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Monday, November 2, 2015

a walk in the park

one of the beaver ponds

Recently, my friend and I went for a walk at Mactaquac Provincial Park on a trail that was new to me.  An old trail had to be re-routed around the Mactaquac Stream as the bridge had washed out and the trail was a bit difficult and dangerous.  It was a cool October afternoon but sunny.  There wasn't much colour in the trees as they are mostly soft woods but it was nice to get out in the fresh air and walk after an almost 2 month absence.  Where does the time go!?

We found this almost heart shaped scar on a tree trunk.  Hm...I wonder what made this - birds or humans.  

We wandered down the old trail that used to cross the stream.  It was pretty in there.  Thousands of trees (see the huge roots on the left) were blown down during Tropical Storm Arthur in July of 2014 and the bridge across the stream was damaged by the flood waters from that storm.  We actually saw it down the stream a ways where it fetched up on the shore.  

Reflections in mud puddles.

The Moore Rd. which is part of the NB Snowmobile Trail System goes all the way to Nackawic through the woods.

Looking out our living room window this morning you can see there are still some leaves on one maple tree and the old apple tree across the road.  Surprisingly there are still trees with leaves hanging on their branches.  It's a mixed bag kind of day - cloudy, showers, and sunny breaks....repeat.  

And lots of leaves on the ground under the trees.  I sure do enjoy that golden glow from these leaves on a dull day.

A year ago today we had our first snowfall of the season which seemed to never end with one storm after the other.  I think this winter will be different.  I hope!  What about you?  I know many of you suffered an extreme weather winter too.  Do you think it will be milder this year?  

I hope you have a great week ahead.  Thank you for your visits and comments.  I appreciate them!  



  1. I love all your beautiful pictures from your walk in the woods but the reflections really grabbed me. I am so glad you took me on your walk with you. Hugs.

  2. We live such a huge distance from one another, yet our woods look reassuringly similar! (You have a lot more water.) I love your reflection photos. I still have some catching up with you to do. Off to do that now.

  3. Beautiful photos against the darkened sky. They show up so well. I hope you have an easier winter this year!

  4. What a gorgeous place, Pamela. I am intrigued by that heart shaped scar. xo Laura

  5. wonderful place to hike.

    All, nice pictures.

  6. Hoping for a better winter for the Maritimes - my daughter just moved to PEI two weeks ago - it could be a rude awakening, if that happens again!!

  7. I pray it will be a better winter this year, Pamela! Last year was sooo bad!
    I love the Moore Road trail! So pretty! The heart shaped scar on the tree is an interesting picture too.
    Hubby and I haven't been able to get out for walks at all this fall yet. It's been one bug after another with us and I was really hoping to get out while the autumn leaves were still on the trees. All the leaves are pretty much off our maple tree too but they are golden on the ground underneath the tree which is pretty. Enjoy this first week of November.

    Autumn blessings,

  8. i'm surprised the heart wasn't carved with initials - probably will be soon. :)

  9. Pamela love the Fall colors even if they are almost gone. I was told that we will be having a wet winter and oh how I hope not. Stay warm. Carol

  10. there is something soulful and stunning about branches not quite stripped, clinging to yellow butterfly-like leaves etched against November's lowered skies!
    oh, and your mud-puddle reflection pictures are a perfect example of God-art in earth's most common places!

    Thanks for the stroll as I prepare supper:)

  11. Beautiful photos! I love the reflections!

  12. Your walk was such a learning and pretty at the same time, Pam. Although we have a few trees hanging on most of them have shed their leaves due to recent winds and rain. And yes, last we had a rough Winter...snow...lots of I am hoping it is a bit different even though I bought snowshoes and a Subaru...LOL!...:)JP

  13. Beautiful scenery...
    We are having a heat wave here! Up to 20 by Friday!
    Wall to wall sunshine :o)
    Boyfriend is in Halifax til Thursday...
    Enjoy your week Pam...
    Linda :o)

  14. It looks like my kind of trail, Pamela. I love hiking in the woods too.
    We were so warm this morning I had to shed my jacket but the skies did
    turn gray this afternoon. Still it is far nicer than it was last year! I'm not too
    hopeful for a milder winter though....

  15. Such pretty woodsy favorite photo? The puddle reflections...almost looks as if stars and moons were captured in a fairytale sky. Oh my! We did have it rough last year, didn't we? Autumn has been mild and lovely. I didn't like to see October go, but if November is going to be like this, I'll be a happy gal. I have heard that it will be a rotten winter, yet let us pray and ask God for a more temperate one.

  16. I really like the flag picture in your header! Yes, time flies, and now we are into our wet season and the mountains had their first snowfall this weekend.

  17. Our first real snowfall was last night but October has been very warm and I do hope we have a milder winter this year. I am amazed to see all the colour in your photos Pamala. They are just gorgeous. Here we have fourth shades of dull brown except for the evergreens. You live in such a gorgeous area!

  18. Great pictures looks like a good way to spend a few hours.

  19. Walking at this time of year is so much more pleasant - BUT that said, after all the rain of today, and more tomorrow, we'll be back at almost 80's by the end of week! Won't last though thankfully - I want cool and dry.

    Looking pix Pamela - your maple trees have such gorgeous golden leaves.
    Hugs - Mary

  20. I'm certainly hoping for milder weathr this year. And judging by the coming week, we're doing well!

  21. Your part of New Brunswick looks all aglow in November light. Beautiful!
    Over here it's rain, rain and more rain - but we need it. We are forecast no snow this year (normal) and a drier than normal season. We really need continued rain to fill the reservoir, but we'll have to 'wait and see'.

  22. Looks beautiful. The 4th and 5th photos are particularly good, I think. I've been driving around Norfolk a little this weekend and the autumn colours and light there were wonderful. The leaves are slowly coming down...

  23. Lovely "walk" photos . . .
    I too think it will be a milder winter . . .
    I "feel" mild in my bones!

  24. Love the new header Pam. We are having some lovely bright days with nice warm temperatures in the afternoons. You had a lovely walk with your friend. Lovely photos.

  25. Would love to follow the path of Moore Rd...such pretty pictures Pam. I hope for your sake it is a milder winter....but we do need some good snow coverage on the prairies this year!! Take care

  26. Glorious images from your walk in the park! I love those reflections and the leaves floating in the water. We have so many leaves here hubby usually has to blow them at least five times per season becausee they get so thick. I think he has already done it twice now...and there are many left that are yet to fall. At this rate, he will be blowing them until Christmas!

  27. Oh what a delight to ramble through those woods with a friends. The water reflections are so pretty. I do hope your winter is milder than last year's; it seemed to go on and on. We had a very mild winter last year and those in the know are predicting very mild for this year, too. We'll see.

  28. What a perfect spot for a walk, Pam, so calm and restful. Thanks for taking us along.


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