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Sunday, June 12, 2016

the vegetable garden is in

We did it again.  This is year three of making a vegetable garden to feed the local deer.  I jest.  NOT!  Although that is what has happened the past two years.  Year one we had a large garden twice the size of this one.  Year 2 we cut it back and made lawn of almost half of the plot.  This year we grassed more of it and I made a flower bed/perennial garden out of part of it but left enough for 4 long rows to plant vegetables.  We fought off a very tenacious weed the past two years and the deer came through and grazed on carrot tops, onion stalks, peas and beans and beet tops.  They nibbled on squash and cucumbers too.  So, this may be a losing battle again this year but we can't afford to build a raised-bed closed-in garden at this time due to other major projects in the works.

Fish line fencing and we used whatever we had on hand for posts.

This year we decided to put of fence, of sorts, around the garden.  A friend down the road had problems with deer eating his geraniums last year and he put in a 'fence' of fishing line about a foot off the ground which worked to keep them out so we thought we'd try it.  Murray found some old fishing line on his late father's reel and although it's not clear line we'll try it for now.  If it doesn't work we'll buy some clear line.  I know deer can jump pretty high and can easily clear this 2 line 'fence' and eat to their heart's content but at least we will have tried. 

Yesterday we went to town for breakfast bright and early then to a local hardware store to order some patio stones for a new terrace at the bottom of the back deck and behind the garage.  The old stones will be used to make a new base for a new fire pit in the backyard.  The old one is too close to the garden and we'd like to build one of proper stacking stones rather than the old rocks we dug out of the ground here.  
The afternoon was a mix of sun and cloud and 21C which was just right for planting the garden.  

Late afternoon skies.  I am loving those grey clouds.

More great grey clouds.

We have onions, carrots, green and yellow beans, beets, peas and butter crunch lettuce planted.   The larger plants at the back are the perennials I transplanted and a few annuals for colour.  They look rather beaten down after a few days of rain.  Saturday was our only break as it has been raining hard off and on here again today.

Looking from our side yard and up the hill - our property ends at those tiny blue spruce trees - about 2/3 of an acre in total.

A longer view with the 'rock' garden in the foreground.  I built the Inukshuk last year out of old bricks.

Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird on the guy wires - they stayed at a distance the whole time we were working in the garden.  This morning they were around the backyard and the Mrs. enjoyed perching on one of the new fence posts.  I'm really enjoying watching them, along with the Tree Swallows and Hummingbirds that are around.

Our contractor/carpenter is coming this week to put siding on the new shed as well as a small porch and steps, and new windows and man-doors in the garage.  We're hoping to have this work nearly complete before June 25 because we have company coming for two weeks.  

We are excited that our daughter, son-in-law and 3 little grandsons are coming home for a visit.  We haven't seen them since last September as we didn't go out this winter as we usually do.  The boys are pretty excited to visit Grammie and Grampie's house too.  The two older ones were only almost 1 and 3 the last time they were here so don't remember much.  Then, at the end of their visit, my sister is coming home for a visit for the month of July!!  It will be a really busy time but I'm so looking forward to it.  In August we'll have phase 2 of our 'construction' at our house which I'll tell you about later.  It will be a crazy summer but I'm looking forward to it all.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.  I know it's a busy time of year with gardening, travelling, company and all that summer brings for everyone so I really appreciate it when you stop by.  Thank you!

Have a great week ahead.  I'll be going on a day trip on Wednesday to Corn Hill Nursery with some girlfriends so hope to have some great pictures of that later in the week.

Take care and enjoy the week!



  1. I sure hope the deer stay away from your garden this year...I know how annoying they can be. Wishing you a Wonderful time with your family...what a treat to have them come for a visit.
    Mary Alice

  2. So much to enjoy. Love the header - the little touches of red are perfect -love love love it. Beautiful skies and how nice of you to plant a garden for the deer. :-) Enjoy all that company.

  3. You deserve a medal for your perseverance , it must be heart breaking to know you could wake up one morning and all your hard work has been devoured by the deer. I hope the fishing line will work. Enjoy your summer especially when your family come to stay.
    I love your new header photos.

  4. I had to look up Inukshuk and now I can say you did a nice job! Your new header is lovely and your garden looks promising. Keep us updated on how the fishing line goes to keep the deer friends out. They are good a jumping fences. Sounds like you have a lot going on this summer--all good things. Have a good week!

  5. I'm definitely a cloud watcher. Fifth grade, my teacher moved me next to her desk because she always caught me looking out the windows at the sky.

  6. I hope that the building works go well, that the deer don't eat the veggies and most of all that you have a wonderful time with your visitors! I love your Inukshuk!

  7. I'll say you've been busy and will be even busier to come, wow! I hope the deer are confounded by your fishing line, I am really interested in the results and look forward to hearing how it turned out. Lately we've been battling woodchucks; it seems we can't win sometimes. Love the pictures of the clouds, stunning!

  8. I do love that new header as well, Pam! Your garden looks great and good luck in keeping the varmints out! Yes, I am a bit jealous of your lovely, wide open spaces. I have to literally get in my car and go take pictures of the sky. So glad your bluebirds are still hanging around! Have a great week :)

  9. My parents' last vegetable garden was at their cottage country home. They had some beans planted in there. The deer hopped the fence, trimmed off the beans, and that was that, as far as my dad was concerned.

  10. That's going to be a nice looking garden - assuming the deer obey the fence! :-) Those are gorgeous clouds!

  11. Pam, I hear the deer are looking forward to your garden! Well - I hope that fishing line works. It would be nice to have fresh garden veggies. Enjoy your family. Summer is indeed a busy time.

  12. Oh, I hope you, not the deer, get to enjoy your garden this year, Pam! Wonderful shot of those clouds over the beautiful landscape. Love your header :) So exciting to have your daughter and family coming to visit. I hope you make wonderful memories. xo Karen

  13. I sure hope your garden survives. It is a lot of hard work. We have only 2 tomato plants in pots on our deck trying to keep a look out on them.

  14. Oh, I do hope your garden makes out good this year.. All that work and no reward would be pretty sad.. Everything looks so green and lovely and I love your photos as always, my friend.. God bless.. xo

  15. Here's hoping your deer deterrent works! You'll keep us posted...I'm sure. It's looking lovely over there!

  16. Hi Pamela, we have a big deer problem as well. I just lay netting loosely on the plants and it deters them from nibbling on the plants. To weed I just lift it off a minute. It saved my strawberries and is light enough not to stress the plants.

  17. Fish line fencing...I'm going to want to know how that experiment works out. Currently, I have a family of groundhogs mowing everything down. Not much deters them, though I have become the Annie Oakley of my neighborhood. We shall not discuss the bb hole in the siding. OOps.

    The walk along the brook was very calming and pretty. Glad that you are getting out and about with your friends and enjoying nature. Beavers. Are they as bad as groundhogs?


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