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Friday, January 22, 2016

it is very puzzling indeed

Yes it is ~ puzzling and challenging!  I bought myself this puzzle to occupy my hours during this cold month of January.  However, I think I will still be putting the pieces together in February.  All 1000 pieces!!  I have it on a card table in the dining room as we use our dining table daily.

It took me hours to do the outside edge.  Well, maybe not hours, but it sure seemed like it.  I finally had it all together, measured all 4 sides and found one side was an inch shorter.  I had all the straight edges on the table connected together but something was amiss.  I examined it carefully and found the 'missing piece' on the left side (hey, it fit!) and found where it should be along the bottom edge.  That part was done and surely the rest would be easy.  
Hahahahahahahaha!!!  Who am I fooling.

Tip:  Use your dining room table space to lay out the pieces and don't fish from the box!  I finally figured this out 2 days ago.  We still have room to eat.

These pieces represent parts of a tree with tiny coloured lights going up the trunk.  They have been in this position for 2 weeks as I can't figure it out.  I don't have the patience to do puzzles.  I want it done now.  Also, my fingers and thumbs are not as nimble as they used to be and even picking up pieces to try them in spots is quite frustrating.  Maybe this is all good exercise for me - my fingers and my brain.  Do you think?

This is the picture.  See the tree on the right?  And all those pretty clouds?  and all the bluish white snow?  And the people?  And the train station windows?  When you get all the pieces laid out it becomes very overwhelming.  I have sorted them out by colours  which helps.  I've found faces and legs and parts of the train and wreaths, and the dog.  I found the Lionelville sign and the words on the train...they were easy.  So was the signature of Thomas Kinkade in the bottom right corner.  The 4 boys in the foreground have been challenging.  

 Here was my progress on Jan. 19.  I missed a few days.  Some days I'd make the effort to find one piece and place it....which sometimes led to a few more pieces.  

Look at this!  I spent some time on Wednesday evening then again last evening (until 12:30 am!! waiting for Murray to get home from a business trip) and made some huge progress.  I'm still looking for the top of the heads for green shirt boy and red shirt boy.  Blue boy is missing his body and head but it's coming.

I haven't done a puzzle in years so this is a great accomplishment for me.  I see my friend Vee is doing a puzzle too and I'm sure there  are more puzzle-doers out there this winter.  It really is a good pastime and the challenge is excellent for the mind.  Right Vee? 
Are you making a puzzle this winter?  Perhaps you've tackled more than one.   Kudos to you!!  


 The white tulips are still going but I had to throw 3 out as they flopped right over.  Aren't the yellow centres pretty?

I sat the vase on the window sill in front of the snowy outside then changed it to black and white and a bit of HDR.  

Sunrise this morning was so pretty and look where the sun is coming up now.  It was further to the right a couple weeks ago so it is gradually moving left to the east and rising earlier too.

I mentioned in my last post about the deer tracks in our yard and wondered when the deer were visiting in the night.  Last night, with the almost full moon shining on the snow, I noticed a dark shadow under the bird feeders (which are on the clothesline) and it was a deer eating the seed on the ground.  I tried to get a photo but it was too dark and the camera wouldn't focus.  It saw me too, and decided to run to the back lawn so I opened the door and tried to take a picture but still no luck.  You'll have to take my word for it.  

I hope those of you who are in the storm's path today in the eastern US are safe and don't have to be out on the streets and roads.  Up here we stock up on food and 'storm' chips.  You gotta have potato chips to get through a storm.  :-)  There is a potato chip company in New Brunswick called Covered Bridge Potato Chips that makes 'storm' chips..... a large bag of 4 different savoury flavours.  I found some just before Christmas and we ate them one weekend when it wasn't even storming.  Haha.  

Thanks for visiting and your comments on my last post.  Have a great weekend my friends.  Be safe!  And maybe dig out an old puzzle for something to do. 



  1. Storm Chips sound like a great idea! Too bad the rain and wind stopped and the sun came out here. Still, one never knows when a storm will hit and we should stayed stocked up!
    Puzzle woes - I like it when someone else helps with the puzzle once in awhile. I think different eyes can pick out things I miss. Your puzzle is a challenge for the brain and dexterity.

  2. Oh boy... a puzzling puzzle, not a good combination, lol! My mom loves to put puzzles together, and my daughter does too... me, not so much! I can do it for a little while, but then I have to get up and do something else. My mom is pretty amazing, some of the puzzles she puts together so quickly. I wish you luck with yours... there is a great feeling of satisfaction when that last piece fits in! Enjoyed your picture of the PEI tulips... lovely! I too pray for everyone in the path of the wind, that would be the worst thing, in my opinion. We get lots of snow here in Idaho, but hardly ever wind. But when we do get wind, it is disastrous. I pray for all out there in the storm's path!

