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Spring 2018
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

this and that from the past couple of weeks plus Easter

Hello everyone!  We have now had a full week of spring and we're on to week two.  You wouldn't know it was spring to look outside this Tuesday morning.  Yikes!  It poured rain last night and we thought we'd wake up to no snow but we woke up to fresh snow instead.  And it's windy and snowing this morning. Brr.

 Sunday March 20, the first day of spring, was sunny and clear.  I took these photos on the way to church at about 4:00.  With daylight saving time it was so nice and bright out.

Along the St. John River.  You can see ice pans in the river here but it was pretty well ice free.  There were hundreds of Canada geese along the river.

Can you see the geese?

A week ago (Monday) we had a snowstorm that dropped 21cm. of snow on us.  It was pretty but it is spring now and we really don't want any snow (or freezing rain and ice pellets) anymore.  We want sunshine and some warm southwesterly breezes.  They will come in due time I guess and we'll have to put up with this unseasonable weather a bit longer.

The bird feeders have been quite busy with lots of visitors.  Above is a purple finch and some goldfinches.  

You can see how hard it was snowing.  Mr. Crow loves to clean up the seeds on the ground under the feeder.

Wednesday afternoon I went for a short walk and found the drainage ditch open.  It was a gorgeous day with temperatures above freezing and my friends and I went to a sugarbush pancake house for brunch.  I'll be sharing photos from that trip later in the week.

Sunrise on Thursday, March 24, before the ice storm.

I already shared about our ice storm that we got on Good Friday.  It did melt off the trees on Saturday and we had two beautiful weekend days with sun and mild temperatures (4C).  The sun sure feels good and makes it seem warmer than it really is.

The moon setting on Saturday morning.  You can almost see the ice coating the field and trees.

Our Hemlock tree with ice. 

Easter Sunday morning's sunrise was obscured by fog which lifted later in the morning and was a beautiful sunny day.

Easter tulips

We had our Easter dinner on Monday at suppertime.  Mark and Jenn came up and we even had an egg hunt.  So much fun!

Here they are trying for the same egg.

There you have it.  Two weeks worth of pictures in one post.  
We had a very nice Easter weekend with our church services and music, which were all so amazing.  It was tiring though so Monday was a rest day.....well, I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning and getting our dinner ready and Murray puttered outside.  
I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  I'm sure some of you had sunshine, warmth and trees blooming.  I might be a bit jealous but I know it will come here in another month.....or so.  

I'll be back with my visit to the sugar bush soon.

Have a wonderful week my friends.


Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter!

Good Friday roads.

Today is Good Friday on the Christian calendar.  We woke up to freezing rain very early and wondered if our church service would be cancelled.  It wasn't.  We live outside the city and it's a 12-15 minute drive to our church on a good day but today it took about 20 as there wasn't any traffic due to the slippery roads as most smart people stayed home.  Not too bad really but I worried all through church how we'd get back home and up the steep hill to our ridge.  The freezing rain changed over to ice pellets which fell from 10:00 to about noon when it changed back to freezing rain.  It was kind of a good thing to see the white road rather than slick ice so we made it home safely.  There were about 200 people at the service - not bad for a stormy day.  Since we are both involved with the music at church we 'had' to be there. 

This storm system came all the way from Colorado leaving heavy snow, ice pellets and freezing rain in its path across the US and into Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.  North of here they are getting a snowstorm.  Our son and his wife have travelled north for the weekend to go snowmobiling as there isn't enough snow on the trails in our area.  One last 'kick at the can' so to speak.  :)
The weather for the weekend will have some sunshine and above freezing temperatures which will melt down some of the snow and ice we have....I hope!

 We have a service on Saturday at 6 and again Sunday morning at 10:30 with special music and message.  We've worked on the music for the past 5 weeks and we are blessed to have so many gifted musicians and singers in our church family!  

We will have our Easter dinner on Monday at suppertime.  I am sure most of you are celebrating Easter weekend with family and friends and attending special church services.  I want to wish you all a very blessed Easter as we celebrate our risen Lord.  

Now I'll try to get caught up visiting some blogs.
Have a super weekend!


Monday, March 21, 2016

welcome spring

SPRING ~ the season is finally here.

But.....the weather didn't get the memo.

We are having a good old spring nor'easter here today covering our world in white.  Schools are closed in the southern half of the province which should be the last storm day of this year.  We could get about 15 cm. of snow by the time it is passed by this evening.  However, looking at the long range forecast, I see another storm possible for Good Friday.  Oh well, it is spring and it won't last.

A friend who loves to build and refinish old furniture made this wood box for me.  I love it and the soft blue paint is perfect.  I will have a lot of fun decorating it for different occasions.  The tulips are on their way out but made the photo op yesterday afternoon along with the daffodils I purchased in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.  I have a collection of old cream bottles and a great old Safety Seal jar lined up in the box for now.


A week ago last Saturday our son brought his mini-excavator up to move our old small shed to his home just down the road.  He and Murray edged it on to the trailer and our view is different now.

