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Spring 2018
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Friday, October 30, 2015

a bit of this and that

I am loving my $1.00 yard sale trike. It's very photogenic don't you think?

Well, it's almost Oct. 31st.  Where did this month go to already??

We got through the big storm yesterday.  Lots of rain and wind, power outages (we were ok) and, along the coasts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, extremely high tides and waves crashing over beaches, wharves and roads.  Today it's very windy and much colder.  Yesterday it was 17C and so balmy and warm, and today it's only 10C but the gusting wind makes it feel colder.  At least it's not snowing!
The leaves are blowing off the trees and most are bare now.

After the rain and wind yesterday.

From the inside looking out.

I've hung the bird feeders out again from our clothesline, out of reach of the squirrels.  There have been lots of chickadees and this female downey woodpecker along with a male.  I was standing on the ground when I took this photo and the bird was less than 4 feet above me.  She wasn't the least bit timid.

Our front deck.  I'm not sure how much longer those mums will last as they have been touched by frost already.  I'll soon be putting all these things away until next spring and will make a winter arrangement in the milk can and an old graniteware container.  

The sunrise this morning was breathtaking.   The sun has moved  about half way to it's lowest spot in the sky.  Winter's coming.

A scarecrow at Kings Landing Historical Settlement. 2013

Our kids at Halloween a 'few' years back.

Are you expecting lots of 'visitors' for Halloween?  We usually only get about 7-10 which means we have lots of treats left over for us.   Not that I buy a lot either as I usually just get a couple small bags of candy and a box of chips. (which are already partly gone!)  :)

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you all have a good and safe weekend.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

calm reflections

A heron lifted off from near me but I didn't see it in time.  I guess I scared it off so this is the best shot. 

Saturday morning was beautiful....sunny, no wind, crisp air.  
I knew it would be perfect to visit the river down the hill and take some pictures.


The docks at the marina are mostly empty now and will be brought in soon.

Sun arrow

A flock of Canada geese lifted off on the other side of the causeway.

This huge driftwood was once a beautiful tree and now it rests on the beach until the next high-water carries it away again.  I wonder where it came from.

Looking up the river to the hills clothed in colour.  So beautiful.

Two horses....do you see them?  

Thanks for coming down to the river with me.  
This is day 3 of sunshine and crisp fall days.  Tonight will see the remnants of the storm 'Patricia' that wreaked so much havoc in Mexico and the US move into the Maritimes.  Ontario and Quebec are feeling it's effects today.  

Here are a couple of photos I took early this morning.

The Full Hunter Moon setting in the early morning sky.  

And the early morning sunrise in the eastern sky.

and, okay, just one more.  :)

Maple leaves on trees, ground and our beautiful flag.

Have a super day everyone.  Thank you for visiting.
Stay safe in the storm.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

a Sunday drive and a little old country church

A snow squall coming across the hills.

I can't believe it's almost a week since I've posted.  The days are flying by as fast as the leaves off the trees it seems.  A week ago we went for a Sunday drive to a service in a little old country church in back of Nackawic NB, at a place called Hartfield.  The day was a mix of sun and cloud and the temperature was just above freezing.  It was windy and there were snow squalls now and then from the dark clouds.  Our destination was the Hartfield Community Church where there was a wood stove with a great fire burning in it right in the middle of the church pews.  You talk about a warm welcome!  The wood heat felt so good on that blustery day especially as the sun sunk into darkness.  Enjoy the photos.

Along the road through Mactaquac country.

When we arrived at the church this is what I saw when we parked in front of it.  How beautiful!

The church is over 100 years old and I think this maple tree has been around for almost as long.  

Snow squall with sunbeams.

And when the sun came out it was brilliant!

Inside the little church with the wood stove in the centre.  The pews are really unusual and quite beautiful, don't you think?  I've never seen ones like this before and the wood seats are one solid piece.

Note the old style and pattern of wood boards on the walls.

The old pulpit was painted a soft yellow.

I hope you enjoyed our Sunday drive and the little country church.  

Today is Sunday again and it's been a rainy and windy day but mild at 12C.   It's nice to be in our cozy home this afternoon where I can drink hot tea, blog and watch the leaves blow from their branches.  There is still lots of colour out there - mostly rust, orange and gold - so it's still very beautiful. Yesterday morning I got down to the river and took some photos which I'll share soon.  Thank you so much for visiting and all your kind comments.  I wish you all a blessed week ahead.


Monday, October 19, 2015

even more fall colours

Hi Everyone!  I'm back with more fall pictures.  I have taken so many pictures this past couple weeks of the gorgeous colours in the landscape here in New Brunswick that I keep having to do posts about them.  I could do a post every day but I won't.  But, I did want to share more with you and I hope you aren't getting bored with seeing them.  The leaves are falling kind of fast the past couple days as the days get shorter and the nights get colder.  We've had heavy frost, wind and rain too.  And we had little tiny white things floating on the wind out of very dark clouds. Thankfully they didn't amount to much and if they accumulated at all they soon melted in the sun.  The above photo is on our back deck....a little vignette with pumpkins and mums and a great sign that I bought at Candle in the Window in Boisetown on a recent day trip.  The mums have been under shelter from the wind and rain and the purple one has split down the centre from heavy rain we got last week.  My annuals got frost last night....silly me forgot to cover them up....so they will have to be disposed of.  I hope we get some warmer days so I can clean up things on the decks and put 'summer' away to rest for the next 7 months.  That makes me sad....and hopeful too.  ;)  So, here are some more fall photos for you....enjoy.

One of our maples.

A pretty mushroom.

I never tire of this view from our living room window looking down our driveway.

The tree line across the road from us.

My favourite lane to walk down.

This is the reddest and prettiest I think this tree has ever been.

Confetti leaves litter the ground under the tree.

Neighbour cows.

Some friendly...and nosey...neighbours.  :)

There are even fall colours on my $1.00 trike.  Red and rust.  :)

All this beauty makes for many 'autumn blessings', don't you think?

Are you enjoying fall colours yet?  In Canada?  I'm pretty sure you are.   In the US?  Maybe you're just starting.  Have you been out leaf peeping?

Thanks for your visits and comments!  I have more photos from another drive in the country we took yesterday which I'll share in a couple of days.  

Take care.

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