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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

welcoming March

This tulip broke off from its stem so I put it in a vase of water.  The next day the stem had curled up like this so I gave it a photo shoot. So beautiful.

Just like this tulip is gone.....February is gone.....and we welcome the new month of March.  The first day came in like a lamb here so we'll see how the month progresses weather-wise.  It was sunny but the wind blew cold and tomorrow it will be rainy and on the plus side again.  

On the bright side....the time will change to day-light saving time on the 13th and spring arrives a week later on the 20th.  Well....spring will arrive in some parts of the world but spring really doesn't arrive here until May.

I looked out the window the other day and noticed two hearts in the driveway frozen in the snow but the rest had melted around them.  It was the way Murray pulled up and backed in to the parking area that left the marks.  I decided to do a little editing in Picasa and brighten them up from the original grey and white tones.  The result ~ modern art!

This is what one of our gardens looks like.  Pretty awful isn't it?  The frost has heaved everything, including the garden lights and bird bath.  My brick inukshuk has tipped over too.  The ground is still frozen.  The roads around here are terrible with frost heaves and cracks and pot holes.  We have to drive so much slower so as not to damage our cars and therefore allot more time to go anywhere.  Yes, the roads are paved.  LOL  They really need a lot of work.

The end of the full snow moon on Saturday morning.

A sun dog late this first day of March as the sun was going down.

We actually enjoyed our supper while it was still daylight out tonight!  Sunset was at 6:15 today so it was still light until after 6:30.  I love that!

I've started some spring decorating inspired by this sweet lampshade I found at Walmart.  The vignette above has already changed as of today as I bought some new cushions yesterday.  I'll share some photos of them and the new spring look soon.  Think coral and turquoise and spring green.  :)

I think I need to change my header photo soon too.  It looks way too wintery now.

Thank you for your suggestions on programs to watch on Netflix.  I appreciate your response.  Some of them we have already watched and some we can't get here in Canada.  

This time last year we were visiting our daughter and family in Alberta but didn't go for our usual February visit this year.  The first photo I took was after we got home was on March 5 and the sunset looked like this.

Look at all that snow!!  And we had two huge storms in mid-March to add to that.  What a difference this year.

So we welcome this new month with its promise of spring and longer days.  We may see snow like the photo above but that's ok as it won't last long.  

Are you seeing signs of spring yet?




  1. love the tulip curls and the sweet hearts. :)

  2. The sun dog's my favourite.

    There'll be snow heading your way- it's falling here now.

  3. Well I love your new shade, Pamela, and it matches so nicely with that sweet little doll.
    Your garden look like it was struck by vandals!
    We still have mountains of snow here, so consider yourself lucky! But you may have a Spring snow as you say....

  4. Spring is definitely here on the coast, but March came in with the ferocity of a lion today. I hope that there is not a whole lot of winter left for you!

  5. Spring seems as if it will come early. Hoping...hoping...hoping... What a great find at Wal*Mart...really cute! Will you start clean-up or is it too early? (Love that heart art...Murray did that?! LOL! )

  6. Love the lamp shade. Butterflies my favorite. Things are springing up around here. Isn't it fabulous. Summer is coming. Pamela. Hang in there. Carol

  7. I love the longer days too, and that 'heart drive-way art' is so sweet. Good eye! Happy March!

  8. I enjoyed your curled stem tulip and spring post, (with a bit of snow too)
    Loved the edited hearts . . .
    (Our posts came up back to back on my Bloglovin . . .)

  9. Spring is here, and she came in roaring! Your new lamp shade is very pretty - I think we're all craving colour these days.

  10. Oh Pam, I had to laugh at your poor garden (sorry) I couldn't help it. I know that one day soon it will all be beautiful once again! Lovely scenes you have captured of the late winter sun. I do love your new lampshade - I think coral is the big color this year. It's so pretty. Hang in there.....spring is coming. We really didn't have much of a winter so my pansies bloomed all winter. It was strange.....El Nino, I guess. This week has been stormy and cool, though. Very windy - we lost a big tree. Hugs xo Karen

  11. Greatful and nice blog, Thanks.
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  12. So much to comment on here !
    First of all I had no idea we changed the clocks on the 13th - do it get earlier every year?
    It doesn't even sound vaguely familiar to me that date - but thanks for letting me know LOL !
    LOVE your lamp shade !
    Those driveway hearts are an amazing " accident " reminds me of a couple of years ago when Soda peed a heart for me on Valentine's day .....( for some reason I'm missing her dreadfully this week )
    We have snow again but with the predicted temps next week I'm sure it'll be gone by the weekend - winter was pretty incredible this year, wasn't it? It basically only started in January. Have a great day Pamela !

