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Friday, May 29, 2015

enjoying the deck, new seating and flowers

I wanted to share our new tete-a-tete seat that we got a couple of weeks ago.  We (I) had debated whether to get 2 new Adirondack chairs for the deck/pergola.  We currently have 2 cedar ones that are designed with a higher, more comfortable seat but it's difficult to find any other than the traditional low slung ones which, as we grow older, are difficult to get in and out of.  As I was driving down the road one Saturday I noticed a neighbour had 2 styles of these bench seats (the other is more of an Adirondack style back with slanted legs) for sale at the end of his driveway.  I stopped in and chatted with him for a while.  He also makes birdhouses, wheelbarrows for flowers, and wishing wells.  His work is excellent with everything sanded smooth and rounded edges.  The next day on our way home from church I noticed he still had them out for sale so I called him when we got home and he delivered it to me 15 minutes later.  I didn't have the cash for him and he said it was no problem as he knows who I am and where we live.  :-)   That's what I like about country folk.  We are, for the most part, very trusting.  He makes all his products from cedar and works on them all winter long as a hobby.  And in case you're wondering, I paid him 2 days later.  :-)

This is the bench before I stained it.  I spent 5 hours staining it in 2 coats of Behr 'Drift Grey' (on 2 different, and very hot, days!).  What a lot of work painting underneath and in-between all the slats!   I wanted a colour that would contrast with the deck stain which is a natural cedar.

This seat is perfect for conversations, or cold, breakfast, lunch, reading or just sitting and enjoying the view.  I may even buy another one next year for the front deck.  (He's all sold out!)  Do you like the cushions?  I got them a Walmart.  Love the colours.  The plant is Lantana Sunrise Rose, so it will have the same colours as in the cushions.

We'll be enjoying our deck a lot this summer.  Hopefully it won't be too windy though as we've found it to be on some of the sunny days recently.  Our neighbours losing their huge Manitoba maples last summer during tropical storm Arthur sure made a big difference in how the wind blows through now!  It's not pleasant when it's gusty, which it seems to be a lot lately.

I got my plants all potted.  These are two vintage enamel kettles which are great for flowers.  I love the look of them and I can move them around easily with the handles.

This is an old bench from our neighbours who are moving.  It sat out in their yard for years and I gave it a coat of stain.  I like that it's rustic and will provide extra seating as well.  Did you notice that I moved the kettle?  :-)

This big canning pot is so pretty.  I love the pale blue and white spatter of it.  The flower combo is called 'Pumpkin Spice'.   Isn't it pretty?  It will fill out a lot with these 3 plants.

I bought a fuchsia hanging basket and plopped it in a container.  It's hard to find individual fuchsia plants to add to planters so this was the best option.  The hummingbirds that come to the feeders like the flowers too.

I made up 2 of these containers for the front deck and they will fill out nicely.

And lastly is the green wicker planter on the front deck with coral geraniums.

Well, I'm all set now with the planters filled and blooming.  Now I have to get that vegetable garden planted!  I still haven't bought seeds yet.  It will be a late harvest this year.  

Tomorrow I hope to enjoy the deck as it's supposed to rain on Sunday.  :(   
I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.  Can you believe it's the end of May already?
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  1. HI Pamela,
    Great story! I love your deck and how you have used old things to decorate it. Just beautiful! Isn't it amazing how quickly those of us up here in the North Country have made the transition from winter to summer? I love seeing photos of your home.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. All of your containers are so pretty!!!! Such lovely flowers. The bench is great too isn't it, your neighbour is obviously a great woodworker! I hope you can enjoy lots of times sitting out. xx

  3. i like all your pots of flowers. but i really like that new bench! the drink rest in between is awesome!

  4. What a lovely spot! I love the pops of colour in the cushions.
    The breeze will keep the blackflies away :) they are awful here, they take the joy out of lovely evenings! No sitting out until late summer.

  5. I love that beautiful seat for two that your neighbor made. And you have so many nice containers of flowers. I hope tomorrow is nice and sunny. Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. I like your new sitting place. The color is nice and a pleasant contrast to the deck. And room for your book or tea or both. Your potted plants are so sweet! Interesting to read how the wind has changed with the loss of a tree. I hope you enjoy the deck this weekend. By the way, the place you think is a sunroom is actually our screened porch. I guess one day we could make it into a sun room.

  7. That's a fantastic deck you have!

  8. What a delightful bench Pamela - know you will enjoy many hours sitting there over the Summer.
    Great selection of flowering plants, love your containers.
    I've not planted much at all this Spring as we were gone and will be off again very soon! My garden will have to wait until late June before I can do much with annuals - I just can't ask the neighbors to cope with all that required watering in our hot area.

