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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

impatiently waiting for spring

I couldn't wait any longer.  I had to hang my new Forsythia wreath that I had bought at Home Sense in late February on the front door last week even though there was snow all around.  

After all it is spring and it is April.  Even if it doesn't feel like it outside when the temperature at this moment is -6.

Last Wednesday I went to my friend Lois's house for lunch then we went for a nice long walk around her sub-division - 4.8 kilometres! It was a cool day but we dressed for it and I even had a hat on along with my winter jacket.  We went for a little drive after and found a large flock of robins in some Sumac trees eating the berries on the blossoms.  What a delightful sound they made chirping and singing their little hearts out!

This is the view from the hill there looking down on the Saint John  River.

Grand Pass

On the weekend I gathered some hair from our son's dogs and put it in the suet basket hoping the little birdies will collect some to cozy up their nests when they start building.  I also dropped some on the ground around the trees.  I haven't seen any taking this lovely soft hair yet but I think they aren't quite ready to start nest building.  Our poor cedar tree was devoured by the deer again this winter.  It looks pathetic.  

This is not a great photo as it was taken through the car window on Sunday morning and there were rain drops on the glass.  The river has started to rise and is flooding over the flats.  These fields are hayed every summer - that is not part of the river.  So far the spring flood season is not a bad one at this point.  This cold snap, aka Polar Vortex, will slow down the snow and ice melt up in the northern regions of our province.  

Look at that!!  No snow!  

I took this photo at noon time yesterday.  Sure put a smile on my face!
I also saw some in the front yard and a big flock up in the field looking for food.  

I am anxious to get out and do the yard clean up but that will have to wait another week or more as the forecast is for cold and rain in the days ahead.  Where is the warmer than usual spring weather that was predicted?!  lol

Some pretty, faux spring blooms bring some cheer this week.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a super week!



  1. I have forsythia on my porch too, in hopes that it can tempt Real Spring to visit and stay a while;-)It feels like January here today!
    Gorgeous photos all!

  2. Love that pretty wreath. I think it will encourage your spring. It's a blizzard in Breckenridge as I write this! Luckily, we did find spring on our trip!

  3. Lovely photos . I hear you I am so done with this cold winter stuff now we did have warm weather a week or so ago then winter came back YIKES ! I have blooms in the house to to help me get over this spring/winter slump ! Thanks for sharing , have am good day !

  4. Lovely to live in such pittoresque place! To see and to have a walk near the river...Beautiful scenery! But Spring can come, for sure, after all, it is April! Greetings!

  5. What was an odd winter has given way to a strange spring here- we're in the polar vortex here too.

  6. In Central Ky. it is officially spring but the wind is so high and so chilly cannot take much pleasure being outside even so the sun is shining. Your photos of the water are beautiful. I love photography too and can't wait to get some container gardens going. I made a new header today with the last of our tulips and Easter flowers. Have a good week.

  7. Your pretty wreath surely will coax Mother Nature into behaving herself, I'm sure! She really is being obstinate for you all in the mid-west and east this year. My SIL in New England says there is snow on the ground there and she had to bring her pansies inside. The views are lovely despite the cold, but I do hope it warms up for you soon. xx Karen

  8. These are much better - most of the snow is gone! :-) Beautiful!

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  10. Hello, Pam. I think your wreath is very pretty and why not hang it on the door and tempt more springlike weather to come along. It snowed here the other night, but seems to have melted for now. More may be coming, we'll see. I hope things are well with you.


  11. Oooh...I just love that forsythia wreath! So glad your snow is gone and hope that will be the end of it for you! Just so you know, winter is returning here this week too...temps below freezing tonight and down into the 20's over weekend...yikes!

  12. Spring will come, even if it seems that snow will stick around forever. I think that a forsythia wreath on the door is a very good idea - it just might hurry things along! I hope that you don't have a bad flood season in NB this year.

  13. It always feels good to get outside for a brisk walk if the sun is shining. I love your forsythia wreath. I need to get some silk branches to put in a basket in my house. Hugs!