  13. March came in like a lion for us . Rain then freezing rain then snow for us all last night and now the sun is shining and all is good ! Lovely photos . I hope spring pushes old man winter out the door soon ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  14. Enjoyed. 'Sun dog.' I hadn't heard that in a long time. :)

  15. Enjoyed your artistry today--the curled tulip (so good to have an eye to notice beauty) and the driveway hearts! That is a pretty lampshade and looks perfect on that chest.

  16. Love your new lampshade and the little vignette you created around it.
    Your photo of the tulip reminds me of what I like best about the blog world... finding beauty in the small, everyday things.
    My daffodils are just coming in to bloom and the bird chorus is waking me up each morning. I love this time of year.

  17. What a lovely post with such beautiful pictures! The sunset in the last photo is stunning!

    We have quite some signs of spring here - we had a warm and sunny February after quite some rain, and everything is exploding. I especially love my daffodils, they are gorgeous this year. However, I'm not too excited about the early change to daylight saving, I would prefer that change at the end of March. It's just starting to get light when we get up, but after daylight saving it will be pitch dark again. I do like the long evenings though.

  18. Looks like you have a little clean up to do in the one garden. We don't have those frost heaves in Texas, but I remember them from Illinois.

  19. OH my....that is a special tulip....card worthy for sure!
    Yes...that garden needs some TLC!
    Hopefully soon enough!
    Enjoy your day...
    Linda :o)

  20. I like the modern art! Your garden looks like one of mine. It is pretty sad, too. I always like turning the calendar page to March because I know it won't be long until spring arrives. We've been seeing a few little signs such as robins in the yard and some flowers are coming up. Yay! We're enjoying the longer days, too!

  21. I see that you're thinking spring with new decorations and tulips. Looks like your snow is melting and you just might get early spring. I love sun dogs!

  22. Pam, my screw just fell out of the keyboard holder so I will make this short due to wobbliness! Those hearts are enchanting and the tulip is such a great photography study. All gardens look so bad this time of year. The pretty daffodils are just peeking out from a carpet of dried up junk..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  23. The tulip photo is really stunning with the wood background! Loved hearing about the weather in your part of the world! Our snow is all gone here this year, and while spring is trying to come, like you, our real spring doesn't come until May. But it is nice to not have to drive on ice and snow for sure! Loved your little change-up with the spring lampshade... always fun to add touches of spring to the home! Have a wonderful day :)

  24. Gorgeous tulip! Love the moon photo!

  25. Oh my goodness Pamela, I did not realize that NB was not getting snow. It is absolutely crazy here in Quebec!!!
    I love that sweet. I should visit Walmart but it is one of those stores I just never go to. Hope life is treating you well. :)

  26. Oh, that lamp is so wonderful and airy and exactly like spring! I think it starts in the imagination first before it unfolds in the real world.

  27. This is so gorgeous! We still have snow with more forecast.

  28. Pam thank you for stopping by and welcoming me back to blogging! I sure have missed you all! FB and Pinetrest not as personal as bloggers! It has been an unusual winter here in Southern Ontario with very little snow. We have had a few fierce blasts. Yes the garden looks abandoned during the winter and not a pretty sight. I prefer the snow covering. I have seen sun dogs here once and what a surprise! Nice stopping by as always! Hugs Naturegirl

  29. Love your spring decor- that lamp shade is pretty! I like that you seek the unusual- I try to do that also- beauty is where you find it! Have a wonderful weekend, and I just want to let you know that I appreciate you stopping by my blog and letting me know you were there. :)

  30. Smiling at your 'modern art'! Lovin' the longer days over here as well...and the promise of spring! Cute lampshade.

  31. Enjoyed your photos! I know that garden will be beautiful come summer! Love what you did with heart photo.


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