    Enjoy your lovely deck - hope the winds stay away!
    Hugs - Mary

  9. The deck looks wonderfully inviting and lovely. All those flowers are going to make for some beautiful summer days. Funny how the simple things make such a difference like the loss of those large trees. One wouldn't think it would have such an effect. That blue and white vintage kettle took my eye...have never seen such terrific, large kettles. Just plain old cute!

  10. Love, LOVE the bench . . . and the stain . . . very nice.
    Plus the canning pot and the enamel kettles are just wonderful for your pretty flowers.
    I love all your "touches" for that beautiful new deck!
    I hope the winds won't spoil you from enjoying the sumner . . .
    Great post Pamela . . .

  11. What a beautiful outdoor space...and your new seating & cushions are gorgeous. I love the colour of the stain you used. And your flowers & containers are lovely....we hope to get our deck floors and steps stained in the next few weeks...the weather long range forecast looks cool and wet. We haven't made our trip to the greenhouse yet for our flowers yet...but looking forward to it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. i can not believe that May is over. it just flew by. where is time going?? i love the seating. i am trying to think if i have ever seen one for sale? i think i have seen one some where??! i hope you get lots of use of the new seating. i guess it great to sit your tea cup on, or a book that you have been reading, maybe a magazine ... right? what a fun outdoor space. i enjoy your color selections. happy weekend to you!! ( :

  13. Can't believe it's the end of May, oh dear, time is flying by just a tad to fast for me! I love your new beach, so adorable with your pillows and that flower pot on it. All of your flower pots look beautiful, what a nice deck to enjoy!

  14. Your deck looks so inviting Pamela and the color you chose for the bench is so pretty and natural looking. Your potted plants are thriving and look so beautiful with the colors of your new cushions .... so vibrant and summery. I love outdoor spaces to enjoy the nice summer air and a place to just enjoy nature and sunshine. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

  15. Your new bench is charming and looks like the ideal spot for (iced) tea for two. You chose a very pretty stain for it, as it looks so natural in it's surroundings.
    I enjoyed seeing how you combined your container gardens. So pretty and those vintage enamel kettles are sooo cool!!

  16. Such a lovely setting, and beautiful flowers as well. Enjoy the weekend on your deck!

  17. Your patio will be a wonderful sanctuary. I do love the pillow. Perhaps I should make a trip to Walmart. We have had so much rain that I haven't done any planting. You will certainly enjoy the patio.

  18. Wow - such beautiful flowers, and I love your deck chair/bench!

  19. Wow Pamela, there are so many lovely things to talk about!
    I love your bench and the stain and cushion you chose.
    I love the enamel and granite pots you are using as planters, your beautiful wicker planter too.
    I can foresee many hours of enjoyment spent this summer on your deck!

  20. I like the colour you chose for the new seating Pam and I can envision morning coffee there with your hubby. We got a good downpour just at the end of our garden club plant sale today but we needed it.

  21. I love your new tete-a-tete seat Pam, in fact we were looking at one this week for an area towards the back of our garden. All your plant pots look lovely. I'm sure it is a cozy spot to sit and relax on your deck.

  22. I've missed dropping by your beautiful home. The deck will be such a wonderful spot for you to enjoy lovely times, Pamela. I like all you plants and clever planters. The new seat is beautiful; the local man was quite a find! Even better that he makes deliveries! It's been raining off and on here for the past few hours and it's welcome, given the dry spring we've had here.

    I hope all is well with you.

  23. Very pretty with all your flowers. Cedar is a good choice and I agree that the angle of the seats looks to be very comfortable! Enjoy!

  24. It all looks just wonderful. We are doing a lot of work on our garden at the moment (wonder how long that will last?!) But we had a discussion when it came to buying a new bench: we found a 'zero maintenance' one that lasted forever. Obviously, it is more expensive. When I suggested wedidn't need it to last that long, I was banished to the corner of the 3rd step from the right outside the chip shop.

  25. It all looks just wonderful. We are doing a lot of work on our garden at the moment (wonder how long that will last?!) But we had a discussion when it came to buying a new bench: we found a 'zero maintenance' one that lasted forever. Obviously, it is more expensive. When I suggested wedidn't need it to last that long, I was banished to the corner of the 3rd step from the right outside the chip shop.

  26. What a beautiful project and the finished products look great. It is quite a lot of work, but at the end of the job, you will have so many pleasurable hours enjoying the beauty and comfort! I like all of the coulours you have together too~

  27. beautiful deck and accessories. I want to sit out with you and share a tall Gatorade.

  28. Behr 'Drift Grey' looks super on your deck seats. Your deck looks so marvellous! I hope you spend a lot of time out there!

  29. love your deck and the furniture.


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