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Spring 2018
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

country roads and covered bridges

Digdeguash #3 McGuire 1913

There are still about 60 covered bridges left in New Brunswick and most of them can be driven through today.  The two bridges I'm sharing today cross over the Digdeguash River in  southwestern NB.  How do you pronounce that word any way?  Well I thought it was spelled "Digi-de-wash" because that's how it's pronounced.....until I looked at the sign and noticed the spelling of it.    

The first bridge we crossed is the McGuire #3 in Elmsville along the Digdeguash River which runs from near McAdam and down through Charlotte County to the community of Digdeguash on the Passamaquoddy Bay.  You can see through the other side of the bridge a steel structure with black and orange markings on it. This is to prevent oversized vehicles from crossing the bridge.  

Looking down river.  It was so pretty.

There was lots of 'art' in the form of graffiti in this bridge and some not too nice words!  Why do people do that??

Looking back from the other side.

We continued on along the backroads until we came to the community of Rollingdam.  We drove through the intersection of two roads and I saw a weight restriction sign to the right that indicated there might be a covered bridge so I asked begged suggested we turn around and check it out.  We found bridge # 4, McCann, built in 1934.

We parked at a little turnout along the road and I battled the blackflies - hordes of them! - to take photos.
Rollingdam or, Rolling Dam as it used to be spelled, was settled in 1830 and the area was known for lumbering and apparently there was a dam in this area at one time and no doubt a lumber mill.   

The view up river from the window in the bridge.

There is a bit of a rapids near the bridge.

This young lad came flying through the bridge on his 4-wheeler and almost didn't make the turn on the other side.  Good thing there was a side rail of wood for me to step up on out of the way!  lol

There is another covered bridge on this river - #6 at Dumbarton.  I guess we'll have to look for that one on another drive down there.

I said in my last post that I'd show you what I bought at the Tweedside Road Home Decor shop in St. Andrews.  

I couldn't resist this sign.  Since our main bathroom has a seaside theme I thought this would be perfect hung in there above the window.  

I also bought this small crystal ball and what you see is the side yard reflected upside down.

Here it is in a glass candlestick.

And, in an enamel bowl of seashells.  I think I'll have fun finding spots for this ball and maybe taking photos of reflections in it.

  Thank you for visiting and commenting on my St. Andrews post and for stopping by today.  

I hope my American friends are enjoying a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.  
Take care.


Monday, May 23, 2016

St. Andrews by the Sea {Take One}

The Algonquin Hotel with it's red roof on the hill.

Hi Everyone!  
It's the Victoria Day holiday today (Monday), or the "May 24" as we call it here in Canada, and we've had a gorgeous weather weekend here in New Brunswick to spend in the outdoors doing all the things one would do on a holiday weekend.  

I'm calling this post "Take One" as this is my first visit to St. Andrews this year and I know I'll be back a couple more times with company during the summer.  You know St. Andrews is my favourite place in NB to visit.  It is world famous for its rich history, heritage and beauty as a tourist town for over a hundred years and we just enjoy everything about St. Andrews.  I have done many posts on my blog about this little town and if you want to see them please click on the 'label that says St. Andrews by the Sea'.  I try to take different photos each time I visit but you may see the same scenes or buildings repeated.....just because I love them. Enjoy the photos I'm sharing today.  Grab bevie  and scroll down.  

Craft Market in the town square.

It was Paddlefest weekend in St. Andrews with a craft market and music in celebration of the official start to summer.  The town was really busy with hundreds of visitors.  Did I mention the weather was gorgeous?  It was sunny and 25C with no wind.  For a coastal town that is perfect and my favourite kind of weather.

The wharf.  We were surprised there was very little activity on the water that day.

The obligatory selfie of us on the wharf.  :-)  And yes, I knew he was up to something behind my head.  Haha!

One of the first things we like to do is walk out the wharf but we first visited my favourite little shop, Tweedside Road Home Decor, as there was something I wanted to purchase there that I'd seen on their Facebook page (check it out).  I'll share that another day.

