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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

when push comes to shove

Hi everyone, how is your week going?  Can you believe that Christmas Eve is only 2 weeks from tomorrow?  And guess what?  I'm almost ready.  Last night I put the push on to wrap and package two parcels that had to be mailed today.  And this morning, I did all my Christmas cards that had to be mailed.  I guess when push comes to shove I'm right there.  LOL  

I went to the post office and mailed the whole lot this morning so they should reach their destinations before Christmas.  

This afternoon I started paring down some of the 'stuff' I have in our house.  Oh my.  I just got the spare bed cleared of Christmas gifts and now it's loaded with boxes of things for the thrift store.  I want it gone this week before I change my mind.  :-)  I know January is usually the time to do this job but I'm getting a head start.  (more pushing and shoving here!)  It sure feels good!

I've been to town shopping on Monday and Tuesday....the latter being 6 hours long!  Monday was the day I went to my friend Kathy's for tea along with 3 other friends, after I'd been shopping and to a doctor's appointment - where I waited a good 90 minutes.  I was so tired and hungry by the time I got to Kathy's but, we had a wonderful time chatting and laughing and, of course, eating sweets and drinking Christmas flavoured tea.  Sweet fellowship. 

The weather the past few days has been really nice - sunny and above freezing temperatures.  Just look at last night's sunset.  It was gorgeous.  Today was cloudy all day and there is rain coming later tomorrow.  Great days for getting out and shopping etc with no snow or slippery roads to worry about.

We are off to Houlton, Maine on Saturday (yes, I'm going this time) as Murray is playing for The LaPointes at Country Road Baptist Church.  If you're in the area come on out for an evening of beautiful music.  The next concert is at our own Sunset Church on the 20th at 6:00 with our Christmas Music Night featuring our choir (including moi) and talented singers and musicians, along with The LaPointes.  Then we can relax and enjoy Christmas.  :-)

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?  Getting any closer to being done?  I still have to shop for our son and his wife who "don't want anything" unless it's something that will "support local business" (not 'big box' stores!) so I'm going to have fun finding something for them.  I totally agree with what they want and will do my best.  I just need to get to town again and maybe the market.  Any suggestions?

Well I must get going and post this.  I'm slowly getting around to visiting you.  Thank you for visiting me and commenting.

Have a super rest of the week and weekend!



  1. You've put me into a tizzy! I must get going!

    1. But wait! Your pictures are beautiful and that sunset is outstanding! Wish I were closer to Houlton. =D

  2. Do you actually have beautiful snow? Looks nice!

  3. Sounds like you are on top of things...good for you...
    Having dinner guests again this weekend...then I can get serious!
    Think I have everything..just need to get the boyfriend something!
    Warm temps here...not one flake in the forecast!
    Enjoy your trip!
    Linda :o)

  4. Pam, that sunset! What glorious color. How generous is our God!! The photos are just gorgeous, I can say as I sit here in the warm house with a good fire in the stove. I'll have to admit that I'm grateful for every snowless day we've had so far. I know it's coming eventually, but I'm loving the bare sidewalks and drives. :-) Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  5. These photos are awesome, Pamela! You are already full of Christmas spirit and this is inspiring! Wishing you and yours a generous Holiday season!

  6. Beautiful sunset! You are really getting things done! I need a little of that push!

  7. I enjoyed seeing your photos lovely! No, I'm not ready for Christmas yet. It is quite different this year (see my blog as to why)

  8. You have been busy ! Our decorations are all done and gifts are getting picked up here and there . Christmas cards were done a week ago and sent snail mail yeah know takes longer now lol ! Wonderful photos . I dont think we are getting snow for Christmas this year seems to rain a lot and the temps are warm so far but it could all change fast , I would like a bit of snow for Christmas and for photos then after it can all melt lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. You are a busy gal for sure and now you have me wanting to get all organized and such. I need to write xmas cards and everything. Have fun this weekend. Love the snow images. Wished it would snow for Christmas here. And then totally melt the following day. I don't want much do I. Carol

  10. Pam, You sound busy and productive. Those sunsets are breathtaking! We're leaving for Denver tomorrow and will stay 4 days. I look forward to seeing the urban decorations and enjoying some browsing. Of course, I'll take the camera, too. More snow is coming into Colorado. I think we'll have a white Christmas.