    Have fun with your puzzle, and take a picture of your progress :)

  3. This puzzle looks challenging indeed!

  4. Our snow storm "stock up must" . . .
    Chocolate Covered Peanuts!

    It is Puzzle Time . . .
    My New Year change has been a "meet up" with my 92 year old friend each Monday . . .
    Last Monday I brought ingredients to make Chicken Soup,
    next Monday we will go out for lunch and the back to her home to
    work on a puzzle . . .
    I do the color separation like you . . .
    it seems to help a little bit . . .
    I think a 1000 piece Thomas Kincade might be a daunting task for me . . .
    Really nice picture though . . .

  5. I love a nice jigsaw puzzle, but it has to be a picture I really like enough to put it together. We get a lot of reflection on the puzzle during bright winter days. This reminds me of the puzzle my cousin has: a clear glass apple on a solid red background. It's absolutely wicked and I'd never attempt it. I see there's a Downton Abbey puzzle. I'm thinking about that one. Have a great weekend, Pam, and I hope you make good progress on the puzzle.

  6. I love a nice jigsaw puzzle, but it has to be a picture I really like enough to put it together. We get a lot of reflection on the puzzle during bright winter days. This reminds me of the puzzle my cousin has: a clear glass apple on a solid red background. It's absolutely wicked and I'd never attempt it. I see there's a Downton Abbey puzzle. I'm thinking about that one. Have a great weekend, Pam, and I hope you make good progress on the puzzle.

  7. Pam you have made good progress on the puzzle front! Don't give up. Slow and steady wins the race!
    Did Murray get home safely? We are lucky to be missing this coming storm, it sounds like a doozie! Stay safe and warm and maybe you'll make more puzzle progress. :)

  8. The picture of that puzzle is a print also from a Christmas card how strange is that ? ! Lovely photos . Yes storm potato chips are the best lol ! Well Papa eats them all the time not just in storms lol ! I do hope all are safe in the east coast of the US in the storm . I have had moments like you did with the deer they are quick and can hear so well it is hard to get photos of them as they dash off . Yes I have taken noticed of the suns position now and how much later it sets and earlier it is to rise and I just love it the anticipation of spring . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. I think puzzlemakers are devious little freaks! Oh, yes, puzzling is ever so much fun. I'm thinking that your suggestion about moving to the dining room table would be well taken. I did not place even one piece today. At this rate... My mother taught me to use cookie sheets to work portions while seated in an easy chair. She used a spatula to place them in the main puzzle when that little portion was done.

    Oh meeting a dark shadow that late...a little scary. Have you ever thought of a camera for catching the critters on film. Several of my blogging buddies have then and it is interesting what they catch!

    Storm chips! Someone is brilliant! That is a great marketing ploy. Chips are good for storm days and all that crunch is very satisfying.

  10. Storm chips - now there's an idea. Love the tulips and the sunrise I do jigsaw puzzles online - my favorite place is You can choose how many pieces - and even the style of pieces if you want a real challenge. I like them because the pieces don't fall off the table and they have a little picture up in the corner that you can click if you forget what something might look like. Also there is a place to click that sorts out all the edges for you.

  11. Good luck with your puzzle, my husband and I have been working on a 2000 piece puzzle, very intense and food for the brain. Our daughter bought it for us , we needed a magnifying glass to see the details on the picture. We thought it would take us months to complete, but we got the bug and couldn't resist looking for a piece, when we walked past it,then before we knew it an hour had past. It's so important to sort before you start & to get all the pieces out on flat surfaces, we put them on large pieces of card, so we could move them about, as the puzzle pieces took over the house being so many. We worked like you, first separating into colours , and obvious things like signs, faces etc. Then if there are a lot of the same neutral colour for the background we sorted into shapes and that was a big help. Ours is a historical picture with maps on, 98 x 68 cm. after all the effort and in the end enjoyment, I couldn't bring myself to break it up and put it back in the box, so we are going to have it framed.

  12. Storm food here tends to be bread and milk. I think storm chips sound like much more fun. We are currently stuck in as a result of snow and ice. We're being advised not to be out driving for another 48 hrs. unless absolutely necessary. Very thankful that the power hasn't been affected.
    Your puzzle looks like a challenge. You seem to have made a good start on it and it looks like it will be so pretty when it's done. I haven't done a puzzle in years. One thing I always fretted about was what to do with it once it was finished. Seemed a shame to break it apart after all that work. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of puzzles glued together for wall decoration.

  13. Beautiful sunrise! One of my uncles loves doing jigsaw puzzles... even frames them. I've done thousand piece puzzles. There does come a point when you have to get up and leave it alone for awhile before coming back.

  14. We always used to do a puzzle at Christmas, but have fallen out of the habit. It was always a lot of fun for us and for visitors. One year we did a huge on of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria - that was a doozy!!