Tweedside Road Home Decor on Water St.  2015.  Krista has lots of beautiful home decor and some great vintage furniture that she paints with Fusion Mineral paint.  It's worth a visit!

Just look at how calm the water was.  If you look at my post about our visit last August we enjoyed calm waters on that hot sunny day too.  

I took this photo from the second floor of the Home Hardware on Water St.  The 3 story building is the Kennedy Hotel.

We left the downtown and drove to the other side of the peninsula where there is a lovely park.  This dog was having a blast fetching 'sticks'.  If he couldn't touch bottom he would not go farther to get one so I guess he's not a swimmer. 

These two kayakers were just setting out.  Perfect water for it.

After walking on the beach for a while we drove around the point and back through town to the harbour side and the historic Block House park.  We got out and enjoyed the sun and view here for a while.  The tide was pretty well in so we didn't venture out on the rocks as we usually do.

These children were enjoying looking for creatures in the tidal pools.

Looking toward the wharf.

We left St. Andrews and drove to St. Stephen down the coast a bit.  It is on the border with Calais, Maine but all we did was go to Canadian Tire and Kent to get some soil and fertilizer.  Then we drove back up the Highway 1 to Pennfield where there is a well known seafood restaurant called Comeau's Seafood.  Oh yeah!  

I had whole fried clams and Murray had fish.  Yes, it was delicious!  And yes, we were very full.  After supper we went on a little way to the blueberry pie store to buy a blueberry pie of course.  Blueberries grow on the flat plains in this area and this store is a popular stop along with Comeau's.  We had pie and ice cream when we got home - 2 hours later.  We drove home through some backroads and I got some covered bridge photos to share with you another day.  The road was pretty but the windshield was so covered with bug bodies that I couldn't take photos through it!  Murray washed the car when we got home.  :)


The sun is shining now so I should get something done around outside.  It's too early to plant annuals but I can putter at something.  Did you do anything special on this long weekend?  I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a beautiful week ahead.  See you soon. 


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

spring beauty

Peony tulips

Hi everyone.  Thanks for stopping by.  I have a bunch of photos to share with you today of spring bursting out all around us here.  Scroll down and enjoy.


Rhubarb will be ready in a couple weeks or maybe earlier.

Maple tree blossom

Tree Swallow

new leaves and cherry blossoms

Dog-tooth Violet or Trout Lily

My first hummingbird capture taken through the back door window from 14 feet away on Saturday afternoon.

poppy head

new maple leaves

wild strawberry blooms along the side of the road

dandelions  -  lots of these growing


There you go.  Lots of great spring things going on here right now.  We had 3 really nice warm days - Thursday thru Saturday - then rain and cooler temperatures.  It is so nice to see the green grass and the many shades of green through the hillsides and fields and hedgerows.  I'm enjoying watching the Tree Swallows starting their nests in the 2 birdhouses.  The Bobolinks arrived yesterday and their song all over the fields and in the trees was beautiful to hear.  Also, the spring peepers (baby frogs) in the ponds are singing every night now.  

Well, guess what?  Monday it snowed.  Yep, we had wet snow showers all day long and it was so cold.  There was several inches of snow in northwestern parts of the province too.  Oh my.  I wish we could send this moisture to northern Alberta where there are still some serious fires burning.  
On the news this morning the work camps at the oil mine sites are being evacuated due to new fires and thick smoke.  An update on Fort McMurray says they are getting the electricity and gas hooked up again but workers are suffering due to the smoke from the new fires outside the city.  It is still under threat!  Friends who evacuated are trying to settle in to a new temporary life in other cities farther south and are still in limbo waiting to hear when and if they can go back.  They are the fortunate ones as they have somewhere to live or someone who is housing them until they can return.  I know there are thousands in hotels or who have returned home to other parts of Canada to ride this out.  Please continue to pray for them, and for much needed rain which is still not in the forecast.  

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you are having a good week.  

Take care.


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