  11. Sometimes you need a deadline don't you. The snow is very beautiful, but it looks very cold. I hope that you stay safe and warm. As for the shopping, it is a hard one isn't it, I hope that you figure it out. xx

  12. Gorgeous! I love the sunburst in the second photo! Great color in the last two!

  13. Sounds like you are having fun with you Christmas preparations. Enjoy! I have been purging in my home as well, sometimes with mixed feelings but I have too much stuff.

  14. Such beautiful shots!

    Should Christmas preparations not be left to be started until one in the afternoon on the 24th of December?

  15. Beautiful photos, and yes, things are getting busy here, too. Once school is finished (next Friday), I'm looking forward to being at home and getting things done. This weekend my parents and siblings are visiting so there's lots to be done.

  16. I love your snow pictures . . . so pretty.
    I miss it . . . 60 F here today . . .
    I wish I could say I had my Christmas preparations ready . . .
    Almost though . . . and that counts for me.
    Our cards might be Christmas New Year . . .

  17. Pam, you're a dynamo! I haven't gotten one thing done yet, nada, zip. I dug out the Christmas cards and they sit next to me on the couch, unwritten. I did cut a big branch our of a Norway spruce and stuck it in a tree stand last night, but it has a horrible case of slouchiness, so if and when I bring it in the house it will need to be tied to the railing to avoid tipping over. You have so much snow! It was 50 here today, very unusual. Enjoy your holiday season, you're ready!

  18. Pam the pictures are gorgeous and an evening of music sounds so relaxing during this busy time. I have put out quite a few decorations and still have put boxes almost full back without using the stuff. I really need to do what you are doing but I'm always afraid that what I give up I will miss next year!! Help...haha..Have a wonderful weekend..Judy

  19. Your snow looks so magical this time of year! I fear we may have a green Christmas here north of Toronto. I have snow tires on my car so I'm ready. lol

  20. Hi Pam...Saying a quick hello and then off to bed I go. My shopping is about done . I did try to buy some things near home instead of the malls this year. Your pictures are fantastic! The snow on the evergreens is a glorious sight. We have not had any snow yet...only a bit one morning! I think it might be a green Christmas here in western NY. Will be a better friend on facebook after the holidays.


  21. One word - wow! Beautiful and snowy pictures...
    Have a great weekend!

  22. i love the idea of supporting small stores, we do that all the time. totally agree. i love the snow, i have about finished with my Christmas. i have to bake. i usually wait real close to Christmas but am always organizing the recipes, and items i need to do the baking. it is just a bit schedule adventure. very good snowy post. ( :

  23. Your pictures are amazing! Now, its not good taste to be "jealous", at all, but truly, I wish we had some of the snow you have, lol! Oh the sunsets, just glorious! I know you are enjoying the season, and getting all the things ready for the big day, just around the corner. Hope you found the perfect gift for your son and his wife... those kinds are always a bit challenging, lol! Hope the storm that you are anticipating today is not too difficult and that everyone is able to stay safe and warm. Much love to you today!

  24. Beautiful snow views (but also cold!). Very unprepared this year, but I did buy the Christmas tree:)

  25. Your wintery photos made me nostalgic for our Snowy Christmas when we were kids, in BC where we always had so much snow. Just wonderful photos to keep those memories returning. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  26. I always remember my NYC C'mas filled with snow, like your gorgeous photos, which should be your C'mas cards to family and friends. I remember always wanting to snow for a white C'mas and it almost always did to my excitement. I'm late to it all this year. The house is ready though.
    Thank you for your sweet comment my friend.
    Have a happy week.

  27. Beautiful winter photos, Pam! That sunrise was glorious. It sounds like you are getting all your Christmas preparations accomplished in good time. I am very behind in everything due to my eye surgery. I am still decorating my tree, have not sent out my cards or began baking as yet. I did some shopping online for the grandkids but my husband and I are giving money as a gift this year to the adults so they can buy what they need at hopefully after Christmas sales :). I'm still enjoying the season as much as possible as I love this time of the year!

  28. That one to last image is amazing! I love the colors, they're gorgeous.
    I'm still not ready for Christmas - there are still quite some Christmas cards to write and I'm sure that the Christmas letter to my family and friends in Germany will be late. Oh well, I can be lucky if the few presents arrive in time...

  29. I need someone to come help me narrow down un-needed items. Those sunsets are gorgeous! wow.
    Christmas was bittersweet. I went back to Missouri to see my dad for the last time possibly. They give him 3 months to live.
    So things at home didn't get decorated and it was celebrated on the 29th when I got back


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