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Thursday, June 23, 2016

a summer's evening walk

Hi everyone!  I'm back again with a post before I take my little break.  I just wanted to share some pretty summer photos with you.
We've had some beautiful sunny days this week, except for some much needed rain showers last evening, so on Tuesday evening I went for a little walk with my camera.  Come join me.

The meadows are filled with wild flowers like buttercups, daisies and clover along with tall grasses.

This crop was getting quite tall when they fertilized it last week leaving tractor tracks through the field.

Newly planted strawberries.  

And then there are the lupins.  

This was a lovely grouping of daisies.  He loves me....he loves me not....he loves me!


Morning sun yesterday.  It was a beautiful summer day.  Those maple trees sure are getting big!!  Our house is shaded until 9:00 AM in the early summer days.

Last evening at sunset, during the heavy rain storm that blew through, I took my cell phone out on the deck, dodging raindrops,  to take this photo of the pink sky.  

I took this photo on Saturday evening.  You can see there is some work going on with finishing the new shed.  The porch is completed and our contractor is finishing the upper end today.  It looks so nice.  Murray plans to add outside lights and electricity.  The contractor will be putting new doors and windows on our garage over the next few days then he'll be back in August to put new siding on the will be khaki colour like the shed.....and, build on a mud room entry at the front!!  I'm really excited about that project as our entry is so small even though we've lived with it for almost 40 years!  

 As of 5:00 on Friday Murray will be on holidays for 2 weeks.  Our daughter and family arrive Saturday evening from Calgary.  Whoohoo!!  I can't wait to hug them all and spoil our three little grandsons.  It will be a busy household for 2 weeks and I may need a vacation after they leave but my sister arrives on July 6 for a month so....we'll be running the roads.  No rest for me!!  But, honestly, I love being busy and keeping active.  

This was last September when we last visited them....5, 3 and one year old.  Baby is now walking, running and talking non-stop, and the older two are busy, busy.  They are oh so cute!

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great July!  As I said last post I will try to visit and maybe do a post or two when I get time.

Now I must get those cookies baked!  Little ones love cookies!!

Take care and have a fun and safe summer.



  1. A busy few weeks coming up for you. Enjoy the time with your family and bake lots of cookies for the grandsons.

  2. Your landscape is so lush. What fun to have your grandsons to share time and cookies with you! Have an amazing summer, Pam - don't forget to take time to smell those flowers!

  3. ah, lovely. I'm jealous. If you don't get out shortly after sunrise here, you'll die of heat stroke. Bicycle season down here.

  4. Beautiful...both the photos and your thoughts. Enjoy these precious days!

  5. Your photos are lovely as always, Pam. I do love seeing photos of 'home.'
    What fun to look forward to having your little guys with you. As the saying goes, they're only young once and we want to take advantage of our time with them.
    I'm going to be busy too with all my family coming home in July. There are cookies and cinnamon rolls to bake as well as my spaghetti sauce. I will be taking a break when they're here too. In the past, I usually kept blogging during my hubby's vacation but I'm going to take a break myself as I really need it. Have a delightful time with your family and Happy Summer, my friend!


  6. These are absolutely lovely photos of your summer evening walk. And those lupins...they take my breath away! I know you must be bursting with excitement with family coming and especially those grands! Have a wonderful relaxing and fun blog break. See you facebook!

  7. You live in such a beautiful area. I'd be walking every night with scenery like that. I can just sense the quiet. But your house won't be so quiet for the next couple of week--a joyful sound of children! Enjoy every moment!

  8. It was lovely to take a walk with you and see the flowers! Enjoy your holiday time with the family and Murray!

  9. It looks quite pleasant and summery! Enjoy the time with the family.

  10. I'm excited for you, Pamela. You will have a blast with the grand boys!
    The flowers and skyscapes are beautiful.

  11. Oh what fun you will have with all your grands! Enjoy every minute! And make sure you have LOTS of cookies on hand! Growing boys NEED cookies!

  12. Your flower photos are beautiful, Pamela! Some of them just glow in the light. What a lot of fun and laughter you are in for during the next two weeks. I know you'll enjoy every minute!

  13. Wonderful post Pamela . . .
    Love the yellowes, Lupins, Daisies, summery day, pink evening sky . . .
    Brand new shed . . . soon a bigger mud room . . .
    And excited about the little munchkins, mom and dad to arrive soon.
    ENJOY . . .

  14. Yes, they do love cookies and woe be unto you if you don't have any. =D What fun and happy times you will have! I'm excited for you.