  14. Pretty Forsythia wreath . . .
    It brightens up your front door perfectly!
    I have given up on this weather . . .
    and have been "springing" things up around here on the inside.
    Bringing some color into the inside makes feel spring
    even if the outdoor temperatures deny it!

  15. You can have some of our snow if you want!

  16. The forsythia wreath is very cheery! I forced a branch and got one little bloom and that is all. It is a terrible thing to feel as morose as I do about this horrid change in the weather. It seems that we always must pay for any weather joys with a big dose of weather woes. Let us try to keep our sunny sides up because warmer days are coming...eventually.

  17. Pam, I too put out my springy forsythia wreath this past week. We're thinking alike! I save ends of thread from my sewing, and put it out for the birds for nest making. They seem to take it all. Last year I also put out clumps of fur after brushing Oliver. During the late spring, we had some limbs taken off an old apple tree, and inside a hollowed out part of the tree there was a chickadee nest with babies in it. It fell to the ground.. we scooped it up and put it back in the tree. It was the softest nest I've ever seen- because it had lots of Oliver's fur in it!! So, they do like our offerings for nest-building! It sure put a smile on my face, thinking of those babies all snuggled down in Ollie's soft fur!

  18. Hoping that spring will soon be on its way to you. I love your idea with the dog hair..lint from the dryer works wonderfully well! Hope your week is going well!

  19. Love your forsythia wreath. We have been having beautiful weather but haven't seen any robins yet. They come and eat the berries off of the holly trees and then go to the creek and drink. People say they have seen some drunk robins after that, but I can't attest to it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  20. I love forsythias as they were the first flowers i saw blooming in Spring when I lived in NY. We are beginning to see some daffodils and hyacinths here, in the yards of people who face south and get the sunshine all day. I face north and still have snow on my front lawn. I ahve not seen a robin here as yet. It seems the blizzard we had 2 weeks ago turned all the birds back south. Did you try wrapping chicken wire around your cedar tree, Pamela? That helpd keep the deer away from our shrubs.

  21. I love the new wreath! What a welcome sign of spring that is!! Spring winds have found there way here alot this past month...I sure hope for calmer days in April! I agree that the birds chirpin are such a welcome sound. We have lots of trees around the house and they are seeming to come alive with lots of chattering. Beautiful pictures of the landscape around your home....hang in there! Spring is on its way I'm sure!!

  22. The new wreath is a breath of spring - maybe it will encourage her to come visiting and stay awhile. Beautiful blue skies and water in your photos.

  23. Lovely to see you getting into the spring mode! I hope that the weather catches up with your decorating soon! xx

  24. I agree, spring can't get here fast enough! Loved your pictures, and the beautiful wreath is so lovely, just looking at it feels like spring! Have a wonderful day Pam! :)

  25. Sorry about your weather, but at least you know that spring WILL come!

  26. There's that beautiful blue box again!
    Love that!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  27. I've got my forsythia umbrella wreaths out as well, and still more flakes come down this morning. Im sure the big flock of robins was lovely to hear and see. Love the photos of the river scenes. Fingers crossed that next week will bring some warmer weather.

  28. Just the forsythia!
    Have a great weekend now, take care.

  29. How delightful to have spotted that pretty robin, Pam; spring must be near, indeed. I always associate robins with the season, ever since learning the song, 'Robin in the Rain' as a little girl.

    Happy weekend,

  30. I do like the blue skies in your photo's and I love the yellow colour that is Spring.
    Your forsythia wreath looks great.
    Have a lovely weekend

    All the best Jan

  31. I love all the colorfull and creative touches you do in your home. I also put out fluff and fur for the birds but they seem to just like leaves and flowers!

  32. I love robins. I was going to send you some of our spring sunshine when it suddenly went cold and rainy and I have none to spare. Sorry.

  33. Pamela ~ think most of us are a bit anxious for Spring ~ Beautiful photography on your blog despite Winter still being visible ~ You have some great shots of Spring and how you have managed to bring it into your life ~

    Happy week to you and thanks for coming by ~ ^_^


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