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Spring 2018
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Friday, September 30, 2016

a perfect fall day

September 30 started out like this ~ foggy ~ but it turned into a gorgeous sunny day with a temperature of 17C.  A perfect fall day.

I was even up before the deer were.  There are 4 deer, one antlered, hanging around the fields behind us lately and this morning I watched them get up from sleeping in the long grass.

About 9:30 it looked like this out front so I did a bit of editing on this phone snapshot.

This afternoon I went for a walk and decided to go down through the nearby orchard.  I just couldn't stay in the house on such a beautiful day.  It was lovely and quite warm down there out of the breeze.

They grow pumpkins there too.

The sun-dappled road through the woods to the next orchard.
I caught a golden leaf mid-fall in the centre of the photo.  :)

Look at that sky!

Wild grapes growing on the fence.

Loaded apple trees.

You can see that the right side of this row has been picked off.

The orchards will be busy this weekend with pickers and the weather will be great.  Do you get out to pick your own apples or other fruit?  It is a great way to get out and enjoy nature's bounty with family or friends.  I sure wish I could take our little grandsons apple picking.  We'd have so much fun plus they have a lovely play area for the children and a large corn maze at this particular orchard.  

I hope you all have a great weekend and can enjoy some of nature's beauty in the outdoors.  Thanks for visiting.


Monday, September 26, 2016

phone snapshots

An autumnal vignette.  I painted the pumpkin a few years ago.

I've been using my iPhone for taking photos a lot lately.  It takes great photos and I share some on Instagram - (playingwithmycamera) (private account but I do accept followers I know).  The phone is always with me and not cumbersome like my camera.  It's quite practical!

We had a rain day on Tuesday and it cleared off in the late afternoon.  I liked the contrasting colours of green, dark grey and blue in this shot.

The afternoon sun was shining in the dining room window one afternoon and played through the aqua mason jar onto the platter and gourds.

My dearest reaching high into the apple tree at the orchard to get at the Macintosh apples on Sunday afternoon.  The lower branches were all picked off.  Next week the Cortland and HoneyCrisp will be ready.

There were scattered showers all around the area yesterday afternoon which was cool to see as they dropped from the dark clouds and the sun was shining too.  It was another chilly windy day.

There was even a little rainbow over the valley.  I edited this one in Instagram.

A variety of local goods available for purchase at the apple stand.

I love the clouds in this shot.  Note the trees are getting more colour in them.  

I cut some cattails last Sunday and this one was a double one on a single stalk.  Have you ever seen one like this?

The view out the front window today.  It's a beauty of a day so I think I'll go out and take a nice walk....and maybe some photos.  We are in for some rainy days later in the week.  

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Pat, who blogged at Back Porch Musings, a few days ago.  She was one of the very first bloggers I followed when I started this journey 6 years ago and I enjoyed her decorating ideas through the years.  I have missed seeing her posts the past few months of her illness.  She will be greatly missed by her husband and family and many blogging friends.

I hope you all had a lovely fall weekend and that the week ahead will be a beautiful one.  Are you seeing fall colours in your area yet?  
Thanks for visiting and commenting.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

beautiful fall is making an appearance

The shadows are lengthening even in the daytime these mid-September days as the sun is lower in the sky, although the above photo was taken early evening.

We walked past the old painted barn and you can see how long my shadow is as I stopped to take the photo.  The daylight hours are getting much shorter now.

This will be about the extent of my fall decorating.  I have a few gourds and some hydrangea blooms out but that's it as our renovations are starting this week on the outside of the house.  I had to remove anything that was on the outside walls of every room as the contractor will be ripping off siding and nailing on new siding.  Can't have pictures etc. falling off the walls can we.  Everything will be covered with plastic drop cloths to keep the dust at bay as well.  Oh it will be a worthwhile mess I'm sure!

Some of the local farms are getting all decked out for fall.  This is an egg producer.  Do you see the big chicken made from giant marshmallows wrapped hay bales?  

