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Monday, October 3, 2016

hydrangea love and fall colours

Our bush in August.

Our hydrangea bush was loaded with blooms again this year and right now is looking gorgeous as the cooler temperatures have turned most of the blossoms a rosy pink/mauve shade.  I'm not even sure what type of hydrangea this is but I think it's an Annabelle.  It is about 37 years old and is becoming quite the tree as you can see by the size of it next to our pergola which is 12 feet wide!

I pick many blooms to dry and use in various jugs and jars and cream bottles in our house.  This past week the blooms on the shrub turned a lovely shade of pinky/mauve.  

I love the soft green tint with the pink don't you?

Soft and Delicate

Do you have hydrangea shrubs?  Do you use the dried blooms in your home for decor?  

We had a beautiful weekend of nice weather and warm temperatures and the week ahead is looking great as well.  The trees are starting to look spectacular and in particular the reds are brilliant this year.

Two of our maple trees that guard the entrance to our driveway.
The one on the right is a bit slower this year.

The top of this maple tree is brilliant against the blue sky this afternoon.  The tree just started to turn on the weekend.

This is a cell phone photo as we were driving along the Trans Canada Highway from Moncton yesterday at 120 km/hour.  :)  Not sure what the white flash is but must be a glare shot through the window.  The trees along the highway were beautiful.  It's going to be a spectacular fall colour season this year.  I hope you can get out and enjoy it.  

Have a great week! Thanks for visiting.



  1. My mum had them growing, I have a few but none as wonderful as hers.

  2. Love hydrangeas! Have none. Yours are such beautiful colors. And your trees are stunning! I agree, it is going to be an exceptional year for foliage...the reds are prolific and so gorgeous...

  3. Oh my, that hydrangea is gorgeous . . .
    My Annabelle certainly doesn't do that!
    Fall really sends us the spectrum of color and flower power!

  4. Your hydrangeas look so fresh and lovely! Mine look rather like dried flowers right on the bush this year. Love hydrangeas! Enjoy the beautiful colours of fall!

  5. You are surrounded by sooooooooo much color. I refuse to be jealous though. We have a hurricane approaching us. Oh, yeah.

    Love that you caught that UFO. Not everyone can claim that.

  6. Your new header is beautiful as are you hydrangea photos. And what fall color you have! We haven't started here yet. Enjoy!

  7. Wow! You captured a UFO! I just watched the very beginning of the old movie The Blob and they saw something land and drove across the field to try to find it. I love those old Sci Fi movies. Love your beautiful colors. I still have a few dried hydrangea blooms from years ago. Hugs!

  8. The hydrangea blooms are gorgeous, I don't have one in my garden. Love the Fall colours guarding your driveway.

  9. Beautiful photos of the hydrangea, Pam! Love how they change colors. I do have hydrangea, but a different variety - Nikko Blue, and love to dry them for big baskets in the house. Lovely fall colors you have captured. We are just now starting to see some color here. Sending hugs xo Karen

  10. I am going to snip my Limelight Hydrangea for the Thanksgiving table...
    Yours are amazing!
    We are off to the cottage in the morning...for one sleep...then Vivian for a sleepover here on Friday...can't wait!!
    Have a great holiday!!
    Linda :o)

  11. The hydrangeas are beautiful. I had a PeeGee? Hydrangea once but it didn't survive. I should replace it. I'm loving the look of these. And your fall color is just spectacular. What a delight from our generous Creator!

  12. Your hydrangea is stunning, the colors!

  13. They certainly are cheerful, the hydrangeas. The fall colours are turning here as well, gradually.

  14. Wow, Pam, what beauty around you. Those trees against the blue sky and that "flying saucer" shot??? You never know! My hydrangeas did terribly this year. The stems were flimsy and the flowers didn't get very big. I am using bouquets that I dried a few years ago still around the house. I love them and your's are just beautiful..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  15. Pamela, I love your hydrangeas, and they really love you! What a bounty of blooms, stunning. I do use them in my arrangements, they are a staple here for the winter. Your fall colors are much nicer than ours; we're having a bit of a drizzly fall so far, though I have hopes will see some color yet. Love your maple trees at the entrance of your driveway, what a homecoming sight.

  16. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. Ours are just turning brown here. Can't wait for us to get some real fall color here. Right now we have temps in the 80s again. xo Laura

  17. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. Ours are just turning brown here. Can't wait for us to get some real fall color here. Right now we have temps in the 80s again. xo Laura

  18. OOH! I absolutely LOVE your hydrangeas! I have not got one here, but oh how I'd love one! I think I am going to look and see if I can plant one this fall. Or maybe two, lol! I love how you've honored them inside too... love the pitcher pictures :) And your maple trees... oh be still my heart, just gorgeous! Can't wait to see more of your fall pictures :) Hugs to you today!

  19. Wow! Your hydrangea is doing VERY well! Beautiful!


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