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Friday, April 15, 2016

lovely April weather

We are in a great sunny stretch here this week and weekend and it sure makes one feel great!  I took a little walk to see how far spring was coming along and was pleased to see no snow at all.

This was mid-April 2015.  We had a lot of snow around still and the ponds were still frozen but then we had tons of snow that year too.

Pretty soon these fields will be greening up.

There will be cows grazing here in a month or so.  I'm looking forward to hearing the spring peepers in the ponds too.

When I got home I was energized to do some raking of the grass along the driveway.  That area gets a lot of broken twigs and branches from the maple trees plus needles from the pine trees.  I raked up 3 large garbage bags full!

Last evening on the way home from choir practice I got Murray to stop so I could snap a few pictures of the sunset reflections in the flooded fields.  It was so calm and pretty.

You can see these trees have buds forming on them.  They are usually the first ones to leaf out in our area.  That is ice in the foreground as we've had some really cold nights the past week.

Today is lovely and sunny but the east wind is strong and feels raw so one needs a jacket (and gloves and tuque for me).  It is quite pleasant at the back deck though away from the wind. I got the barbecue all cleaned up and ready to go as we are having family for a barbecue on Sunday afternoon.  Tonight it will be hotdogs. :) Don't you love that first taste of barbecue in spring?  Or maybe you barbecue all winter long and there is nothing exciting about it.  I'm looking forward to it!  It's been 6 months!  Well, except for the great barbecue hamburgers we had at a friends house a couple weekends ago.  So yummy!

I wish you a wonderful weekend and hope you enjoy getting out and doing some yard work or maybe even some gardening.  And, maybe have a barbecue.  



  1. We've had similar weather here lately... one still has to have a toque along, but the weather's warmed up.

  2. Wonderful pics, dear Pam.. And yes, I am so glad that Spring is coming this year.. Last year there was so much snow but even though this was a green Winter I am still anxious for warm Spring weather.. xoxo

  3. You always grab me with twilight shots.

  4. Hope that you pre-medicated for all that raking. ;> I know that I did and I'm still hobbling about, but it sure looks better outside and it felt good to have the sun shining on me even if the wind was blowing a cool breeze.

    You really do have some stellar views up there on that ridge of yours! Yes, soon it will all be lush and green again.

  5. We are getting a weekend of finally warmer temps and sunshine too and I am so looking forward to it! Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Looks good in your area Pam! I feel the same way about the BBQ as we don't do any of that in the winter either. We had our first shish-k-bobs for supper tonight ... yummy! You had a lot of back breaking raking if you got three bags of debris. I'm hoping to start the big clean up in our backyard tomorrow. It'll be nice to set the chairs out again, and I have a lot of bird seed to clean off the patio. Have a great time on Sunday with your family.

  7. I so need to get outside under the pines and do a ton of raking...but I know it's going to make me hurt all over. I am just too darn lazy yet! Soon I'll get into the swing of things. Lovely sunset pics!~

  8. What an awesome shot of the sunset reflected in the water. I love it!
    We are having a snow/freezing rain storm in North Eastern Nova Scotia today. It was a bit depressing to wake up to it. Cold, wet and dreary!

  9. Love those pictures of the calm water and a perfect reflection! Things are really greening up around here and it just seems to put everyone in a better mood!! BBQ season won't be far off now!! Have a wonderful week end!!

  10. Lovely photos . . .
    I liked the open field pics and the pics of reflections . . .
    I am happy Murray stopped for you . . .
    BBQ sounds great . . . warm and sunny here . . .
    I think it sounds like a perfect time for something yummy from the grill!
    Happy weekend Pamela . . .

  11. Beautiful pictures as always! Yes I'm looking forward to green grass and flowers blooming in the gardens.
    We are in for a warm weekend finally!! Yes BBQing is in for us today. Have a fantastic weekend Pamela!

  12. Some wonderful photo's, so nice to see blue skies and also lovely sunset.

    Enjoy the BBQ

    All the best Jan

  13. Love your header. Love the sunset images too. Hot dogs is good with me. Carol

  14. Gorgeous! Melting snow is better than falling snow!

  15. You will be enjoying your patio before you know it! I'm grilling steaks right now...and we will be eating out on the patio. Current temperature... 28°C. I'm liking it...though it is a little early for such heat!

    Love your sunset pic's.

  16. Gorgeous series of nature photos ~ love the seasonal mix and the various times of day ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  17. Your snow has all melted! I can only imagine how you await the sounds and colors of spring. We do grill year round - no use trying to wait until it stops snowing! Your sky looks so pretty both with the drifting clouds and with the sunset.

  18. Glad the snow is going away and you can work outdoors. I loved the pics of the flooded fields. So pretty. Like a lake.

  19. Your photos are so pretty, Pam. I always enjoy your sunsets..Have a wonderful weekend..Judy


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