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Spring 2018
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

geese on the river and a surprise sighting

On Wednesday I went to a friend's house along the river to see if we could see any geese or other returning birds.  It was cold and windy (wearing sweatshirt, down vest, windbreaker and gloves!) along the riverbank but we were rewarded with seeing flocks of Canada geese.
The view is to the other side of the St. John River with islands in-between.   I believe the above island is called Sugar Island.  One can access the island by ferry only.  The islands are very fertile so local farmers plant crops on them.  They used to graze cattle on them for years but I don't think they do as much now, maybe because there aren't as many dairy farms in our area as there used to be.

You may think the tall white thing in the centre of the photo is a bird but I found it was one of many bird nesting boxes on the islands.

My friend said there are often Bald Eagles along the river and I have seen them in flight or in a tree while driving by so we were looking for an eagle sighting too.  It wasn't until I got home and edited the photos that I saw a different looking bird on the island so I zoomed in and guess what?

It was a Bald Eagle!  I was pretty excited to find this in my photos.

Such a dull grey and cold day.

Another group of geese are coming in to land.  You can barely see them.  Notice the redness of the buds in the tree tops.  Soon there will be leaves.  And soon it will be fiddlehead season.

Looking downriver you can see how the water has flooded the island.  Once the water starts going down the fiddleheads will start growing along the shores and streams.

What are fiddleheads?

They are the tender green shoots of the Fiddlehead Fern that are a delicious spring 'vegetable'.  I did a post about them here if you'd like to learn more about them and how to prepare them.  I see that the year I wrote this post about them was 2012 and was early in the month for them but last year when the above photo was taken it was May 25th.  I think 2012 was the year we had a very early spring.  I guess that means the fiddleheads may not be ready for a couple more weeks.

Today is the last day of April and we in the Maritime provinces will be happy to see this month gone. It's been unseasonably cold, rainy and snowy and the weather is supposed to 'break' this weekend....maybe even tomorrow.....and it will be so welcome to have sunshine and temperatures in the double digits (above 50F).

Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments.  I hope you have an enjoyable day.


Monday, April 27, 2015

this and that from the weekend

vintage hand painted tea tin, creamer, mug and plates

Good Monday morning to you!  How was your weekend?  
It was dull as rain here, no pun intended.  I shouldn't complain as Saturday we could actually get out into the yard and putter around even though it was so cold I had on a winter parka, hat and gloves!  Sunday we woke to beautiful sunshine which lasted until mid-afternoon then the clouds and mist rolled in again.  

Pussy willows in the ditch last Monday when it was sunny and 15C.

Burning brush, old wood and an ant infested stump.  

Murray decided to chop up a couple of old stumps the other night.  One chop stirred up a whole nest of black ants.  It was SO creepy.  There were hundreds of them - some with wings, which I detest to see on a muggy day.  I got the bug spray and we stomped and sprayed them until we got them all.  (I hope!)  The stump was riddled with holes and the ants just kept on coming out.  I guess leaving old stumps sitting for a couple of years is not a good thing.  I know it's nature's way to dispose of wood but when it's that close to the house we don't want those critters to find their way inside!

The flood season has been kind to us this spring - so far.  We are on very high ground where we live but the road in the above photo is one route we take to the city and church often and it sometimes floods over.  We have had high water levels along the rivers and streams and some roads have been flooded in spots but no major flooding has occurred even with all the snow melt and rain.  People are breathing a sigh of relief.  We often get the major flooding in the first 2 weeks of May so hopefully we won't be getting any heavy rains to add to the swollen rivers.

Good neighbours build better fences.  Do you see the green grass??

The joint fence with our neighbour collapsed last week when one of the posts had rotted and broken off.  Our neighbour helped Murray re-build it on Saturday.   

Look at this tulip.....struggling to grow without the sun.  Why are the stems so short?  Lack of sun?  

I hope you aren't having a lack of sun where you live and that things are blooming.
I'll try to get out and find something to take photos of this week so I can blog.   It's been slim pickings lately.  Have a wonderful day!  Oh, and thank you for your kind thoughts about my shoulder pain.  I appreciate it very much.



Thursday, April 23, 2015

fragile and delicate

The first daffodils from my garden are a delight to see.  I cut the blooms on Saturday evening and they opened up on Monday.  Their delicate blooms on fragile stems remain sturdy in the pitcher.  

Outside they are awaiting for some warm sunshine to open them up.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day ~ sunny and warm ~ after a day of heavy rains. 
Today it has been raining off and on and it's a cold 6C.

It looks like we might wake up to snow on the ground on Friday morning.
Or, so the forecasters say.
I hope not.
They are also calling for showers and cool weather through next Tuesday.  The rivers are flooding their banks so we don't need extra rain.

Some blog friends in Ontario have been getting snow the past couple of days....actual snow on the ground, trees and spring blooms.  Not. Nice.

Speaking of fragile and delicate.....you will recall that I shared about me falling on my derriere on Good Friday and how sore I was for a couple weeks afterward.  Well, for the past 2 weeks the  problem with my right shoulder has gotten worse.  It is painful to drive (steer) the car, lift a water jug, full tea kettle, sweep, rake, dry my hair, and many other chores.  It is also keeping me awake the last two nights after about 4 hours of sleep when I have to get up and sit in a chair to sleep.  {Yawn} So, I called my doctor this morning and will see her on May 8.  Yep.  In two more weeks.  We'll see what happens then.  So much for gardening season.  ;(

Fragile and delicate.....daffodils, china teacups, bird eggs and me.

I hope you all have a great day and a very nice weekend. 


Monday, April 20, 2015

a Saturday drive

The St. John River and Mactaquac Provincial Park above the Mactaquac Dam.

