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Sunday, September 13, 2015

a light touch to fall decorating

Have you started your fall decorating?  With the lovely weather we're having I kind of didn't want to rush the summer season away so I have only added a few fall things to my far.  Just a hint of orange and gold for the season to come.

I got out my 'faith' letters again and hung them off the berry vine at the top of the china hutch.

My vintage ironstone transfer ware platter with the cloche is the dining table centrepiece for now...that always changes.

Some gold and black - my mother's Elijah Cotton pitcher comes out every fall - perfect colours.  And the little bowl has an iridescent finish to it.  The markings on the bottom are illegible.

gold leaves and lace in the window

the shelf in the front stairwell

wreath on the front door

a fresh bouquet of posies on the kitchen windowsill

Hydrangeas in a blue mason jar on a painted piece of barn board decorate the coffee table.

I will add more fall decor with pumpkins and coloured leaves in another week or so....I'm just not ready for that yet!  Our season will come and go within the next month and once Thanksgiving is over in October the leaves will be pretty well gone off the trees and we'll head into the dull side of autumn until the first snows arrive.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you have a beautiful week.



  1. Very pretty decorations!

    Here we've had rain off and on the last couple of days. I'm hoping tomorrow's drier, but we did need the precipitation.

  2. I love the gold leaves and lace behind them. I bought a basket and want to find some berries or bittersweet to go in it. Happy Fall! Hugs, Diane

  3. I think your light touch with the fall decorations is just right. A pretty change, but not quite the jarring oranges that seem to look better to me in October. Your transfer ware platter is so pretty and I love how you have decorated it.
    No fall decor here yet, but our cooler weather has me starting to think about it.

  4. O, I love your subtle hints of Autumn...I think it's just perfect...maybe a white pumpkin or two later...I am in no mood to change from summer to fall, either....

  5. Pam, I love your touches of Fall! Your mothers pitcher is gorgeous and definitely perfect! I adore the green pitcher with berries and the pickling spice tin. Always a good reminder to have faith!

  6. I like the simplicity of your fall decorations. Your hints of fall are perfect. I enjoy your antiques, too, as part of your decor.

  7. I always like seeing your Dundee jar! And your mom's pitcher is so lovely. Great color.

  8. Pamela, this is my kind of Fall décor! I love that you used treasures that you have on hand, combined with dried flowers (maybe weeds) that you collected from out of doors. It's so homey!

  9. All is very pretty and wonderful photos to . It was raining from Friday afternoon till yesterday evening and today was cloudy but the temps are cool almost chilly with the mornings being down to 8C and the day time high of being only 16C . I haven't quite got into the fall thing as of yet sometimes I do and some times I dont . Papa has been under the weather all weekend with a head cold so lots of TLC for him lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. It looks like you are off to a fantastic start for Fall decorating. I'm wondering if your days and nights have turned much cooler as ours have. Carol

  11. Such lovely décor Pam! With temps in the 90's here, I haven't even thought of fall.

  12. I enjoy your light autumn touches. This transition season makes us want to hang onto summer but still acknowledge autumn's arrival. Your white hydrangeas are so pretty and the yellow/gold pitcher is perfect for the season. Enjoy the sun while it lasts!

  13. Wonderful autumn decor, Pam! Lovely flowers and china. Your photos are all so beautiful, but the fifth one must be my favourite with those gorgeous spoons that shine almost magically.
    Have a lovely new week!

  14. you nailed the treatment on all those shots :O]

  15. Your photos are really wonderful. My daughter would covet that pitcher for her collection!

  16. It's lovely seeing the changes you've made to welcome the new season of Autumn.
    The soft green of the China is perfect with golden colours.
    Seasonal decorating is not so big in my corner of the world, apart from Christmas when most homes have a wreath on the door. Since I've been blogging I've started making Spring wreaths too - influenced by my friends across the seas!
    Shane x

  17. No fall decor at my place yet, but I sense it in the air. Love your photos!

  18. It is time . . . It is time . . .
    I am "going fall" earlier this year so I can enjoy it longer . . .
    I like your fall touches Pamela . . .
    Look for mine soon!

  19. Your subtle hints of the approaching fall season are lovely, especially those prange berries. I decorated this past weekend...I did it all in hopes it would cool things down a bit...and it worked...but only temporarily, by the sounds of our weather forcast... :(

  20. I guess it is time to switch gears and decorate for fall. You make it look appealing!

  21. Pam, the photos are lovely, love them but the ones with the hydrangeas are my favourite. :)


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