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Friday, June 5, 2015

lily of the valley, fuchsia, hummingbirds

I love these tiny bells on their slender green stalks.  They look so dainty and their scent is heavenly.

I bought the pretty green glass candle stick in Woodstock this week when my girlfriends and I took a little day trip to visit another friend.  We had a lovely lunch at a cafe/art gallery that overlooks the river then visited a few shops.  

There was a shop in this beautiful old house that sold clothing and some home decor.  

I'm sharing this photo of us because I wanted you to see the cute idea of colourful flower pots as a garland of sorts on this arbor.  There are twinkle lights in through them too so I imagine it looks pretty in the dark as well.

The weekend is here and we don't have any plans.  How about you?  We sometimes lead very quiet lives.  :-)  However, the past week has been very busy {for me} and I only had one full day at home.  I know.  Some of you work outside the home and would love to be able to be home more often.  I don't know how you do it.....working all week and trying to get caught up on the weekends.  I admire you!!  

The hummingbirds have been plentiful around our feeders and this fuchsia the past week.  

Can you see the hummingbird?  It's hiding.

The flower garden at the end of the house is doing really well so far.  

The poppies and allium are so beautiful right now!

I did not edit this picture.  I love how these petals look like they are painted.

Theses iris are almost ready to open up.  If they open in the next week they will be earlier than usual.

I guess we will be doing something this weekend although it won't be a 'fun' event but a work day.....we'll be planting our vegetable garden.
It's supposed to rain overnight and in the morning so I don't know if we should wait until tomorrow afternoon to do it or not.  What do you think?  The blackflies and mosquitos won't be so bad if we do it tomorrow so I think we'll wait.  We could hill the rows up tonight and get that started....and fight the bugs off at the same time!

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your comments.  I hope you all have a very nice weekend.  Enjoy!



  1. the arbor is very cute! that's some house turned shop, too! love the hummers in the blooms and your sweet lily of the valley.

  2. It's a rare thing to see a house of that colour!

  3. Your flowers all look so beautiful!!! I hope that your veggie planting goes well and that you don't have to fight off too many critters of any kind! xx

  4. Your poppies are lovely!! Snd I love the lily-of-the-valley even though I know it can be invasive. Their aroma is wonderful!!

  5. I love the flower pot garland. And what a great photo of the hummer at your fuchsia. We are just getting a heavy downpour of rain, has been overcast all day. Our gardens are just a bit ahead of yours ... poppies and lily of the valley are nearly finished and iris have been opened for a few days.

  6. Your photos are so lovely, Pam.. The garland is so cute and it is so nice to get together with friends.. We have a little hummingbird the same colour here and it keeps sitting on my clothesline.. I have not seen that before.. Have a great weekend.. We are headed to your city tomorrow... xo

  7. Pam, the house and gardens are wonderful - as are the other photos. I love delicate Lily of the Valley. The ones I have are from my great grandma's flower garden. She's been gone for years, but it is so nice to know that there's that connection. I have some purple iris, and when I had oriental poppies, they sometimes bloomed at the same time. The purple and orange was stunning. For some reason, I can't keep poppies. They always die out on me. Wah. The orange of the poppies is just stunning! Thank you LORD for giving us color!

  8. What a nice time aways you had with your friends. The garland idea is very cool! Your gardens are looking so pretty planted with some flowers unfamiliar to me. Have a happy Saturday planting your garden!

  9. Beautiful images with your friends!

  10. Great shots of the spring burst of colour ! We saw our first hummingbird yesterday. Fortunately our blackfly season is over - not bad at all this year, likely to some cold weather and it's been very dry - will help with mosquitoes too.

    Enjoy your gardening Pamela - we're sending the rain over - finally got a good downpour this evening.

  11. Hello Pam, I so love your new candle stick it really sets off the lily of the valley. I have the ity bities popping up here and there and a rather large patch around my tree out front (notice I forgot the name of the tree, lol). Right now they smell so wonderful. I don't have plans for this weekend either, oh wait my granddaughter is in a dance recital at 3 today best not forget. My alum hasn't opened yet and my poppies are just about 1 inch high, they sure do look like they have painted peddles, great shot. So far this year I have only seen one pair of hummingbirds, I have plenty for them here but I don't think we have as many come to the Island. Well take care and enjoy your weekend.

  12. I love the flower pot arber,Pamela, and your floers are beautiful.

  13. Dear Pamela, your garden is looking fabulous - what a difference a few weeks can make once the weather cooperates! Love the pic of you with your friends - and the flowerpot garland is so unusual, I love it.
    Sounds like a busy garden weekend - will be worth all the hard work later when you're picking fresh veggies etc.
    I'm heading out into mine to do a little tidying up today while the rain has stopped and the sun is bright. We leave on Friday so there is much to organize.

