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Monday, April 13, 2015

spring is making its presence felt

Finally....spring is making its presence felt here in the Maritimes!   Sunday was a beautiful day and the temperature rose to 14C.  I went for a little walk along the road to see what I could see of spring and the first thing was a robin that flew into a tree along the road.  I had to crop the photo as it was too far away.  Isn't he handsome?

There are flocks of robins, blackbirds of all varieties, juncos and American goldfinch coming around yesterday and today.  Today? It's sunny and already 8 and going up to 15 this afternoon!   Yay!  It's about time!

I boosted the colour in this photo a bit so you could see the soft rosy buds forming on the trees along this field.  Still lots of snow and drifts to melt but the snow is disappearing so fast the past few days.

Here is the brook which is still snow covered but I could hear it rushing underneath.  Another couple of days and it should be opening up.

As I spent some time in the yard yesterday just looking at things and seeing how the tulips and daffodils are coming up etc., I also noticed the snow under the bird feeders which have hung on the clothesline all winter.  Oh my.  What a mess!  Looks at the dirty snow.  Some is tree detritus but the rest is seed and seed casings.  The birds and red squirrels are enjoying the clean up but all this will eventually end up on the lawn.  I may not feed the birds next winter.  It's just too messy!

The front yard on Sunday.  The snow is slowly melting.

Sorry about the colour of this photo.  It's my cell phone (an iPhone 4) and I don't know why the photos have such a pink tone to them.   I wanted to show how this drainage ditch is opening up and how the field is starting to get some bare spots.  The field behind our house has much less snow than this one which is across the road.

A frozen puddle.

We have a lot of landscaping to do in the backyard this year.  This is the landing at the bottom of the deck stairs and just a temporary fix of old patio stones that were put there last fall.  It was neat to see the way the ice formed on it last night when the water froze.  This will have to be all removed and gravel laid along with a nice stone patio.  Murray is getting anxious to get some of this outdoor work done but we'll have to wait a few weeks for the ground to dry up.   

Thanks for your kind concern regarding my fall a week ago that I shared with you in my last post.  Yesterday I was much better, surprisingly, as on Saturday I felt pretty bad.  My knee is back to 'normal' (for me) and we even went for a walk in the afternoon.  Although I can't walk far or fast at least it's a start.  I hope to go for a walk this afternoon too, but I won't overdo it.   ;)

Have a fabulous day!  I'm going to get out and enjoy that warm sunshine.



  1. I love your header, and the snow is melting! Yea!

  2. Yay! So glad to hear it is slowly turning into spring! Seeing those trees budding out must be so thrilling for you. Lovely new spring header too :)

  3. glad you're doing better! hooray for melting snow and robins. love the frozen puddle rings. :)

  4. Once more your temperatures and views (the amount of snow etc.) are very much like ours.
    Here we are, hunting for the signs of spring! :)
    Stay well!

  5. So glad your snow is melting at long last! All the heaps here melted in one short week, and the very last of it disappeared from my yard last week. It's such a relief, like shedding a second skin! My garden is a mess where the birdfeeders were placed in the fall. I brought them to the edge of the patio so it would be easier to refill them in the cold weather (and I'm glad I did!). But now there is really quite a mess of shells. A neighbour told us they use the shop vac and suck up all the bird seed leftovers from their lawn. It sounds like a good idea, but I haven't tried it ... yet ;) Wendy

  6. Hooray for signs of spring. I know you must be ready to jump for joy. On second thought, no jumping please.
    I missed your previous post regarding your fall. Just went back to read it. That must have been a scary moment. So glad to know you are feeling better now.

  7. I am glad that the thaw is on the way and that your knee is feeling better too, so good to hear!!! xx

  8. Oh I am glad to see it made it to your house, Pam!!!...:)JP

  9. Spring is slowly coming. For me, spring's finally taking hold when I see chipmunks.

  10. All of us gals of the North are so excited about the little things. Makes me grin. We'll probably faint when a daffodil blooms. Yay for the knee doing better!

  11. Those spring moments are lovely. So glad they are finally down your way.

  12. Hi Pam, it is so nice to finally hear that spring is coming your way! Yay! I had to scroll down and read about your fall - oh, I was both laughing and concerned - I know what it is like to suddenly lose your footing and down you go! It is so surprising about the aches and pains that glad that you are on the mend with no serious injuries. I love your photos - the puddle is especially nice - and sorry about the animal and bird damage. Hopefully next winter won't be so harsh - the wildlife is so pretty to see. Nice captures of the deer. xo Karen

  13. glad to see you have melting. that your knee is healing well. here's hoping for more melting very soon. it is so hard to believe that you have snow & we are having warmer temps & everything is blooming. looks like a green haze due to all the pollen. sneezing too. have a great week. enjoy your shots. ( :

  14. Beautiful photos! The snow is ALMOST gone. :-)

  15. Finally spring has shown up there for you ! I hope the snow melts fast for you . Then I wont tell you we have had two days of summer like temps 20 to 22C and sunshine . I have even seen a few butterfly's fluttering about , aren't I cheeky hehe !. Oh I am sorry about your fall OUCH ! I hope you heal quickly . I am sore from yard work I have been doing the past two days I found muscles I forgot I had lol ! I dont like having to rake up all the shucks from the seeds under my feeders either but I know in the winters that our birds are always fed well so they have a better chance of survival and they are fun to watch for me . Lovely photos , thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  16. You do still have a lot of snow. Good for the garden and lawn. Here is a little hint perhpas for your iPhone. I have a 5c so they may not be the same, but you can take a look. In the camera window next to the shutter release white circle you will find three little multi color circles. Tap on that little button to see exposure options. I always it on accident, ending up with off color photos. Hope this helps. Have a great week, Pam.

