Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

vintage car show

Our church had it's 5th annual "Day of Thunder" on Father's Day with the largest number of vehicle entries ever at 142.  It was a huge success.  We were supposed to have it a week ago but it was pouring rain and the staff had to make a decision to postpone it on the Friday before after hearing the forecast.  That is a lot of work to cancel and still get a great turn out!  

I hope you like vintage cars because I have a few to share with you.  
Lots of chrome and colour.

There were also motorcycles.

Gotta have the dice hanging from the mirror.

Don't forget the 'tail' hanging off the mirror or antenna!

And spinners for the wheel hubs.  Oh and a dice to cover the cap for your tire's inner tube!

Love these fancy 'skirts' over the rear wheels.

White sidewalls on your tires are really classy.

This is one Kool Car.  :)

Kool Car has a cool steering wheel.

This car was pretty neat to see.  All junk yard parts and patched together.  It even had burlap on the interior.  

This Camaro had a pretty aqua interior.

I love a Mustang!!

But I wouldn't turn my nose up at one of these either!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the car show photos.  I forgot to say that it was sunny and 28C that day.  We were thankful for a breeze to help keep us cool.  

Today was another beautiful day to start summer off  -  sunny and 27C.  

Did you see the Full Strawberry Moon last night?  It was so big and beautiful.  And a rare event for the Summer Solstice.  I won't be seeing the next one that happens!

Enjoy the rest of the week.  I'm still preparing for our company that will arrive on Saturday evening then I'll probably be quite scarce for a while.  Take Care.



  1. Vintage car shows can be a lot of fun. I like looking at them, all gleaming chrome and polished leather.
    You are warmer than we are - it's barely 20 here these days and I'm longing for warmer weather. Enjoy your preparations for the weekend.

  2. Looks like a great Vintage Car Show and beautiful weather to go with it!
    And YES . . . gorgeous Strawberry Moon!
    Enjoy your "visitors!"

  3. I love car shows, I'm always amazed at how much devotion to polishing chrome and all the work that goes into restoration. I used to ride to work in a GTO (Goat to us, lol) Pontiac. My co-worker owned one and we carpooled. That thing could move!

  4. Some lovely cars there, really nice to see! Not like mine :)
    Have a great week, take care,

  5. Now that is my kind of Fathers day

  6. Perfect for Father's Day and I'm sure that it delighted a good many dads and moms for that matter. Seems as if more thought was given to design and beauty in former times.

  7. Wow, some snazzy cars and great photography!

  8. Those are some beautiful machines and your photos of them are amazing!

  9. What beautiful cars, Pamela! And I like the design of the church.

  10. Fantastic cars!! My husband would have loved to have been there!

  11. What Fun, Fun, Fun, and I have to share this with my husband, if I can get his attention, such a busy guy these days. These are all so wonderful and I know you all had to have had a marvelous time too~

  12. Rust on...that one's cute! We love seeing all the old cars from when we started driving in the '60s. It's an expensive hobby but it looks like fun. Great photos! And yes, the moon was amazing too! We had a nice clear sky to view it. Hugs, Diane

  13. Pam, great cars. Those were the days, right? I love the one with the license plates Rust On. That would be a good name for a post! I heard about the moon on the news and totally forgot to go and look at it. If you won't be here to see the next one, than I'm pretty sure I won't be able either!!..Have a wonderful rest of the week..Judy

  14. Wow! Talk about some fantastic muscle! What gorgeous cars! Though I do love the rusted one, too!

  15. Some awesome cars here Pam.My brothers have been big car buffs all their lives. They have both been building street rods since they were teens, so I've been around a lot of cars through the years, and you've got some very professional looking shots here!

  16. Your pictures are great! These cars are total eye candy. All that color and shiny chrome! The colors are so stunning; I love the red Impala and the aqua Camaro! I'm glad to see more women going to these shows. We can appreciate a beautiful car just as much as the guys can.


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