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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

back roading again

Millstream River Bridge #5, Centreville, built in 1911.

Well, I've been missing for almost a week here but all is well and I've been very busy.  We are finally getting our summer weather and had 5 great days of sunshine and heat in a row!!  Today it's cloudy, foggy and misty and we may get a thundershower later, but that's ok as we need the rain.  It's supposed to be sunny and warm through the weekend.  

Last Friday Murray and I took a drive.  I told you in my last post that we were going to Moncton and The Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy but since the tide would be high during most of the day we chose plan B and stayed inland.  Oh....if you want to enjoy walking on the beach around The Hopewell Rocks the tide has to be out and since the Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world.....well, you understand that walking on the beach would be impossible at that particular spot.  We will go there another time.  I've been wanting to go to Corn Hill Nursery and Cedar Cafe again so we took some beautiful backroads to get there once we got off the highway.  

We saw 3 covered bridges in our travels, dined at the Cedar Cafe, enjoyed the beautiful gardens and roses at Corn Hill Nursery, stopped in Sussex and had ice cream and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day.  My camera was clicking a lot!
Today I'll share the beautiful rural scenery, farms, and rolling hills and I'll share the covered bridges and Corn Hill on separate days.  Enjoy the photos.


There are Llamas on this neatly groomed farm.

We came across this interesting spot near Mount Middleton.  Look at that view!

I love this field of daisies.

You know you're in farm country when.... follow a tractor down the road and wait for a safe spot to pass it.  Then you come upon another tractor with a wagon loaded with the large round bales with a flat tire.  Sorry, no photo.

We stopped in Sussex for ice cream and drove around the area.  Sussex is nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by rolling hills and farms.  It's known as a dairy town and also has a lot of murals painted on buildings in the downtown.  This one was very a very pretty Victorian scene.  They have an old train station that has an ice cream store (Sully's) and a museum/tourist information centre.
For more info on the Sussex area visit here.

I took this photo in August of 2013

Inside Sully's Ice Cream in the former train station.  The sign is from the old train station days.

The bridge in the town is stone and each corner has a 'castle' on it.  

We stopped at a lovely antique store in Jemseg on our way home.

Oh is filled to the brim on both floors and in a garage out back.  And I behaved myself and didn't buy anything.  

And that was part one of our day trip.  I hope you'll come back and see the rest soon.  Now, I have to visit my blog friends that I've been neglecting.  I hope you have a great day!



  1. What beautiful countryside photos...and that field of daisies...WOW! I want to just run through it! The antique store looked to have a lot of great things...I love all of the vintage tins! Sounds like fun times!

  2. Day trips can be so refreshing! Loved seeing all these photos of your backroads. That is a very tidy farm where the llamas live.

  3. Nice to take a drive through the countryside with you Pam, day trips are fun with lunch out...and a stop for ice cream!
    You seem to be getting our weather a day later - we had rain and grey skies yesterday but back to sun today.
    How I love the lazy days of summer, not on my my computer much but like to stop in and say hello to my friends now and then. :-)

  4. What beautiful makes you so glad we can take lots of photos. And I always love seeing people at work on farms and tractors going down the road. It's been too hot to get out much here lately. Enjoy your week my friend. Hugs, Diane

  5. Beautiful countryside. I've been at the Hopewell rocks twice, and walked the seashore, and watched hours later as that seashore was covered in water.

  6. Back road trips are the best. The country side is so gorgeous. Have a lovely day!

  7. Lovely photos from your trip into the country. I can relate to the Busyness, and have been missing some as well. Take care!

  8. Oh, what pretty photos, Pam! Love the rolling countryside and that beautiful farm! The town looks very charming, too. You have great willpower to not buy a thing in that cute antique shop -I would need a truck......Love that mural and the 'castles' on the bridge, too! Looks like you had a great time! Hope the rest of your week is sweet :) Hugs xo Karen

  9. you had me at covered bridge, that mural is gorgeous. so fancy. what a gorgeous countryside. love the daisies. was that a train station ... maybe it is just like one ... looks very similar. ( :

  10. I love all the scenery in your area. And I love that mural. Carol

  11. Fantastic landscapes! You have such beautiful country settings! Love that bridge!

  12. Sussex is one of my all time favourite towns...and if you are there in August....there is a huge (and I mean huge) flea market! Accommodations are difficult to come by, as visitors & vendors pre-book from year to year....but so worth the day trip! And don't you just love all the murals downtown? You did a fantastic job capturing NB at it's finest...thanks so much for sharing such beautiful photos.

  13. Very pretty farm country. You have had five days in.a.row. of good weather? Wow. You are blessed. We can't say that and haven't been able to for a very, very long time. I think it is wonderful that you got out for some fun and something different.

  14. just beautiful land! sussex looks like a great town.

  15. That was lovely Pam.....wish the weather had at least been sunny when I was down!
    How could you resist buying anything in that neat shop!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  16. Sounds like you had a wonderful day...loved seeing your beautiful country side....

  17. Loved this post! I'm taking notes...and looking forward to our visit to your corner of the world next month.

  18. Beautiful farming land!! Wonderful place for you to visit!! Weather seems to be perfect as well!

  19. Glad you hear you had some summery weather. I hope there's lots more for you. Your photos show a very charming countryside. I do hope that we'll be able to return to the Maritimes sometime. There's a lot to see and enjoy there. For now, I'll enjoy it all through your camera and words.

  20. The countryside is lovely and the towns wonderfully quaint!


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