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Monday, May 23, 2016

St. Andrews by the Sea {Take One}

The Algonquin Hotel with it's red roof on the hill.

Hi Everyone!  
It's the Victoria Day holiday today (Monday), or the "May 24" as we call it here in Canada, and we've had a gorgeous weather weekend here in New Brunswick to spend in the outdoors doing all the things one would do on a holiday weekend.  

I'm calling this post "Take One" as this is my first visit to St. Andrews this year and I know I'll be back a couple more times with company during the summer.  You know St. Andrews is my favourite place in NB to visit.  It is world famous for its rich history, heritage and beauty as a tourist town for over a hundred years and we just enjoy everything about St. Andrews.  I have done many posts on my blog about this little town and if you want to see them please click on the 'label that says St. Andrews by the Sea'.  I try to take different photos each time I visit but you may see the same scenes or buildings repeated.....just because I love them. Enjoy the photos I'm sharing today.  Grab bevie  and scroll down.  

Craft Market in the town square.

It was Paddlefest weekend in St. Andrews with a craft market and music in celebration of the official start to summer.  The town was really busy with hundreds of visitors.  Did I mention the weather was gorgeous?  It was sunny and 25C with no wind.  For a coastal town that is perfect and my favourite kind of weather.

The wharf.  We were surprised there was very little activity on the water that day.

The obligatory selfie of us on the wharf.  :-)  And yes, I knew he was up to something behind my head.  Haha!

One of the first things we like to do is walk out the wharf but we first visited my favourite little shop, Tweedside Road Home Decor, as there was something I wanted to purchase there that I'd seen on their Facebook page (check it out).  I'll share that another day.

Tweedside Road Home Decor on Water St.  2015.  Krista has lots of beautiful home decor and some great vintage furniture that she paints with Fusion Mineral paint.  It's worth a visit!

Just look at how calm the water was.  If you look at my post about our visit last August we enjoyed calm waters on that hot sunny day too.  

I took this photo from the second floor of the Home Hardware on Water St.  The 3 story building is the Kennedy Hotel.

We left the downtown and drove to the other side of the peninsula where there is a lovely park.  This dog was having a blast fetching 'sticks'.  If he couldn't touch bottom he would not go farther to get one so I guess he's not a swimmer. 

These two kayakers were just setting out.  Perfect water for it.

After walking on the beach for a while we drove around the point and back through town to the harbour side and the historic Block House park.  We got out and enjoyed the sun and view here for a while.  The tide was pretty well in so we didn't venture out on the rocks as we usually do.

These children were enjoying looking for creatures in the tidal pools.

Looking toward the wharf.

We left St. Andrews and drove to St. Stephen down the coast a bit.  It is on the border with Calais, Maine but all we did was go to Canadian Tire and Kent to get some soil and fertilizer.  Then we drove back up the Highway 1 to Pennfield where there is a well known seafood restaurant called Comeau's Seafood.  Oh yeah!  

I had whole fried clams and Murray had fish.  Yes, it was delicious!  And yes, we were very full.  After supper we went on a little way to the blueberry pie store to buy a blueberry pie of course.  Blueberries grow on the flat plains in this area and this store is a popular stop along with Comeau's.  We had pie and ice cream when we got home - 2 hours later.  We drove home through some backroads and I got some covered bridge photos to share with you another day.  The road was pretty but the windshield was so covered with bug bodies that I couldn't take photos through it!  Murray washed the car when we got home.  :)


The sun is shining now so I should get something done around outside.  It's too early to plant annuals but I can putter at something.  Did you do anything special on this long weekend?  I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a beautiful week ahead.  See you soon. 



  1. So, so lovely pictures; beautiful to have a walk and to see these views! A great week ahead!

  2. With it turning stinking hot here in Florida, my Sunday safaris need to turn to the water.

  3. It looks like a charming seaside town Pam.
    It feels so good to be alive on those days!

  4. You had wonderful weather for your first trip to St. Andrews. It is always good to go back and visit favourite places. Enjoy this lovely weather.

  5. Saint Andrews looks like a quaint little town. That water is so calm and serene - it looks like glass. I like seeing the tide pools. Your dinner is making me hungry. Unfortunately, no blueberry pie at my house! Love the selfie.

  6. The water is so calm and serene! And I always wish I was an artist when I see scenes like yours. Beautiful! We hiked but it was HOT! lol Oh...and I love your hat! Very chic! Hugs!

  7. Pam, if we ever get up your way this will be on the list to see. You draw me in with your lovely photos of a lively place (except the water, it looks so peaceful.) I'm glad you are enjoying nice weather.

  8. Happy 24th, Pam! The photos look positively dreamy. I love places like that, on the water, and your day sounded perfect. sigh. I would love to walk along that wharf. Great photos! I enjoyed the tour.

  9. Happy Holiday to you! These are fabulous photos, Pam...and what a gorgeous area. Love the quaint buildings in the very picturesque!

  10. How fun! And what a gorgeous place! You had fantastic weather!

  11. Great post! I love all the water scenes and it was so calm there. I like the selfie also! Happy Holiday Today! What a great place to visit, wish I could go there. The rock formations are really unusual too.

  12. That's a good selfie! And always a nice little town to visit. As for seafood and blueberry pie; wish I could join you!

  13. I love St. Andrews, can't wait to visit again this summer! :)
    You got some wonderful shots, as always.

  14. Hi Pam....I have been thinking about you but don't seem to get on the computer as much as I used to. Your pictures on the post are lovely. The scenery is very beautiful. Hope all is well with you.

  15. I love this beautiful town with its big water views and scenic lighthouse. My mouth watered at the plate of fried clams you ate, Pam ...I miss fresh seafood like that! It looks like you had a very happy Victoria Day!

  16. Lovely scenery Pam! I had a giggle at your selfie, my hubby does the same thing!

  17. Your weather was sunnier and warmer than ours on this long weekend. Here it was mostly cloudy and cool with a very few sunny breaks. What a lovely outing you had. The water is beautiful! We stayed close to home this weekend, and had a relaxing time.

  18. What a charming place to visit, Pam! Love the little town center, the lighthouse and lovely, calm waters. Can't wait to see what you found at the sweet little shop, too. Cute selfie :)

  19. What a lovely lovely adventure. Everything is so beautiful. Can't wait to see what else you did - and bought - there. We have Memorial Day here in the U.S. next Monday - it is a time designed to honor those who fought in wars - though these days it is also to honor those in our families who have gone on before us.

    We'll have the traditional family barbecue - chicken, potato salad, baked beans and brownies and ice cream - plus whatever else our daughters want to add - there is always plenty of food and we are expecting sunshine and warm temperatures - hurray.

  20. Hello Pam, looks like a wonderful weekend for you to enjoy..I have always wanted to see St Andrews by the Sea.
    Happy week ahead.

  21. Now this brings back memories of our visit there last summer! Beautiful! Enjoy your lovely weather.

  22. What a wonderful day you had! So glad you got out and enjoyed the long weekend! We have one this weekend and are hoping to escape out for a bit too. Looking forward to seeing your bridges!

  23. What a beautiful place by the sea to visit and during such gorgeous weather. I would have loved to have been along for the trip. Next time give me a heads up. I'll pack and be there in no time. Carol

  24. Such a lovely place! Thanks for taking us along, Pam, I enjoyed the trip.

  25. So pretty! Love that first shot.


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