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Monday, October 5, 2015

a Sunday drive to Woodstock

On Sunday afternoon we decided to take a drive on a country road and weren't really sure of our destination but the weather was perfect at 15C and no wind.  We kind of hoped to see fall colours too but they were few and far between.  The trees seem to be late in changing colour this year so we noted a few trees with lots of colour but mostly there was just a hint.   The above photo is a farm along the St. John River in Queensbury called Jordan Orchards.  It's a beautiful spot and I've always admired it when we've taken this route.  

The St. John River at Bear Island.  

This is a tricky spot.  The heavy rains we got last week washed out the road on both sides and the culvert is wrecked so it's only one car width to drive on.  This happened on a lot of roads in central New Brunswick that had damage to culverts and bridges.

Pretty birch trees along the river.  They are usually turned yellow by now but are still quite green.

We ended up in Woodstock, a beautiful town in Carleton County situated on the St. John River and the Meduxnekeag River about an hour's drive from Fredericton.  We decided to explore a road just before this bridge that I'd noticed on other drives here.  I knew it lead down along the river to what was an old park called "Island Park".  The Shore Road ends at a gate and parking area so we parked, got out, went through the gate and walked along the road.  It was such a gorgeous day and the river was like glass in the October sunshine. 

The Shore Road that leads along this side of the island.

It was so pretty and there was some colour on the trees along here.  In the late 1800's this island was made into a park of sorts with a racetrack, ball diamond, picnic grounds etc.  It was a social spot for people to visit and enjoy.  The Mactaquac Dam put an end to that when the head waters behind it filled the river in 1968 and covered most of the island.  It still floods in the spring so is unsafe for use as a park now.  It must have been so beautiful in it's heyday.

 That is Woodstock on the other side of the river.

1.Hubby walking.  2.The guardrail along the side of the road twisted from many high spring floods and ice floes.  3.Silver maples in a row.  4.A view of water and sky.

Look at this tree.  I thought it was a dead 'stump' of tree with another tree behind it but, no, this tree, as dead as it looks still struggles to survive.  It's trunks give shelter to birds and perhaps squirrels with all the holes in it and it's boughs grew leaves this summer.  Maybe for the last time.  I hope not.  I'd love to come back and see if this big old maple survives another New Brunswick winter.

And here was another surprise.  A normally spring blooming lupin blooming in October!  So strange.

Well, my friends I'll leave you here on the island as this post is getting a bit long and I have a lot more photos to share next time.   
Thank you for visiting and for your comments.  I appreciate you all.

We are in a nice stretch of weather most of this week - sunny and mild.  I think I should pick some apples tomorrow before they're all gone don't you?  I can't believe our Thanksgiving weekend is coming up.  This month is going by too fast!  Enjoy!!



  1. What pretty country roads you have in your province. The broad blue of the river is so pretty. Yes, it's warm here, too, considering that Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend. We'll enjoy the beautiful weather while we can. I know you will, too.

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend Pamela. Your trip and the Fall colors are inviting. Beautiful places up there. Winter is too close for comfort. Carol

  3. Thank you for a wonderful trip out! We were blessed with beautiful weather last week as well

  4. So beautiful! Lovely pictures from your have a great blog full of inspiration!

  5. Looks a lot like it does here in Ontario . Lovely spot to walk and awesome photos of it to ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. I love going along with you on your virtual drives Pam, the scenery is always gorgeous.

  7. 'Morning, Pam,

    I so enjoyed my stroll along Shore Road in your beautiful Woodstock, and right away, I noticed that the leaves in these parts had gotten a head start on fall's hues! It's idyllic, and I would love to walk along the shore one day; how peaceful and pretty! Looking forward to more pics!

    Happy Tuesday!


  8. Beautiful shots! Fall colours are late here too, but we're finally getting cool nights, so that's starting things along.

  9. Beautiful landscapes and such wonderful blue skies! Autumn colours seemed to be few but very pretty.
    The wrecked part of the road looks a little bit worrying to me. :)
    Have a blessed week!

  10. Looks like a lovely place . . . and perfect for a fall walk and pictures.
    Not many people either . . .

  11. A pity about the island, it must have been pretty. Looks like a fun place to explore.

  12. I love seeing those birch trees--grew up with them but they don't grow down here in the south. I admire how you and your hubby take those Sunday drives .. we now mostly take naps! But occasionally we drive. We go back to church at night so our afternoons are not that long! Glad you are enjoying pretty weather!

  13. Such a pretty place, Pam! It must have been wonderful to walk along and enjoy the beautiful fall day. I love the old tree, still hanging in there. Of all the trees, this one is the more beautiful. <3 xo Karen

  14. That is gorgeous country! I love birch trees, especially in autumn!

  15. Lovely photos Pam, it brings into focus another beautiful part of Canada. We are so blessed to live here in Canada aren't we.

  16. Very pretty drive...hope that you get your apples soon!

  17. I love the green touched with reds and golds!

  18. Don't you just love getting in the car and taking off to wherever the road leads you? We haven't done that in way too long. Beautiful shots of this lovely country!

  19. A lovely drive as always! Although the trees haven't all changed colour yet there are still some beautiful colours aren't there! xx

  20. Beautiful photos of your country and island drive. We are starting to see more colour here this week, but still see the damage from our ice storm a few days before Christmas 2013. Too bad about the road damage from the rains, that will be costly.


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