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Monday, November 9, 2015

we will remember

Above is a photo of the Cenotaph in Moncton, NB where I grew up.  I walked past this memorial to and from school every day from grades 1 though 9 and, on Remembrance Day each year, I'd attend the memorial service with my family here in this park.  My father fought in World War 1 and served in World War 2 and he used to march with the war veterans on November 11.  In the 50's and 60's there were a lot of veterans in the parade along with marching bands from the nearby base and the high schools.  I haven't been to a service at this park in 35 years but I'm sure there are very few veterans from World War 2 and the Korean Conflict to attend the service.  Today there would be veterans from other more recent conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan - younger men and women.  

On Remembrance Day this year we will attend the service at our local cenotaph at York Centennial Park in Mactaquac.

I will remember my father and all those who have gone before....those who served and returned....and those who served and gave their lives for the freedoms we have in our country today.  I will pray for those brave men and women who serve in our armed forces today and for continued freedom in our country.  We are very blessed to have the freedoms we do in Canada (and the US).  Let's not take them for granted.

We will remember.



  1. Both cenotaphs impress me. I'll be at the national service on Wednesday morning, and then over at the War Museum.

    From big cities to small villages, if there were war dead, you'll find a memorial or cenotaph. I'm reminded of a village here in Ontario east of Algonquin Park called Whitney. It has a cenotaph with several names. In a village of maybe a thousand people, everyone would have known at least one of those dead soldiers.

  2. We will never forget the brave who gave their lives for our freedom and those who still are fighting ! Not only humans but dogs and horses who fought and still fight beside them as well !

  3. i really enjoy your header mosaic. very fallish. ( :
    what a great way or honorable way to remember the ones. i agree with Country Gal, i wonder if folks remember the horses and all the others who helped too. so so true.

  4. Very lovely story and words Pam...
    Was that the monument I saw in Moncton?
    Enjoy your evening.....cosy?
    Linda :o)

  5. Beautifully written Pam,
    Lest we forget.

  6. Very nice post Pam . . .
    "Let's Remember . . ."

  7. It is amazing to me that your father served in both World Wars. Just incredible. Do you know much about his service? Beautiful memorial and I hope that we never become so callous to not honor the Veterans.

  8. So beautiful a sentiment Pamela. I feel the same about my father who died from the affects of PTSD at a very young age. Carol

  9. Yes, Pamela, we will remember them. And give thanks.

  10. It is so important to remember those that fought in the wars so that we can enjoy the freedom we have today.

  11. How amazing that your father served in both wars! That is quite something. We must never forget to honor the sacrifices that were made for our freedoms!

  12. Thank you for your fathers service. Your memories are the most wonderful memorial that he could have. xx

  13. Wonderful post, Pamela. My dad served in WWII too.

  14. So thankful for those who gave their lives for our freedom. A good post!


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