  15. I usually have a puzzle set up during the winter, but for some reason haven't done it this year. The storm rolled through here yesterday. They are clearing streets and I hope to be able to get my car out tomorrow or the next day. I'm already feeling cabin fever. xo Laura

  16. Good luck with your puzzle. Looks like a good one. But if I had it out I would get nothing else done until it was finished!

  17. I am impressed you are sticking to your puzzle work and have made some good progress. I don't have a lot of patience for them and 1000 is a lot of pieces. I did them with my mom when she was in assisted living. They are good brain exercise! I think you improve as you go along. We did a round one with the grands last week and they were way better than we--but of course they were more familiar with the Disney Characters which made up the puzzle. I actually felt sorry for the deer when they were sheltering in our back woods during the storm. A week ago at dusk I saw one standing way too close to our kitchen window, looking me in the eyes. Our storm is over and we are so thankful we didn't lose power. Now to juggle shoveling vs. waiting for it to melt.

  18. You have more patience than I. It would take me a very long time to finish one. Beautiful sunrise!

  19. I have had some Thomas Kinkade puzzles in the past - all with lots of snow - and I had to give up as I couldn't get on with them, you have done far more than I was able to do, good on you for doing so much already!! Hope that you enjoy it. xx

  20. Not sure if you will get any of the storm that came through here Friday, but if so stay warm. It's a bad storm to say the least. Carol

  21. I love that...that they actually are called Storm chips! You are brave...tackling such a big puzzle. I haven't done a puzzle in years. Enjoy your 'in' days...because 'this too shall pass'.

  22. Puzzles I always admire anyone who has the patience to do them. I swear my Mom made me sit and do them with her as punishment:) That is a gorgeous one though. It will take time but it sounds like you are going to have lts with all that snow:) HUGS B

  23. I'm not a good puzzler. I bought a 1000 piece Christmas of 2014 and in February 2015 admitted defeat. I was getting a headache from focusing on the small pieces! I love the b&w of the tulips!

  24. I do simple puzzles with my grandchildren, but I haven't attempted a 1,000 piece or more puzzle in a very long time, Pamela. I'm sure it is a good mental exercise, but I doubt I'd have the patience to do one myself. I look forward to you showing us the completed puzzle --you've made good progress. The tulips look beautiful--wonderful reminders that spring is on its way. I like the idea of "storm chips"--I could eat an entire bag of potato chips in one sitting--so much good tasting!

  25. 1000 pieces? My, you are brave. You chose a pretty one, I must say.

  26. Good luck with the puzzle!
    Pretty Tulips...
    Enjoy your week..
    Linda :o)

  27. Hello Pamela, Were puzzles invented for the long winters that we both experience? I started a Downton Abby puzzle on the day I watched part One of Season 6. The characters weren't too hard to line up but the rest of the puzzle has me feeling like I want to give up. Good luck with your puzzle!

  28. What a beautiful image in your puzzle! Love the colours! We have some 1000 pieces puzzles, but not any as pretty as yours. I think puzzles are definitely good exercise for our eyes, fingers and brain. :)
    Your tulips are beautiful and I like the edited version very much. Have a lovely week. Hugs!

  29. I haven't done a puzzle in years! You are doing a great job, especially once you found that last edge piece and this one can't be that looks like there could be many pieces of about the same color. I would love to be able to just jump in to one of those Thomas Kinkade scenes...they are so beautiful. The tulips are so pretty. I have red roses with pink carnations on my table, compliments of dear hubby :) I have noticed many deer tracks in the snow (before it melted)...right up close to the house. A motion activated camera might be a fun little toy :) Have a good week, Pam!

  30. Pam, you are such a brave soul, and it looks like you are figuring it all out fairly quickly. I have patience for some things, but not for doing a puzzle. It would take me forever. The tulips are beautiful and so are your sunsets. I love the Thomas Kinkade art however and have 6 dishes that I usually put out at Christmas and set a candle in front of them to show off the lights in the paintings. So pretty..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  31. Your post and your puzzle frustration made me chuckle! I would also have the people in front completed as they look the easiest!! I would also find a good excuse to eat all of the Storm stay chips !, you and I should get together for a puzzle day.... However I think the puzzle would not get much bigger but the chip bag would get much smaller! Have a wonderful day !

  32. Good luck with the puzzle Pam. I've got one sitting here waiting to be opened and started on. Perhaps tomorrow will be that day when we are supposed to get some snow.

  33. My daughter has pulled out the puzzles again. She doesn't have much time to do them because of crazy school, but every now and then she sits there putting together the pieces. My mother used to pull out a huge 1500 pieces puzzle every Christmas (or right after Christmas), Altdorfer's painting of the Battle of Alexander at Issus. She spent days and nights putting it together, and she was usually done by the beginning of January. It was a tradition in my parents' home. I can't look at that painting without thinking of my mom.


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