The old small shed and the new much larger one that was built last November.  We have a lot of work to clean up that corner getting rid of the old fence, and the shed needs to have vinyl siding put on it this spring.  We are planning to put new siding on the house too and perhaps some other major renovations to the house.  The old trees will be cut down as well as they are a hazard.  We worry about them falling on our house, garage or shed.

It was interesting to watch Mark work alongside his dad.  He really knows how to handle that excavator.

Nudging the shed onto the trailer.

And....our new view.  Murray's man cave.  :)  I must say I like the new shed (which has large double doors on the upper end) but it does block 'my' view of the hill and some sunlight later in the day.  We'll see how much sun doesn't shine on the deck this summer.  I love sun!


At sunset one night last week there was a curious cloud formation.  
Note - there is hardly any snow!

How many hearts to you see?  How much snow do you see?  


So, while I will enjoy the Spring look inside.....

I'll be dreaming of warm sunny summer days to come on our deck and pergola.

I hope you have a wonderful week leading up to Easter weekend.  It will be a busy one for us as we participate in the music program at our church.  

Thank you for visiting.  I hope to post again before Friday.  



Thursday, March 17, 2016

vintage street photography

Street Photography.  How many have heard of it?  I follow a Facebook page of amateur photographers in the Maritimes which I enjoy immensely and they recently had the theme of 'street photography'.  People shared all sorts of street photos from streets themselves, to traffic, people, cars and parades.  It was the photos with people that I liked best and there is a photographer in Moncton who captures actual street people....as in those who live on the streets....in his photos.  They are beautiful.  He gets to know these people on a personal level and asks to take their photos.  He edits them beautifully and brings out their true character and personality.  

There are many well known street photographers around the world and in today's world it is a touchy thing to do with privacy issues even though 'big brother' is watching all the time with cameras everywhere!  But to ask a person to take their photo is a polite thing to do I guess, although really, the street is a public place so if you don't want your picture taken what do you do?  Stay home?  It's a touchy issue isn't it.

A friend posted a great 'street photo' of her and her fiancé taken in 1971 in Calgary, Alberta.  Apparently there was a photographer set up on a busy downtown sidewalk that did this a lot in that city and in Edmonton too.  Another friend of hers shared a photo from a street photographer taken in the 1930's which reminded me of some old photos I had.  I finally figured out why the 3 photos I have were taken on a busy sidewalk in Calgary sometime in the late 30's or early 40's.  

Someone wrote "Belle and yours truly" on the back of this one.
My mother's mother and grandmother came from Scotland in the early 1900's and the family moved to Calgary.  I have a few photos of family members and even their house inside - I suppose they were showing folks out east what it looked like - but I don't have a clue who anyone is in the photos.  I know none of these ladies is my grandmother.  At least I don't think so.  She made her home in rural New Brunswick living on a farm and raised 4 children.  I wonder if she visited her relatives in Calgary and perhaps she is in the photos.  I studied them carefully to see details like the buildings in the background and the style of clothes, including hats and real fur animals around their necks, and the 'proper' footwear.  I remember my other grandmother and my great aunt wearing the black or brown heeled oxfords too.  

I wonder who the child is in this photo too.  The same lady is in all three photographs.  They appear to be taken in different seasons.

In the first and last photos there is a building in the background with "MacLean Block" painted on it.  I Googled that and found there to be a MacLean Block in both Calgary and Edmonton.  I'm guessing this was Calgary though as that is where they lived.  I also searched for street photography in the 1930's and 40's for both cities and found lots of photos although not all were in Calgary and Edmonton.  One interesting photo was of a man set up at a small table on the sidewalk with his camera - one of those old ones with a big round flash attached - dated in the late 30's.  Apparently these photographers took the photos and, I'm assuming, stopped you to get your name and address so he could mail the photos to you.  There are numbers written in pencil on the back of each photo.  One would have to be very trusting to give out their address to a stranger I'd think - even in those days.  

I find this all to be very interesting and am wondering if anyone out there has old photos of this sort in an album or shoebox and didn't realize it.  If anyone knows anything more on this topic, especially for Calgary, I'd love for you to leave a comment.

The greater mystery is that I may have family in Calgary that I don't even know - other than our daughter and family who we visit once or twice a year.  It is sad how families lose touch over time and get forgotten about.  

This is downtown Calgary taken in February 2015.  Stephen Ave. is the main street and is mostly a pedestrian 'mall' with buildings old and new.  

My family - I had permission for this one.  :)

A lot of the old business are now new ones.  Lots of eateries on this street.

The older buildings are overshadowed by the new skyscrapers today.

I did not need permission from these two gentlemen to take their picture!  