  15. beautiful landscapes and blooms. happy summer to you, pamela, and enjoy that family time!

  16. I'm glad i went for a walk with you. such beautiful sights. love the lupine, wish we had them around here.

    Have a wonderful time with your family.

  17. You'll have such fun! And the wildflowers are all so beautiful. We just planted Mexican petunias in our courtyard. I know you like petunias. Have you heard of these? They do well here...grow tall and have petunia blooms. Have a fun summer! Hugs, Diane

  18. Wonderful landscapes and flowers!
    Have a happy summer!

  19. You certainly sound busy dear Pamela - but I do appreciate you stopping by and adding your get well wishes following my surgery. I'm doing much but still not able to do anything strenuous so enjoying my lazy days while they last!

    Loving the fields, the daisies, and especially the lupins, always a great favorite, sadly can't grow them well here in our heat and humidity. Your potting shed looks like it's getting very spiffy - know you will enjoy it when all is completed. The planned reno on your house sounds interesting - hope all goes well.

    Those boys are going to love visiting - and yes, you will be worn out most likely but it will be a lot of fun.
    Happy, well-earned I'm sure, holidays to Murray - wishing you all two lovely weeks together, and hopefully lots of warm sunny days to share with the family.

    Hugs as always, Mary

  20. What a lovely walk Pamela and pretty photos to . Oh wow you are going to be busy and have a blast with your family . We need rain here things are very dry hoping for some rain next week seems to pass us here by a lot ! Thanks for sharing , have a great weekend !

  21. Gorgeous! I love all the green! Your shed is looking great!

  22. Pam, what a lovely evening walk! The lupines, oh so blue...gorgeous. I love to watch a gentle rain, there's nothing better. And you're getting a mudroom! Hurrah! I've wanted one forever. Our house is 38 years old, so maybe it's not too late? I hope you will post pictures of the construction and plans, I need all the visualization I can get. Oh, three little grandsons, how precious. Have fun with them, don't they grow up sooooo fast?

  23. I'm cheering along with you...for the kids and grands arriving shortly! Enjoy every moment! your lupin pic's!

  24. happy summer!! i am not sure i have ever seen lupins in person before? google does not like the way i spell it either? i think i have only seen them online. gorgeous rural shots. so fun to see your side the world. hope you are well. big big hugs. ( :

  25. Love those photos. Aren't meadows wonderful? I can almost smell them! The shed etc is looking great - hope you have a really great time with the family; precious moments.

  26. Love those photos. Aren't meadows wonderful? I can almost smell them! The shed etc is looking great - hope you have a really great time with the family; precious moments.

  27. Wonderful photos and wishing you a happy last week in June, Pam...I especially love the early morning light this time of the year.

  28. Such a beautiful walk, Pam - love seeing all the pretty wildflowers (especially the lupines :) and that gorgeous sunset through the pines. Your family is coming to visit at a most beautiful time of the year - I am sure they are going to appreciate the scenery! So exciting to get to see the little ones again. Enjoy your visit with your sweet family !! x K

  29. Stunning pics, Pam, of your lush and lovely landscape! Wildflowers - how romantically inspiring and dreamy!

    You sound very excited to be hosting your grands and their parents, then your sister, wow! Enjoy, my friend, and Happy Canada Day!


  30. The lupins look amazing! What a stunning color!

    The new shed looks lovely as well. It seems you have the same sunshade umbrella like we do... At least it looks the same.

    I hope you have a wonderful summer. It sounds busy, but a good, joyful kind of busy!

  31. Lovely photos, Pam. I hope you're enjoying your break and family time.

  32. I enjoyed my walk with you, beautiful beautiful pictures, as always! Love the farm photos, and the pictures of the lupins are gorgeous, just like ours here. Have fun with the grands and all the excitement that July is bringing you... June was my month for fun family stuff :) Will look forward to hearing all about your fun times when you have time to catch your breath again :)

  33. How fun Pam to have your family visiting! Have a wonderful time!! Love your summertime photos. That pink sky is breathtaking! Love your shed and the changes of your home sound delightful! Happy summer!

  34. Oh those lupins are beckoning me to come to our Maine for a visit. It has been almost a decade since I graced those shores. Your summer walk was fantastic and so inspiring Pamela. Thank you for sharing. Carol

  35. The landscape looks so pleasant and inviting. Now those three little boys look very energetic and busy. Not so calm. LOL
    Thanks for sharing


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