack is less than it has been, but today it's cold, and getting colder.

  8. Oh my! You really have endured a lot of weather this winter. That's a lot of snow for sure. Hope Spring arrives on time for you and that the snow disappears!

  9. That's a lot of snow in a short amount of time! Hope Spring arrives for you one of these days!

  10. OK We need to pray to the Weather Gods for warm Spring with sunny days, no snow but light breezes. OMG. I don't know how I would cope with all of that snow. Not a clue. Carol

  11. Dear Lord, make it stop! I went all the way back to 2010 looking for a weather report in April. Alas, you had not begun blogging yet in April of that year. Let's just say that this will be another late spring. It feels like winter all over again. Sigh. I am so sorry that you folks got hit so hard again! Does that make you feel better or worse?

  12. Wow - impressive snow storms - but I can imagine being ready for some spring weather. I'll do my best to send along some pictures of flowers when I can.

  13. Oh dear. More snow when you want to see bare ground and green. It will come, but I do understand you getting tired of it. I'm posting photos of spring out here on the Island - it's early and it's gorgeous. Late tonight I'll be doing a post on Butchart Gardens.
    Wishing you warm breezes and melting snow.

  14. Sorry about the storms! You seem to be moving backwards. Still mostly white here, but the snow is now almost hard as ice.

  15. Thank you dear for not getting upset when we in warmer climes start posting our spring pics! I do feel a bit guilty when I know that you are still getting snow. . . . . . . and an awful lot by looks of it!!! Bloggers in upstate NY are also being hit again. I must say we in the south have really had nothing as bad as you to contend with this winter.
    Just take care shoveling, blowing etc. That's a lot of snow to move - Murray needs to be careful!
    Thinking of you and hoping you have signs of spring long before May!
    Hugs - Mary

  16. Hi Pam! Oh, no! Let's just say NO MORE SNOW! Sorry you had more snow storms. We're melting slowly but we still can't see the ground yet! Thanks for popping in to see me and I don't know for sure if that is FDR's place but I'll bet it is! I'd love to see it too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Oh my goodness that is A LOT of snow. I can see how it would be getting a bit old by now.
    We were in the low 80s here yesterday which is above normal. Tomorrow we aren't supposed to make it out of the 40s. Fickle spring weather, but nothing to complain about.
    Now when you are enjoying your beautiful summer weather I will be envious as I'm not a fan of our hot and HUMID summers.
    That rainbow photo is absolutely gorgeous!!

  18. Sorry about the snow storms, but you have posted really beautiful photos today! One of my favourites is the one with snow blown by Murray. And the small birds look so graceful.
    Here with the varying temperatures of the last weeks, we can now enjoy the snow crust so hard that it can support a walking person, which makes it possible to walk easily everywhere in the wood. It's lovely.
    Wishing you sunshine and melting snow!!

  19. I am tired of SNOW too . . . I think you have ever reason to be tired of living in that white world . . .
    The drifts alone would do me in!

  20. The rainbow photo reminded me of what is just around the corner . . .
    SOON . . . please!

  21. Oh my - you do have so much snow. We've had a fairly easy and open winter here. Loved your bird shots and the rainbow!

  22. Oh wow! All that snow gets old real fast. I think our snow is finished for the year. Fingers crossed as we can still have some winter weather up through April. I think we are all looking forward to spring.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  23. Crazy weather - but you got some gorgeous shots.

  24. It seems overtime we put the Weather Channel on they are talking about another Maritime storm. I'm fed up with winter so I can only imagine how you must feel Pam. It will be spring on the calendar this weekend so lets hope the spring weather isn't far behind.

  25. I can understand why you are tired of the snow, it is beautiful to see, but such hard work to get through. Keep safe and warm, and keep feeding those poor birds xx

  26. My condolences on your latest snow fall. I watch the news is amazement as you guys get hit again and again. I've recently posting some spring flower photos if you need a ray of sunshine.

  27. I really feel for you, Pamela! your Deck looked so lovely and bare. Ours is bare too and most of the snow has melted in our fields. We have had an amazing couple of weeks but snow is expected again this weekend and as you say, we can't count on much looking like spring until mid May. Take care and keep smiling.

  28. Wow! You guys are still getting hit! I think we're in the clear for this winter.

  29. Your hubby must be very fit with all the snow removal or shifting around. You have had an abundance.

  30. You have had a difficult winter. It has not been too bad here, only for the month of February. Now however they are calling for snow tomorrow....the first day of spring.

  31. So sorry you're getting hit more snow. We thought we were finished, but calls for snow, ice today afternoon going into the night and cold for the weekend. So was nice to see the cleaned deck. And the rainbow
    last picture. Hope yet for Spring..


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