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Sunday, June 28, 2015

around the yard at the end of June

Swallowtail butterfly on the lilac bush.

I thought I'd share a few pictures I've taken lately around our yard to compare the growth in our gardens.

A beautiful Saturday morning on the hill behind our house.

Weeding the garden is a weekly thing, especially after a rain when those little green weed sprouts pop up so fast.  As you can see by the 'new' grass behind the garden we've cut our weeding job by half this year.  :-}
We do have some beans and peas popping up too!  The carrots and beets aren't doing so well though.  Maybe I planted them too deep.

I don't see any rocks.  Do you see any?  Oh, I see a weed there though.

My neighbour's Rhododendron and yard.

This garden is at the side of our property (looking at the neighbour's house).

I'm not sure what's going on with this little bed of perennials this year.  I put this in about 12 years ago around 2 stumps but an ant colony that I can't seem to get rid of is to the left of the stump where the gnome is sitting.  The stump is starting to break down because it's riddled with ants!!  I've put Insectigone all over that area but the ants aren't dying off.  The short plants are Rudbekia and they are usually  much taller by now.  The Purple Aster in front of it was moved there this spring as it wasn't doing well in it's former location and it's still not doing great.  The Sedum is growing beautifully but there is a Liatris behind it that is shorter than usual.  I fertilized the plants once and will do again when the rain stops.

We had some space at the back of the veggie garden so I planted Cosmos, Zinnias and Alyssum.  They look rather skimpy yet but will fill out.....if the deer don't eat them.

The rock garden is filling in and will soon have lots of pinks and purples.

One night last week we has a spectacular sunset.  It was cloudy in the evening but clearing in the west as the sun was setting.  The clouds looked like they were dipped in pink paint.  

We had a fantastic day yesterday for the music festival with gorgeous sunshine.  I'll share more of that later in the week.  Today is cloudy and 17 waiting on the rain to start.  

Have a blessed week ahead.  I'll be back soon with a Canada Day post.



  1. loved having a tour of your garden. the field behind our garden looks very much like the one behind your garden; until the farmer decides to put his Limousin cows back there to graze.

  2. Hi Pam.....happy Sunday to you!
    That Sunset is beautiful!
    Everything here is drenched!
    The pool is almost overflowing!
    Miss V coming for a sleepover...looking forward to that!
    Enjoy your day...
    Linda :o)

  3. You have such a beautiful yard, Pamela. Love the photo of the swallowtail. They are a favorite of mine, but I haven't seen any here yet this year. xo Laura

  4. beautiful skies! i like your garden plot. :) and love the swallowtail.

  5. I enjoyed the look at your gardens, I love the cute gnome too. The sky shots are just stunning. Have a happy new week ahead!

  6. Stunning sunset, it's just beautiful! Pamela, what a wonderful garden, it's truly amazing!
    Have a great week, look forward to another post from Canada~

  7. Oh my it all looks so lovely (and a beautiful sunset). That first photo of the butterfly is amazing!

  8. Gorgeous yard! Beautiful photos of the butterfly and sunset!

  9. Awesome photos ! We use Antout or raid AntKiller to kill off the ant colonies we have here and it works great you can get it all at Canadian Tire . Your gardens are coming along wonderfully , oh I do love beets . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  10. Gorgeousness sunset images and you guys have definitely been busy gardening and flowering tending. Don't you just love summer Pam. There's no season like it. While I love Spring and Fall, I do love Summer when the temps cooperate which finally here in Tennessee they are. Have a great week. Carol

  11. Hi Pam,
    Those skies are gorgeous. Glad you can be out working in the garden. It's such a wonderful time of year. I hope your plants perk up and the deer don't eat the flowers! Enjoy Canada Day!

  12. Wonderful photos . . .
    Your gardens a growing and filling in . . . sometimes the waiting is difficult!
    It seems like there is some kind of varmint, insect, weather, to deal with.
    We have chipmunks by the dozens so we cut back on our feeder to see if it would encourage the chipmunks back into the woods. We are still feeding the finches but I miss my other birds very much. The crawl wight up the skinny shepherd hook poles and attack the feeders.
    Always something

  13. Sorry for the errors . . . I cannot return back to the comment to make corrections when I am on my iPad.

  14. I have a real weakness for beautiful sunset photos. As well as lovely butterflies and fields beneath blue skies. Thanks for giving me a little jolt of joy!

  15. Your photos look like they were taken on a beautiful sunny day. The sunset you captured is truly spectacular!!
    Mary Alice

  16. Stunning first shot, Pam. Lovely, relaxing, narrative; tried boiling water on the ants?

  17. Lovely photos, as always, Pamela! The first one is truly spectacular.
    Your gnome is one of the cutest I have ever seen. - Only some days ago somebody claimed on TV that ants don't do damage to plants, but I have noticed in our garden that where the perennials don't do well there are also colonies of ants.
    The sunset photos are gorgeous. Wishing you sunny and warm days!

  18. Beautiful sunset and I've enjoyed looking at all your photo's. I love the teacup in your garden.

  19. that was a spectacular sunset, Pamela! And your yard is so lovely. It speaks of many years of planting and attention to detail. The Rhododendron is smashing!

  20. Lovely shot of the butterfly!

  21. Beautiful shots of your yard and garden! Butterflies are still pretty scarce around here....hope to see some soon. It also seems strange to see black or dark soil in the garden....we have red clay everywhere you look! Enjoy your Monday!

  22. Wow, that sunset is incredible!!!! What beautiful photos. The butterfly is amazing too!! I find it so interesting to see what is growing elsewhere in the world at different times! xx

  23. Summer is coming along beautifully. Gorgeous sunsets!

  24. That is a most unusual sunset! How about some edible diatomaceous earth for the ant problem? Google. Your garden looks just the right size and your gardener looks most industrious!

    How did the concert go last night?

  25. What a beautiful sky! Does Murray hire out? No one ever wants to help me with weeding the garden... If I don't do it it doesn't get done. Lol We use borax mixed with icing sugar for ants, works well.


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