  17. I went back and read about our jump....I imagine you have been very sore. Take care and let yourself heal. We don't heal as fast when we get ....ahem....a little older. Everything will be so green after all this snow melts and the moisture sinks in. Hugs, Diane

  18. Glad to see you're finally getting some spring!

  19. Oh dear Pam....
    I missed the post about you falling!
    Gosh, I am glad you are ok.....falls can be very dangerous....
    If you are still hurting.....get to the Dr!
    Hope the snow keeps you inside....where you are safe!
    Take care....
    Linda :o)

  20. well i'm sure glad you are finally seeing signs of spring too.

    take care of yourself till you are 100 percent.

  21. Loved seeing your pictures of springtime as compared to where I am . . .
    Certainly still have bunches of snow . . .
    Happy your knee is better . . ,

  22. So great the birds are coming back! I can't wait until we begin to spot a few.

  23. Dearest Pamela - it warms my heart to know you are doing better now, I was truly concerned for you after that bad fall. Happy that the snow is melting and you can hear the brook rushing - a good sign that Nature is on the move and soon you will enjoy the brilliant greens of springtime.
    such lovely views of your fields and landscape.
    Warm hugs - be well soon.
    Mary X

  24. So glad you are doing better, Pam.. I wasn't on the computer much lately and missed that post.. Thankfully, all is well.. Take it easy, my friend.... Love your photos and like you are beyond glad that Spring has finally arrived..
    Blessings.. xo

  25. You still have so much snow! But if the temperature is rising and the birds are out and about, it won't be long before the crocuses and daffodils bloom. No blooms here yet, either!

  26. That bird in the first photo is a beauty!
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better after your fall.

  27. Pamela, I am so sorry to hear of your fall but thankfull to hear that you are feeling somewhat better. That must have been such a shock and I am glad to hear that you are able to walk now. Hope that spring is just around the corner now. If we miss this next system today it looks like before long the grass will be greening up soon. Finally this morning the snow is all gone. Take care and keep smiling!

  28. Oh I'm sorry to hear you had a fall Pam !
    I can't believe how much snow you still have in your corner of the Country - is this normal or is it hanging around a little longer than usual?
    There's not a drop left here............( now watch a blizzard hit tomorrow LOL )
    I love that photo of the Red Robin - we've been watching the geese fly back !

  29. Hi Pam, I'm glad to hear you're doing better! I enjoyed seeing your photos, and I thought the Robin photo turned out really well - a bright touch of rusty orange in that bare tree!!

  30. Haven't the last few days been wonderful?? FINALLY we are getting some spring weather! The snow sure has gone down a lot in the last 2 days. Yay!! But I have yet to see a robin!
    I hope you are feeling better after that fall. Take good care.

  31. Indeed, bring on the spring weather! I can't get over how much snow you still have Pam, ours is thankfully gone and I've been in the garden for 2 days now.
    Take care of your knee, I'm going to have my torn cartilage fixed the end of the month. After limping since last June and not being able to walk the dog I'll be glad when it's done.

  32. Since we've moved into our son's pool house, I put away my bird feeders as we don't want too many birds around the pool area.
    Wow...ya'll still have a lot of snow. brrrrr.....:)

  33. So glad that Spring is finding you! Still a pretty good snow cover on some of these pictures, but the warm sun will soon take care of that. Trees are starting to bud here and the grass is getting green too. Heading to Victoria next week, so I am sure I will get my Spring time fix while there!! Glad to hear that you are feeling better as well! Take care.

  34. I'm so glad that spring is finally coming to you. It's about time, I agree. I hope you will still feed the birds next winter even though it's a mess. It's survival for them. The photo of the frozen puddle is great, I like how the ice is shaped. And of course I love the robin!

  35. Pam, just went back a few posts to read about your slippery fall! I'm so glad you didn't break anything, either! Just a day after yours, I tripped over a hook extending from the ground, into which fabric canopies of storefronts are attached to for the night, and which was supposed to be covered!! I was walking and enjoying the sights, with my friend Maria, who had made a special visit all the way from London just to see me, when I tripped over this obstacle. Good luck trying to sue the owners for this public hazard, as I'm sure others before me had the same fate. I was very angry, but didn't want to spoil my friend's visit by calling the police, etc. Needless to say, I was quite sore for a few days, mostly my neck and shoulders, having landed on my poor palms.

    Your photos of spring's presence are lovely, and I especially like the one of the robin. Hope Murray is able to get started with his patio soon!


  36. I'm so happy to hear that spring is near....oh a poem...sorry about that, lol. But finally for you out there isn't it?

    Did you check your settings on the Iphone? It might just need to be set to shade, or outdoors.


  37. Your photos are just amazing...beautiful! Love visiting your blog...
    Have a great day!

  38. Spring is in the air there! Yikes, look at all of that snow! Great photographs!


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