    Happy weekend - hugs, Mary

  14. Hi Pamela - what a lovely post! I really like the flower pot garland - how clever is that!?

  15. Awesome color in our blog today. Have a fabulous weekend.

  16. Isn't the Lily of the Valley just the sweetest . . .
    So pretty in a bit of cut glass or crystal, sitting in amongst other favorites.
    I enjoyed this post, loved seeing you with your friends too.
    I must remember to include more "people pictures" in my posts.
    Happy weekend planting your garden Pamela!
    I will be doing fun things all weekend, dinner last night with friends, a treat to see Kinky Boots today, breakfast with my son and family tomorrow and a visit from my daughter and great granddaughter on Monday.
    Bet you can guess what all this June celebrating is about! . . .

  17. Lily of the Valley smell amazing...and are so pretty & dainty! I spent a great deal of my childhood in mother was from Woodstock & my Dad was from Debec. My sister & I spent an awesome day in about downtown. I love the flower pot arbour...if I ever have an arbor...that is what I would hang there too! We have some of our vegetable garden planted...your flowers are blooming way ahead of ours....and everything looks so lovely. Have a great weekend!!!

  18. Looks like you had a fun trip with your girlfriends!! That was a neat idea with the use of the flower pots!!
    You are talented Pamela with your photography and the Lily of the Valley are adorable little flowers!! Wishing the blog could share the smells as well as the sights!!

  19. It's nice to see again what has already come and gone down here in the south. Great photos. That clay pot garland is amazing. People are sure creative, aren't they? I like your green candlestick --looks good next to the lilly of the valley, but you knew that didn't you! Hope your gardening goes well and you enjoy a slower weekend. Here too.

  20. What gorgeous flowers all the way around. I love everyone and especially Lilies of the Valley. Carol

  21. Hi Pamela,
    Your photos are always so beautiful, especially the one of those bright orange flowers. I love the painted plant pot garland idea...striking! I'd love to try something like that with all the pots stacked in my garage.
    Hope you're having a relaxing weekend,

  22. What a great and happy post! Love it!
    Have a great weekend, take care...

  23. beautiful floral images. love the lily of the valley and the hummer is so sweet on that beautiful fuschia

  24. I am totally and utterly in love with your glass candlestick, so gorgeous! Lily of the Valley is so feminine and clean looking but it gives me the most awful sneezes :-D xx

  25. I love the colours of the shop you visited and the clay pots on the arbour are a great idea. Your new candlestick is pretty, always nice to have a momento of an outing with friends.

  26. The picture of you and your friends is darling! I love the grape arbor! I think I have told you before that one of my favorite flowers is "Lily of the Valley" I had it in my wedding bouquet. For some reason, I can not get it to grow here at this house. OHHHHH, they smell so sweet!!

  27. How fun to spend time with your friends. Ya'll are all so cute...and I do love those little pots with lights.

  28. Catching up here lol ! Beautiful photos . Oh the ever so intrusive Lilly of the Valley all though lovely it has taken me two years to get it all out of my front garden boy do they spread like wild fire lol ! We have been busy again out sided with gardens and what not this weekend so far ! Have finished the last touches of the hummer and butterfly garden . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  29. Hi Pamela, I'd like to invite you to link some of your wonderful barn photos at
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  30. love those watercolour flower effects from the sunlight - cool!
    and the lily of the valley - so gorgeous - I noticed them along the walkway at local library here too...
    thanks for inspiring with beauty

  31. What a lovely post, Pam! The scent of the lily of the valley is indeed heavenly. Here we start to smell it, even though the flowers are only partly open.
    Your hummingbird photo is amazing. Such a wonderful bird!
    The one in your photo is the coolest garland I have ever seen. Thank you very much for sharing!
    Have a lovely new week!

  32. Quiet and uneventful weeks can be a good thing at times. Lily of the valley is such a sweet and delicate looking flower. For some reason I've never planted that around my beds, but maybe that needs to change.
    Mary Alice

  33. Hi Pam....
    Beautiful photos...and...I love your new green candle holder....very nice!
    Did you get your garden planted?
    Our flight was delayed for over an hour....and then we sat in Toronto on the runway!
    Didn't get home til 9pm....pooped!
    Have a great week...
    Linda :o)

  34. What lovely photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time with friends in a very pictureesque place. I love the scent of Lily of the Valley.

  35. Pretty photos. I haven't seen any Lily of the Valley in years. So pretty and delicate.


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