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Spring 2018
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the river road

A couple weeks ago before we got some rather fall-like weather we went to Beulah Camp in Browns Flat on a very hot Sunday.  I took photos of our drive home along what we call 'the river road' from Browns Flat to Gagetown.  It is beautiful rural farmland with farms, old churches, farm fields and the St. John River off to the right.  Enjoy the drive.

First of all we'll start at Beulah Camp, which I've posted about here before, with it's beautiful 100 year old cottages and the old 'hotel' below.

Kayaks and canoes resting on the beach.

On up the river we come to Evandale where there is a government run car ferry that takes people across the river.  The Eveleigh Hotel has a beautiful boat marina built to welcome river traffic from Fredericton to Saint John.  It was a busy spot that Sunday.

Perhaps you could bring your speed boat.  :-)

This hotel has been in operation for over 100 years as at that time there were several river boats that travelled the St. John River between Saint John and Fredericton.  It's still a hotel with additions to the right, a dining room and an outdoor pool.

It was a really hazy and hot day so I've edited some of the photos to give them more colour.

This little Anglican church is in Queenstown and it is 110 years old.  The rose bush caught my eye as we were driving so I got Murray to stop so I could take pictures.

This is another very old Anglican church in the historic village of Gagetown.

I hope you enjoyed this drive along the St. John River.  It is called "the Rhine of North America" for obvious reasons.

I was able to sit out on our deck to write up this post.  A first for me!  It's absolutely gorgeous out this evening after a hot sunny summer day.  It's still 26C as the sun is setting in the west.  I think I'll get my 'chauffeur' to take me down to the river near us to get some sunset pictures.  It's one of those perfectly calm evenings to do so.  

This weekend is the New Brunswick Day holiday for our province on Monday and it's also a statutory holiday for most of the country. We are off to Ontario for a wedding - a 16-18 hour drive from here.  We also hope to visit Niagara Falls on Sunday before we head home.  I hope you all have a safe and blessed weekend.  You know I'll have some photos to share with you next week. 

Thanks for your visits during this busy summer season.  I sure do appreciate them!


Monday, July 27, 2015

it was a party!

It started on Wednesday, the day of my birth, and ended with a party with family and friends on Friday evening.  

Our daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandsons Face Timed me from 2 times zones away as they were having breakfast Wednesday morning.  They sang 'Happy Birthday' to me and the grandchildren were so excited.  It was such a special time and makes me very grateful for technology today.

My friend, Lois, and I picked raspberries on Wednesday morning and enjoyed cake and ice cream for lunch....just dessert, no actual 'lunch'.  :-)   I think at our age that it's ok to do that once in a while, don't you?

It was good picking and we got 7 boxes.

  That evening Murray and I went out for a delicious dinner at the beautiful MoCo Kitchen in Mactaquac Provincial Park's lodge. (I forgot to take a photo of it)

The big birthday party was here on Saturday at suppertime and we had a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating, eating, laughing and catching up with each other.  I got beautiful cards and gifts, hugs and good wishes.  

Me blowing out the 2 candles on the cake.  I couldn't even put 2 out at once so good thing there weren't 65!  LOL

Thank You for all your sweet birthday wishes in my last post.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  

Thank you for visiting.  Have a great day and week!  


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

birthday celebrations

This is my stone vase that I mentioned in a recent post.  

Well, I've not been around much the past week.  I got caught up visiting some of you on the weekend but have lagged again the past couple days.  What can I say....it's summer and it's busy.  And, I'm getting ready to celebrate a 'major' birthday tomorrow.  Major in that I'm reaching that pensionable age in my life....which I can't believe because I'm pretty sure I just turned 35 a couple of years ago.....at least in my mind.  Where have those last 30 years gone?  

  Me...age 2.

I could go on with a long post about life and aging but I won't.  I will only say that I am truly blessed to have reached this age and that I am healthy and happy and, I'm going to have a party to celebrate on Friday evening.  Why not eh?  When I was growing up having a birthday in the summer months when school was out meant that you didn't get the chance to have your classmates sing "Happy Birthday" to you.  Growing up with 2 other siblings being born on either side of your birthday within 3 years also meant having to 'share' your birthday.  Yes, we shared birthday parties, and cakes.  We didn't have big parties every year like kids today.  We didn't have 10 kids invited, treat bags, balloons and theme parties like kids do today.  We were lucky to have a few friends (or none) and a cake with coins wrapped in waxed paper baked inside it.  Someone was lucky enough to get the slice with a 50 cent piece (I still have a few of them and also silver dollars) or a nickel in it!  My aunt always baked us a 'joint' birthday cake.  It was SO good!  Angel food cake with lemon frosting and sprinkles on it.  Yum.  Our gifts were simple...a couple of toys and maybe a new dress or outfit.  No brand new bikes (they were second hand), expensive electronics or the latest popular toy.  I remember one year my sister and I got plastic telephones....hers was red and mine was blue.  She and I got a lot of the same things in those early years....in different colours....including clothes.  :-)

This photo was one of the 'joint' birthdays that my brother and I shared.  We both could invite a few friends.  I'm in the middle in my favourite dress of all time (black and white polished cotton with a crinoline under it) and my brother is to the right in back.  I was 10 and he was 9.  I was one year and 4 days older than him.  You can see that some of the guests are holding pinwheels.  That was part of their gift for coming.  I don't remember what else was with it, maybe candy.  I do remember that Mum didn't buy enough and I, being the honoured guest and host, had to give mine up.  I was not happy.  lol  I think the photo below has my 'happy' smile because I begged to have my brother's pinwheel.  But.  Look at the sad face he has.  :-(   I noticed we are both wearing watches and I think that was our gift that year. 

