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Spring 2018
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

a summer's evening walk

Hi everyone!  I'm back again with a post before I take my little break.  I just wanted to share some pretty summer photos with you.
We've had some beautiful sunny days this week, except for some much needed rain showers last evening, so on Tuesday evening I went for a little walk with my camera.  Come join me.

The meadows are filled with wild flowers like buttercups, daisies and clover along with tall grasses.

This crop was getting quite tall when they fertilized it last week leaving tractor tracks through the field.

Newly planted strawberries.  

And then there are the lupins.  

This was a lovely grouping of daisies.  He loves me....he loves me not....he loves me!


Morning sun yesterday.  It was a beautiful summer day.  Those maple trees sure are getting big!!  Our house is shaded until 9:00 AM in the early summer days.

Last evening at sunset, during the heavy rain storm that blew through, I took my cell phone out on the deck, dodging raindrops,  to take this photo of the pink sky.  

I took this photo on Saturday evening.  You can see there is some work going on with finishing the new shed.  The porch is completed and our contractor is finishing the upper end today.  It looks so nice.  Murray plans to add outside lights and electricity.  The contractor will be putting new doors and windows on our garage over the next few days then he'll be back in August to put new siding on the house....it will be khaki colour like the shed.....and, build on a mud room entry at the front!!  I'm really excited about that project as our entry is so small even though we've lived with it for almost 40 years!  

 As of 5:00 on Friday Murray will be on holidays for 2 weeks.  Our daughter and family arrive Saturday evening from Calgary.  Whoohoo!!  I can't wait to hug them all and spoil our three little grandsons.  It will be a busy household for 2 weeks and I may need a vacation after they leave but my sister arrives on July 6 for a month so....we'll be running the roads.  No rest for me!!  But, honestly, I love being busy and keeping active.  

This was last September when we last visited them....5, 3 and one year old.  Baby is now walking, running and talking non-stop, and the older two are busy, busy.  They are oh so cute!

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great July!  As I said last post I will try to visit and maybe do a post or two when I get time.

Now I must get those cookies baked!  Little ones love cookies!!

Take care and have a fun and safe summer.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

vintage car show

Our church had it's 5th annual "Day of Thunder" on Father's Day with the largest number of vehicle entries ever at 142.  It was a huge success.  We were supposed to have it a week ago but it was pouring rain and the staff had to make a decision to postpone it on the Friday before after hearing the forecast.  That is a lot of work to cancel and still get a great turn out!  

I hope you like vintage cars because I have a few to share with you.  
Lots of chrome and colour.

There were also motorcycles.

Gotta have the dice hanging from the mirror.

Don't forget the 'tail' hanging off the mirror or antenna!

And spinners for the wheel hubs.  Oh and a dice to cover the cap for your tire's inner tube!

Love these fancy 'skirts' over the rear wheels.

White sidewalls on your tires are really classy.

This is one Kool Car.  :)

Kool Car has a cool steering wheel.

This car was pretty neat to see.  All junk yard parts and patched together.  It even had burlap on the interior.  

This Camaro had a pretty aqua interior.

I love a Mustang!!

But I wouldn't turn my nose up at one of these either!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the car show photos.  I forgot to say that it was sunny and 28C that day.  We were thankful for a breeze to help keep us cool.  

Today was another beautiful day to start summer off  -  sunny and 27C.  

Did you see the Full Strawberry Moon last night?  It was so big and beautiful.  And a rare event for the Summer Solstice.  I won't be seeing the next one that happens!

Enjoy the rest of the week.  I'm still preparing for our company that will arrive on Saturday evening then I'll probably be quite scarce for a while.  Take Care.


Friday, June 17, 2016

a walk in the park

The Beaver Pond with a beaver lodge.

Today we are just days from the first day of summer.  Our weather has been not nice so far and on Tuesday it was cloudy and cool after a couple days of heavy rain.  My friend, Lois, came up for lunch then we went for a nice long walk on the trails in Mactaquac Provincial park.  I must say we were quite cold at first with the wind whipping across the ponds.

We saw lots of these water lilies about ready to bloom.

There are two ponds here divided by a road/causeway.

We also saw lots of these bunch or pigeon berry blooms along the trails.


Me.  Hi!

We walked on the wooded trail to the Little Mactaquac Stream.

The sun peeked through the clouds and lit up the forest.

Back at the ponds again.
These two logs looked so interesting.  I think the beavers have been gnawing at the bark and made the patterns on them.  We walked back out the trail and around the other beaver pond where a bridge takes us safely across.  We saw some interesting plants growing on the old logs and lots of tadpoles.  Heard a frog hiding in the grasses.

This old log lay in the water next to the bridge and all kinds of plants were growing on it.  It was really pretty to see.

Close up of one end.

Blue Flag Iris

Someone tossed this bunch berry into the pond.  It looked so pretty floating there on the water.

A friend told me the beavers, who have lodges in these ponds, eat the water lily blooms before they get a chance to open.

Some blue sky was peeking through but it was mostly clouds.

Waiting to open.  Will a beaver get it first?

The work crew made a cool looking seat from this tree that blew down during the tropical storm Arthur in 2014.


This mama Mallard duck had her babies all lined up for a long walk the other evening.  They were so cute to see going across the field and neighbour's yard.  Not sure where they went to.

We are in for a few days of sunny hot weather to welcome summer in.  It is a perfect day today - sunshine and 22C - and the weekend will be in the upper 20's and humid.  Yay for summer weather!!  I know some of you can't stand the heat but I sure can (for the most part) and we even live without AC in the house.  We are looking forward to summer here in the Maritimes.

Happy Summer to everyone on this side of the equator!  
Have a super weekend.

Take care.

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