Here is a close up of the chicken after it got its 'angry bird' eyes painted on.  Note the brown eggs it laid.  lol 

The lower branches of this pear tree were loaded like this.  Aren't they beautiful?

Margaret and I picked some Paula Red apples a week ago.  Tart and tasty!  The apple crop will be a good one this year as the trees are loaded.

A display at the orchard stand with a really cool table made from an old door....including the doorknob!

The view out over the orchard and across the valley.

One afternoon last week Margaret and I went for a walk along the trail that follows the St. John River.

Down by the St. John River.  This is the farmers ferry that takes tractors etc. across to the island where the local farmers have crops.

Look at that gorgeous blue sky and fluffy white clouds!

The trail.  It used to be a railroad bed.

"Shooting stars" at sunset.  :)  There were lots of jet contrails that evening.

The full harvest moon rising over the St. John River valley on Friday evening.   It was spectacular!  

On Saturday morning Murray and I went to a little country market and I bought 3 cupcakes.  I had one for breakfast with my tea that morning when we got home.  That's okay....right?  It was really delicious!  

My sister has now gone home.  Thank you so much for your well wishes for her.  The house is quiet and my road running has stopped.  We have been doing things together all summer except for the 2 weeks she spent with our sister.  It is strange not to have her here but I am so grateful that she got home to visit and that she was able to fly back to her home in BC after all her eye problems this summer.  We had some great times even with the stress of her eye issues and we had a lot of visits with family which is what she wanted to do.  I somehow doubt she will fly home again.....which means I will go to her if I'm able.  I'm glad Murray likes to fly too.  

The first official day of fall is on Thursday.  Are you ready for it?
We are still enjoying some lovely warm weather but I'm sure a change is in the wind before too long.  The trees are starting to fade and will soon be beautifully coloured in their autumn attire.

Thanks for visiting today.  Enjoy the rest of the week.



Wednesday, September 7, 2016

the days are moving along

The lane at dusk last week.

Here we are into the first week of September already.  The official summer is over as schools are back in and the yellow buses are back on the roads everywhere.  Vacations are over too.....unless you're a senior or retired and enjoy traveling in the cooler fall months.  The weather is changing to a more fallish air some mornings and nights, the leaves are slowly fading or turning colour on the trees, and the apple orchards and farms are busy gathering in for the end of the season.

I'm sharing some photos of goings on around here the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy.

Good Morning Glory!

Horse Power 


Foggy mornings

Downtown Fredericton on a recent Saturday

Chocolate zucchini cake.  Yummy!

Beautiful sunset on the water.

Walk at the beaver pond trails in Mactaquac Park.  This one was in the evening and the light was beautiful.

The lowering sun shining through the trees along the trail.

We even saw a beaver!!

So peaceful.

The Mactaquac Marina in the evening.

Another day, another hike, another trail.  We followed underneath the 'Treego' zip line that goes through the trees in Mactaquac Park.  We couldn't see them at first but it was like there were Ewoks (remember them from Star Wars?) running through the treetops talking and laughing.

We finally had a bonfire on Sunday evening.  It's been either very dry with fire bans on, or too windy to have one, all summer.  The only other one we had was July 1.  Needless to say we had a lot of very dry brush that burst into flames.  Thankfully it was a warm and calm evening for one.

A gorgeous sunset from our backyard.

We are enjoying some very balmy tropical weather this week with temperatures in the mid-upper 20's with high humidity that makes it feel like well into the 30's.  I rather like it as I'm pretty sure this will be the last of our true summer weather unless a tropical storm comes up the coast later on.  

My sister is still here.  She hopes to leave next week once she gets the ok from her eye doctor.  It's been a long haul and she is very anxious to be home.  Prayers much appreciated!

Thank you for visiting today.  Hopefully I'll be back on track soon to post more often and to visit you.  Life has been interesting (to say the least) this summer and I feel like it has gone by too fast with way too much stress.  But, I'm grateful that I have my health and family and can find some joy in each day.  

Take care.


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