This is the 3 of us.  My sister, on the left, was 7.....2 years 362 days younger than me.  Yes....we were close in age!  Poor Mum. 

Me, Margaret, and John - he was on a pass from the hospital.

Here we are last July 20 as we celebrated our birthdays together for  the first time in 40 years and what would be my brother John's last one.  He turned 63 a few days later and passed away in November.  

That is why I'm celebrating 'big' this year.  We don't know what life holds for us but we do know that our days on earth are numbered and we should grateful for every one that we wake up to.  

On Wednesday Murray is taking me out for dinner to celebrate and on Friday I will celebrate with some close friends and my older sister and her husband.  (my baby sister isn't home this year)  

Thanks for visiting and I hope you are enjoying these summer days.  
I must say the past week has been wet and cool and Friday looks like clouds and showers for the party.  Praying it will just be clouds so we can have the party outside.....I have plans!  I'll take pictures!

Have a super day!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good Fences

I thought I'd join Good Fences this week as it's been a while and I've been taking lots of country scene photos with fences in them.

This scarecrow was pretty clever at pointing the way at the junction of 2 roads.  But, we didn't take his advice and went the other way.  

After our lovely hot spell that we call 'summer' we woke this morning to a fall like feel to the air.  It went down to 10C (50F) and tonight it's to drop to 7C.  There is even a risk of frost in parts of New Brunswick tonight!  It was a lovely day once it warmed up though.  Looks like a showery, cool weekend coming.
Thanks for visiting.   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Pop on over to visit TexWis Girl for Good Fences.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Corn Hill Nursery

Hello Friends.
A little over a week ago Murray and I took a drive to Corn Hill Nursery in Corn Hill, Kings Co.  I have shared 2 other posts about our trip that day and this is the final post.  I have also blogged about this beautiful garden and nursery before.  The roses were in bloom that day along with lilies, peonies, and many other gorgeous plants and shrubs.  We had a lovely meal on the deck at the cafe before we walked around.  Enjoy the pictures.

This is the gateway from the parking lot to the garden centre.

There is a large pergola area with grapevines growing up the posts and over the top which give beautiful shade on a hot day.  

The stone slab table was covered with roses, samples of all the varieties they grow and sell there.  It was beautiful to see!

These stone vases are made in Nova Scotia.  I bought a small one a couple years ago.  They are quite unique.

This is such a special place to visit and to shop as well.  We bought a rose shrub - my first in over 30 years - and I didn't have any until now.   It is a David Thompson.

It's been blooming all week and has several bud clusters.  We planted it in the back yard so I hope it survives the winter wind and snow, and the deer.


The weather has been fabulous for the past 11 days.  It's been sunny, hot, hazy and humid most of the days and we only had one rain day last Wednesday which was enough to water things.
I picked strawberries this morning and froze them.  We took a day trip on Sunday and I have some photos to share of that soon.

Thank you so much for all your visits and comments on my last 2 posts of our back roading trip and the covered bridges.  I appreciate them very much.  

I wish you all a beautiful week.  Keep cool!


Friday, July 10, 2015

covered bridges of Kings County

Millstream River #5  Centreville 1911

There are still 60 wooden covered bridges in the province of New Brunswick, 16 of which are in Kings County.  Our little drive took us to 3 of them.  It would be so interesting to visit and photograph every covered bridge in the province.  {I think someone has done this} Of course, it would take more than a day as they are scattered all over the province.

The pretty Millstream River.

This was a nice marker next to the Oldfield covered bridge seen below.  

Smith Creek Covered Bridge # 5  Oldfields, 1910.  
Note that the sign on the bridge has Oldfields and the spelling on the granite monument has no 's'.  A friend of mine who lives near this bridge just informed me that it is named for a family that had a mill near there.  I guess the Oldfields on the bridge should have an apostrophe for Oldfield's.  :-)

The 'old field' next to the Oldfields bridge.  

Oldfields Covered Bridge

Murray gave directions to a couple of French speaking tourists from Quebec which was interesting as we have very limited French and they had very limited English, but I think they figured it out.  We didn't see them stranded by the road anywhere later.  :-)  One of them said "I'm looking for a good man." and I hoped they weren't going to steal mine!!  LOL  The other one said she'd had 3 already. Oh my.  Too funny.

The 3rd covered bridge is seen in the little vale above.

This is Smith Creek #1 at Tranton 1927.

When the bridges are numbered....#1 or #5....I'm assuming there were several crossings on these rivers years ago.  Many of these bridges have been burned by vandals or by accident, destroyed by large trucks hitting support beams or lost in floods.  They are never rebuilt but replaced with steel or cement structures or never replaced.  There was a larger one on the Canaan River that was destroyed by a flood a few years ago and it still hasn't been replaced and has divided a community and cut them off from emergency services with a long detour.  Bridges are very expensive to build.   They are a beautiful part of our history and were so common in the late 19th to early 20th century.  The wood covers protected the wood floors from the elements and timber was easily gotten from the local forests.  

If you're interested in seeing photos of the covered bridges in Kings county please click on this link ~

I'll be back next week with photos of our visit to Corn Hill Nursery.  
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  
Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your comments.  I know summer is a very busy time and many are on vacation or spending time doing other things, like gardening and enjoying the great outdoors, or spending time with family, rather than sitting in front of a computer composing blog posts and visiting other bloggers.  So enjoy this season as it is fleeting.  You're excused.  :-}

See you soon.

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