But, you know, I was very careful not to get peoples faces in the photos.  Mind you it was a very cold and windy day that day so there weren't many on the street even at noon hour.  There was some action though.  Some young men exited a building chasing another young man and shouting obscenities at him and basically telling him to stay out of their territory.  A gang up right in broad daylight!  It was kind of scary and I didn't take pictures as I was afraid they'd see me.  But, I bet they were caught on video cameras from buildings along the street.  And I bet I was caught too, taking photos of those buildings.  Ha!

Smile....you're on (Candid) Camera!! 

That's Murray in the middle - always joking around for the camera!

Thanks for visiting today.  I hope you're having a wonderful week!


Monday, March 14, 2016

springing into Easter decor

A box of old cream bottles and faux blooms in the dining room window.

The time has changed back to Day Light Saving Time, spring arrives in 6 days and Easter is coming at the end of March.   I have decorated our living spaces to welcome the new season even though it doesn't feel like spring here yet.  We do need some spring cheer as the weather has been quite dull and cold lately so I choose to add spring colours and a few faux blooms along with the real ones to brighten our home.

A closer view of the china cabinet.  I added some bunnies and the sweet Easter tin sign that my sister sent me a couple of years ago.

The living room.  I have had the aqua satin glass bowl for years (it was my mother's) and dug it out as it matches the aqua in my new cushions (which I found at Home Sense).  I love the combination of aqua/turquoise, corals and lime/spring green - lovely spring and summer shades.  

The new lampshade is from Walmart.  I've had the quilted throw (from Winners) for a few years and I'm amazed at how it co-ordinates with the cushions.  The script cushion is also from Winners and the apple cushion is from a sweet store in St. Andrews called Tweedside Home Decor.

A spring vignette on the old oak commode.  My daughter gave me the birdhouse many years ago and love the old tin roof on it.

This week's tulips.  Such a bright pop of colour.

I am looking forward to getting out in the yard and gardens aren't you?  It will be a while yet but yard clean up can begin now as there is no snow.  

Have you started your spring clean up yet?  I guess if one can't there is always spring house cleaning to be done.  That is a never ending task!

Have a lovely day everyone.  Thank you for visiting and also I'd like to say a big Welcome to my new followers.  Thanks for tagging along!


Monday, March 7, 2016

a little road trip to the next county

Farm fields and rolling hills near Florenceville-Bristol.

Another new week is here already.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Did you do anything exciting?  Murray and went went on a date on Saturday afternoon.  We visited some big box stores then had pizza for supper at 'the Hut'.  Not a very exciting date eh, but we enjoy being together and having a look around and eating supper out.  And, I did buy a new pair of Schecher sneakers for spring.  They are so comfortable!

Last Thursday I went on a little road trip to Carleton County with my friend Lois.  We picked up another friend and drove to Florenceville-Bristol to visit yet another friend....well actually two, as one came for lunch.  We all met when we went to Bible school in 1971-73 and have remained friends all these years.  We had a great time catching up and sharing stories of God's goodness and grandkids and tried to solve the world's problems.   Don't you all love a 'time' like that?

As we were driving along the St. John River in Florenceville a Bald Eagle flew from the top of a large pine tree circled and flew over the car.  I had my camera on my lap and quickly took a photo of it.  This photo is cropped as the eagle was in the upper left quadrant of the photo.  What a beautiful sight!  This is the closest photo I've ever taken of one.

The above photo is the McCain potato processing plant and headquarters of McCain Foods.  Potatoes are the main crop in the Carleton County area and they are processed here for French fries.  McCain Foods is a Canadian privately owned multi-national company that was established in Florenceville, NB in 1957.  It is the worlds largest producer of French fries and other frozen foods.  YOU have probably eaten their fries at some time.  :)

As we were crossing the 'new' bridge over the St. John River I tried to take a photo of the 'old' bridge through the fence rails.  Can you see the wood covered part of the bridge?

McCain Foods headquarters.

Along the river the ice is pretty well gone.  There were some ice floes due to the colder nights we've been having but not the thick ice that causes ice jams during the spring run off.

Country roads with ice and snow from the last storm.  The farther north you go in New Brunswick, the more snow there is on the ground.  The far northern areas have lots of snow.

The red osier dogwood was still ice covered.  It was a beautiful sunny day but with the gusting wind it was very cold with a windchill of -18C.

We had homemade corn chowder (with bacon in it), homemade rolls, and homemade apple turnovers for dessert.  
We had a great visit and need to do it again some day.  


On Sunday afternoon we visited our son and his wife for a lovely meal of homemade seafood chowder, and homemade biscuits and apple pie.  Yum!  It was an enjoyable time.  And I'm going to have to go on a diet if I keep this up!!

Miss Molly Jean was getting some spoiling.  Isn't she sweet?

Deer in the field this morning - just a few of the 25 I counted.  One of them was under the maple tree but I shooed him away as he had his eye on some lilac buds for breakfast!!

 Guess what!?  I found Downton Abbey on Netflix!  I was so excited when I discovered last night that it is available on PBS and has been all this season.... unbeknownst to me.  Guess what I'll be doing the next week or so?  :)

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your comments.  
Have a wonderful week!  


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