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Spring 2018
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Monday, September 28, 2015

an amazing day

Sunday morning we woke to a gorgeous red sunrise with clear blue skies.  Why the fog photo?  Well, I noticed the fog rolling over the hill behind us from the river and it enveloped us for about 10 minutes before dissipating....just long enough for me (in the process of getting ready to go to church) to grab my camera and take a photo of the sun through the fog.  It was beautiful and brief!

The day turned out lovely, sunny and hot.  After church and brunch we walked down the road to the apple orchard so we could walk in the corn maze, a new feature at the orchard this year.  That place was hopping with lots of visitors picking apples and going on the corn wagon to the bottom of the orchard to enjoy the corn maze.  We chose to walk down the hill and back up which was most enjoyable.  Murray grew up on this farm and we enjoy visiting when we can.

A bin of pumpkins greeted us when we entered the gate.

The apple shack has beautiful displays of apples, pumpkins and preserves to be purchased.  I will have to go back for a bottle of apple jelly.

The pumpkin patch with a view.

The road down the hill to the corn maze.  Note the deer fencing.  It works!

Here comes the wagon.

In the corn maze....cattle corn.  It would be a little chewy for humans I think.

The new fencing keeps out the deer but not the raccoons.  ;)

I guess this is how high an elephant's eye is.  :)

This was a first for Murray and I to visit a corn maze.  It was a lot of fun with lots of dead ends and twists.  It took us about 20 minutes to wander around and I even lost Murray at one point.  I think he was trying to trick me and hide but I caught up with him.  

We walked back up the hill through a wooded part where a brook normally flows through but it was bone dry.  I love looking up at the tree canopy don't you?

We had a lovely afternoon and just about cooked in the heat.  I was overdressed as I thought it was chillier than it was.  
Did you see the lunar eclipse of the blood/harvest moon?  We went to our neighbours and enjoyed the view of it through a telescope and powerful binoculars.  I took a few photos but they were not good or clear.  I don't have a good telephoto lens so had to crop the photos.  The whole thing was amazing to see though as it was a clear night and quite mild.  One could see the stars around the moon and all the craters on the moon through the binoculars but they don't show in my photo.  When the moon was covered by the earth's shadow all the other stars were much brighter and the Milky Way was right overhead.  How amazing!  Since there won't be another blood moon for 33 years this is the last one we'll see.  Which kind of puts life into perspective doesn't it?  

I hope you enjoyed our visit to the corn maze.  We hope to be picking apples at the orchard soon.  The weather sounds very wet and cool and windy for the rest of the week so the apple picking may have to be put on hold.  I hope the apples stay on the trees!

Sunday was a beautiful and amazing day from sunrise to moonrise.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and enjoy a wonderful week ahead.  I'll be back in a couple days with some Alberta pictures.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

a little hike in a beautiful park

Rocky Mountains in the distance.

We're back home!  We got back at suppertime on Thursday from our visit to our daughter's and her family in Calgary for 2 weeks.  It was a wonderful visit getting to know our little grandsons better, especially the baby who has grown a lot in the last 7 months, and we enjoyed lots of fun times with them.  They are so precious and we miss them so much.

We drove to a beautiful park called Big Hill Springs Provincial Park near Calgary for a lovely hike on the first Saturday morning were there.  It was sunny and really hot but the trails were through a beautiful valley in some hills with forest and pretty waterfalls that kept us cool.  The biggest grands - E and E - who are 5 and 3 had a lot of fun climbing and walking through the trails.  Littlest 'L', who is just 1, was carried by his mum.  

Grampie and the grands climbing rocks. Big E loves to climb and is very agile while middle grand E isn't quite as adventurous and stayed close to Grampie.

A pretty stream flows through this little valley with lots of fall colours in the bushes and poplar trees.

The waterfalls tumbled down and down through the valley and there were several levels of them as the stream spread through the rocks and forest in different spots.  

This rock is so smooth from the water flowing over it.

This was an interesting outcropping of rocky ridge that dropped off on both sides to the stream below.  These mounds of rock are called Tufa. 

These information signs were at the beginning of the trail but we didn't notice them so didn't read them before our hike.  We would have looked more closely at these rock formations for shapes of leaves and twigs.

We stopped for a snack on top of a huge rock outcrop.

This teepee lean-to was built with fallen trees around a still standing tree for support.  

At the end/beginning of the trail the trees are all golden in the hot sun.  There were a lot of people enjoying picnics on this beautiful day.

The beautiful farm land and sky rolling toward the distant mountains on our return.

It was a beautiful outing with our family in a gorgeous setting.  

Thanks for visiting and for your comments on my last posts.  Autumn is well under way here more every day as the days and nights are cooler and the trees are changing colour.  It's going to be a gorgeous colourful fall season I think.  I'll have more photos to share of our trip soon.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

welcoming a new season

So here it is....autumn has arrived.  
Summer was pretty awesome for the latter half of it...in fact, it was pretty amazing with gorgeous weather where we live in eastern Canada.  

Now it is fall and the weather is still pretty decent but, this isn't my favourite season.  Once the leaves have dropped and the weather gets colder and the days so very short with their lack of sun I get a bit melancholy.  I will try to keep my spirits up though and
 I plan to enjoy these next few weeks of golden light on the changing trees, the lengthening shadows, and the beauty of the colours of autumn.  I hope to get apple picking, walking in the corn maze, maybe have a picnic, enjoy a bonfire, and go for some walks or hikes.  I'll drink more tea, bake ginger/molasses cookies, make stew and other comfort foods....and I'll probably gain back the weight I lost the past few weeks!  Gotta keep active!  

What are your favourite things to do in the fall?  Do you get a bit melancholy with the lack of light or do you enjoy being cozy in your home?  I love the outdoors and the heat so it will be an adjustment to the colder days and nights.  I don't like having to wear extra layers of clothes, jackets, scarves, sweaters, shoes and socks etc. but that will start too.  Oh how I love summer!  It's so much simpler!  :-)

For all of you who really love fall and the cooler weather - enjoy!
The rest of us will do the best we can to enjoy it too.

Have a great rest of the week and Happy Fall to you!


Saturday, September 19, 2015

around the yard in September

These photos were taken two weeks ago when it was still very hot weather and things were still blooming beautifully.

The hummingbirds were still around and I caught one resting in the tree near the feeder.

The top third of the cedar tree is loaded with the tiny cones this year.

Do you see the buck on the left?

I was surprised to find this rose blooming on our tiny rose bush....the last rose of summer.

We had a few old bricks around the garden so I decided to build an inukshuk....so the people will know we were there.  :)  You have to know the history moments on our Canadian TV to appreciate that.  

The sedum Autumn Joy is starting to pink up and there are lots of bees enjoying it's nectar.

Gorgeous blue skies in the sunshine.

The Virginia Creeper is doing really well this year and will soon be turning red.

This caterpillar was enjoying our lilac bush recently!!

The maple trees are showing a hint of colour.

See the little red and white trike?  Yard sale find for.....$1.00!

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  The flowers aren't looking quite as perky after a lot of rain one day and some really hot days.  It will soon be time to clean them up which always makes me sad.  I try to hold on to them until our Thanksgiving in October so we'll see what happens this next few weeks.  Take care and thank you for stopping by and commenting.  Also, a big welcome to my new followers!   


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