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Friday, October 28, 2016

the ending of the colours

Last week we had some gorgeous warm and sunny days for almost late October.

This is what our maple trees looked like last Monday, October 17.  

And here they are on Tuesday after three days of rain and wind.  One good thing is that the wind blew most of the leaves across the road and into the ditch!  :)

I took this photo during the rain on Saturday when it was a balmy 19 degrees Celsius.  On Sunday we woke up to 5C and a gusty southwest wind.  I don't know how a wind from that direction can be so cold but it was!  

The burning bush is burning up this year.  I love the variegated leaves in green and dark red too.

A plant growing in the crotch of the tree.

On another tree which has a lot of decay on it I found two clusters of mushrooms like these growing in a crack.  We really need to take that tree down.  It's the one with the leaves still clinging to it and I hate to part with it but half of it is dying and could break off.

This is our Manitoba Maple tree in the back yard edited in Picasa.

The same tree as above stripped bare from the weekend wind and rain. 

Sun dabbles in the valley.

Its looking rather drab these days.

Crow in the lane.

Leftover colours show against the starker bare trees.
I think this is pretty well the end of the fall colours for around here.  It won't be long before we have some white on the ground.  
How are the fall colours in your neck of the woods?


I hinted a while back that we are having some work done at our house.  Well progress is being made and we have 3 sides of the house and garage clad in new siding and two brand new windows added to the south end of the house.  These let in beautiful sunshine and light and will also create a lovely air circulation through the house in the summer months.  Our siding was just white before so this warm khaki shade is a nice change.

The next phase is in the works with a mudroom/entry being added on the front of the house.  The contractor is here today getting the roof and entry closed in before the rain starts this afternoon.  I kind of wish we'd done this early in the year as the weather was so nice but contractors are so busy.  I'll share more when it is completed.  You'll have to wait in suspense until then....and that may not be for a few more weeks!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.  


Saturday, October 22, 2016

fall photos

Fall is moving along and the colours have been spectacular this year but, sadly, the leaves are dropping very fast now and many trees are bare.  

It is time to put the garden decor away.

Last Saturday was a beautiful warm sunny day and we walked down to the local orchard to watch the pie contest.  There were only a few contestants and the pies were pumpkin and apple.  I had a sample of the winning apple pie after it was all over and it was delicious.

The judges had a great time tasting the samples and this judge's plate was empty when it was all over.

Afterward I went for a walk down through the orchard to take some pictures.  I was heading for that row of colourful maples.

There was a sweet country wedding held right here a few weeks ago.  

I walked down the road through the orchard to this spot of  brilliant colours.

The pumpkin patch is down here too.

Look at that view!!

We are getting a big rain and wind storm today plus it rained yesterday.  It has a tropical feel to it and is 16C and we may even get thunder showers later on.  We sure need the rain in our area as it was a dry summer.  After this is over the temperatures will drop into the single digits Celsius but we've had a good run of beautiful fall weather up until now so I won't complain.  

I'll be back next week with more fall photos but I'm pretty sure there won't be as many leaves in them as they are falling off in the wind and rain.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

an autumn visit to Kings Landing Historical Settlement - episode 2

Hi there.  Welcome back to our tour of Kings Landing Historical Settlement.  If you missed the first 'episode' please scroll down to 'older post' at the bottom of this one so you won't miss out on all I shared there.  

Our next stop was to visit Mrs. Heustis at her home.  She is a dyer and spinner of wool.  We found the engaging Mrs. Heustis in her kitchen carding and spinning wool to make into something lovely and warm for the winter ahead.

A few snaps from Mrs. Heustis's kitchen - including natural elements for Thanksgiving decorations, a peak into her pantry, dyed wool, and spun wool ready for knitting.

This is the view from her window looking out at the barn and river behind it.

Clean up crew in the barnyard.  It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.  :)

Stopping for a chat.

Then moving on his way.

This old gristmill grinding stone was laying near the grist mill.  It looks like it had gotten overgrown with trees and brush and was recently discovered again.

Inside the grist mill an interpreter explains how the mill works.

The Jones House in behind the trees is the only stone house in the settlement and was taken down from its original site and each stone marked and the house rebuilt.  It's my favourite house here.

This little pony was so friendly.  They offered horseback rides here this summer.

Well we are nearing the end of our walk through Kings Landing and the wagon is heading over to The Kings Head to pick up the last load of passengers at day's end.

Near the entrance is a small play area with these 'horses' for children to ride on and simple toys and pumpkins in the sand box.  

I hope you enjoyed our visit to Kings Landing.  If you're ever in New Brunswick on holiday you should add this to your list of things to see and do.  It will take 2 - 3 hours to really enjoy the tour especially if you visit every house or building.  You can catch the wagon and ride to the end and walk back or vice versa.  Wear comfortable footwear and clothing for the weather (a hat is a good idea on a hot day).  Don't forget your camera!  Kings Landing is located just off the Trans Canada Highway at Prince William about 20 minutes west of Fredericton NB.  There is a tourist information building just off the highway near the entrance which is built like a barn.  I have done many posts in all seasons if you'd like to see more.  Just click on the label at the bottom.  If your hungry, The Kings Head offers fine meals and beverages.  There is an Emporium (store) in the welcome building selling local products, crafts and snacks.  FYI - the site is now closed for the season.  

Visit their Facebook page at Kings Landing Historical Settlement or kingslanding.nb.ca for more information.

Thanks for visiting.  I enjoy your comments so please leave one.  


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