On Saturday we took a day trip to Moncton and Sussex to visit family who I haven't seen in months.  
It was a beautiful sunny spring day so I brought my camera along to take pictures.....of course.  The highlight was meeting my great-nephew, my late brother's first grandchild, who was born in January.  We had a lovely lunch at my cousin's place as well.  I'll let you look at the photos of our journey down and back.  Enjoy.

The view while crossing the dam.  The ice is very rotten as it's softening up from the sun.

Along the St. John River near Jemseg.  This area will be flooded up to, and perhaps over, the road in a couple of weeks.  It happens every year. 

The bridge over the Jemseg river.

Kings County view.

Does this look a bit like a {distorted} dove swooping down from the heavens?

Pretty skies over Salisbury.

A train going through Sussex.

Coles Island Bridge # 1.
The drive home was through a different route over hills and through valleys on a 2 lane highway.  Coles Island is a small community that encompasses a little island in the Canaan River.  There are two bridges that connect the island.

The beautiful Canaan River, Kings Co. NB.

Coles Island Bridge # 2

The Canaan River from this end of Coles Island.  The river is quite wide here with small islands in it.  The ice is starting to break up.

And that's it for pictures as once we got back on the boring 4 lane I fell asleep again.  :)

We've had a great week of spring weather the past 10 days and the snow is almost all gone from our yard.   Just a few patches left to melt.   There will be a few days of rain this week which will help clean things up and bring on the green grass.  I cut some daffodils from the garden on Friday evening and brought them in to bloom.  They are just starting to open up today.  

I hope you had a great weekend and were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  Has anyone been on a picnic yet?  We had our first barbecue on Friday. 
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.  Welcome to my new followers!  
Have a great week.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

melting snow and Good Fences

fence posts for barbed wire fencing in the foreground

Monday was one of those beautiful spring days where the sun and warm 19C temperature was working it's magic on the landscape here.  I went for a walk, farther than I'd planned, and took some photos.  The above and below ones are the same 'pink toned' iPhone photo spot I shared in my last post.  It looks much better taken with my camera!

The nearby pond is starting to show signs of rotting ice.

Even the ducks at the apple farm were out for a walk in the yard.

Another brook is running free.

A Christmas tree farm with a view.  The flag is tattered from the strong winter winds.

Another field of Christmas trees.  I expect a lot of this snow is gone today after 4 days of sunny warm weather.  I'll have to take another walk to find out.  :)

The next farm field with a view of the river valley.

The farm field on the upper side of the road is one where the deer like to hang out when they aren't in the field behind us.   How many do you see?

On my drive to the city yesterday I noticed how much the snow had melted everywhere and that the ice is pretty well out of the St. John River below the Mactaquac Dam.  When I drove along the river in Fredericton's downtown last Thursday it was solid white ice.  Yesterday the ice was gone and the river was a bit fuller.  

It's nice to be able to wear shoes and a spring jacket again!  Although some people must think it's warm enough to go in bare legs/feet/arms when it's 10C and really windy!  Not me.  However, I did put the AC on in the car as it was so hot in the sun and I find the 'cool' vent on full blast just doesn't seem to work for me.  :)  

I'm joining Theresa for Good Fences.

Have a great day!


Monday, April 13, 2015

spring is making its presence felt

Finally....spring is making its presence felt here in the Maritimes!   Sunday was a beautiful day and the temperature rose to 14C.  I went for a little walk along the road to see what I could see of spring and the first thing was a robin that flew into a tree along the road.  I had to crop the photo as it was too far away.  Isn't he handsome?

There are flocks of robins, blackbirds of all varieties, juncos and American goldfinch coming around yesterday and today.  Today? It's sunny and already 8 and going up to 15 this afternoon!   Yay!  It's about time!

I boosted the colour in this photo a bit so you could see the soft rosy buds forming on the trees along this field.  Still lots of snow and drifts to melt but the snow is disappearing so fast the past few days.

Here is the brook which is still snow covered but I could hear it rushing underneath.  Another couple of days and it should be opening up.

As I spent some time in the yard yesterday just looking at things and seeing how the tulips and daffodils are coming up etc., I also noticed the snow under the bird feeders which have hung on the clothesline all winter.  Oh my.  What a mess!  Looks at the dirty snow.  Some is tree detritus but the rest is seed and seed casings.  The birds and red squirrels are enjoying the clean up but all this will eventually end up on the lawn.  I may not feed the birds next winter.  It's just too messy!

The front yard on Sunday.  The snow is slowly melting.

Sorry about the colour of this photo.  It's my cell phone (an iPhone 4) and I don't know why the photos have such a pink tone to them.   I wanted to show how this drainage ditch is opening up and how the field is starting to get some bare spots.  The field behind our house has much less snow than this one which is across the road.

A frozen puddle.

We have a lot of landscaping to do in the backyard this year.  This is the landing at the bottom of the deck stairs and just a temporary fix of old patio stones that were put there last fall.  It was neat to see the way the ice formed on it last night when the water froze.  This will have to be all removed and gravel laid along with a nice stone patio.  Murray is getting anxious to get some of this outdoor work done but we'll have to wait a few weeks for the ground to dry up.   

Thanks for your kind concern regarding my fall a week ago that I shared with you in my last post.  Yesterday I was much better, surprisingly, as on Saturday I felt pretty bad.  My knee is back to 'normal' (for me) and we even went for a walk in the afternoon.  Although I can't walk far or fast at least it's a start.  I hope to go for a walk this afternoon too, but I won't overdo it.   ;)

Have a fabulous day!  I'm going to get out and enjoy that warm sunshine.


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