Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, December 1, 2016

our first snowstorm leaves a winter wonderland overnight

It's December!  We went from fall to winter overnight on November 30 and it looks like winter is here to stay but you never know.  Last year started this way and we had very little 'winter' after Christmas.  

I woke yesterday morning to a bright light beside me and thought someone was shining a fluorescent light in the window.  When I squeezed my eyes open I could see it was the phone lit up and when I looked at the digital clock it was dark.  Aha!!  The power went out. Okay.  Up we get to see what was going on outside.  What a shock to see about a foot of heavy wet snow everywhere.  Our landscape was changed overnight and we had now power!  Welcome to winter!

As we got around, and we realized we couldn't brush our teeth, wash up, flush the toilet or have a hot cup of tea, reality hit.  

Murray decided to start the snowblower and clear the driveway as the snow was pretty well stopped.  But first he put the modem on the battery backup for me.  😊  He knows I need to be in touch with the world.  Haha.  The neighbours were outside doing clean up and their 2 year old was enjoying playing in all the snow.  After a while I went out and filled the bird feeders and then took lots of pictures. After that I did some shovelling but that snow was so heavy that I took it easy and only did the back deck steps and a path to the backdoor. I love the first snowfall when it coats everything it lands on.  It was a nice day and the temperature was at the freezing mark with no wind.  It was bearable.  We got about 25 cm. of snow!

This was on November 29 - the calm day before the snowstorm.

When I filled the bird feeders we had dozens of Goldfinches at them and on the ground.


What did I do all day?  Well I sat here in our living room with this pretty view (minus the lights on) and read and kept in touch with the world spent time on social media - dressed in a tuque and puffy jacket with a blanket over my legs.  I was grateful when Murray said he had to go in to work for a few hours mid-afternoon.  The roads were plowed and bare and the mall was open.  😀  Perfect!

We got home around 7:00 and the power was still off but about 7:30 it came on again after over 12 hours being off. It didn't take long for the house to warm up.  I wonder how my ice cream fared in the freezers??  lol  BTW....there are still people without power for the second day in a row.  I feel fortunate we have power today.


Guess what?  We woke up this morning to another snowstorm and another 15 cm. of snow being blown around by gusty northeast winds.  But, thankfully, we still have far!  Schools are closed for a second day in a row and even the mall is closed.  The roads are terrible and it has started to rain now on top of all that wet snow.  What a mess.

I was saddened to see the news about all the terrible wildfires near Gatlinburg Tennessee and also in the hills of North Carolina.  What devastation!  The Gatlinburg one reminds me of the wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta in May.   I pray for rain for these states (and in Colorado) that will quench the dry earth and for safety for those affected.  

Thank you for visiting me and your kind comments on my post about our house renovations.  We are thrilled with the new look and space.  

Have a great day!  Take care!



  1. It certainly looks beautiful there! Lovely photos of the snow... and of your beautiful and cosy living room.
    Also here the much and/or heavy snow leaves us often without electricity. I hope your weather will be more peaceful now. Have a happy weekend!

  2. I love the beauty of the untouched snow. Too bad you had to lose your power though! And it is beginning to look like Christmas there at your house, inside and out. I like your idea of photos on the tree. Are they family? I want to do that this year too. We had nearly 10 inches of snow until it rained all day Tues. But the temps dropped and it snowed during the night so we have a fresh covering again.

  3. Welcome winter! Beautiful photos of the snow and I'm glad you weren't too terribly long without power. We had tornado warnings last night. Amazing!

  4. Wow, that was a lot of snow in one go! I hope that the power stays firmly on for the rest of the winter!!

  5. This Floridian is shaking in fear. That white stuff is dangerous, right. It can kill ya. Errr.

  6. Oh my you really got hit hard with snow . All we have had is rain . Looks pretty though . I am glad you have your power on now and all are safe , one reason I am so thankful for having a wood burning stove and gas stove/oven we can still cook and I have a kettle that I can put on the stove for tea and what not cause if I dont have my cuppa tea in a power outage Papa says I am grumpy lol all good to have and keep warm by if ever a power outage in the winter here and our BBQ is a gas hook up to the house if ever needed as well . Again glad all are safe and cozy now , Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  7. Wow! So that's the bullet we dodged. Two back to back storms and freezing rain on top. Yuck. Stay safe up there. It sure is beautiful, but so treacherous with not being able to decide what it is going to do. Freezing rain, go away! Praying that you keep your power and that it comes back for everyone.

  8. Great photos - I'll enjoy your snow from here - we had sunshine today - for a change - and now back to rain.

  9. Holy cow! Y'all are not wasting any time getting stuck into winter! :-) Gorgeous scenes, though! I love the lone tree and section of fence! Being without power is bad enough, but it's worse in the winter. I'm glad things are back on for you.

  10. It's so amazing how different the climate can be, even on the same continent! Your snowfalls are unbelievable, while we here were out last night for the open house at the Vintage Village/SuzAnna's, welcoming Santa - who BTW was boiling in his furry suit and heavy beard - and we were toasting the season in t-shirts or light sweaters on a perfect mild and windless night!!!

    Love your pix Pamela - it does look beautiful around your home and land. Do be careful shoveling - and fingers crossed no more power outages!

    Sending warming hugs - Mary

  11. Your snowy photos are so beautiful Pamela. I know that you will tire of the snow if it drags on, but for now, the landscape is transformed into a magical wonderland! We keep our barbecue accessible year round in case the power goes out - that way we can boil water for tea!
    There's a possibility of snow here next week, but it'll likely be a centimeter that falls in the night and melts by noon. I'd like it to last a wee bit longer, and wouldn't mind a snow day with the schools closed!
    Stay warm and cozy.

  12. Just a beautiful winter wonderland! Great photos Pam.

  13. Wonderful photos of the snow around your home...I can't even fathom having to deal with snow and the conditions it brings. No power? gasp!

  14. Oh, it does look so pretty, Pam, but when you lose your power, it is not so fun! I hope you don't lose your power again! Love the beautiful scenes and all those goldfinches you so kindly feed. We are expecting a snowy week here, too. Your living room looks so pretty and cozy. xx K

  15. Wow, Pam! You really have snow now! I'm glad your power came back on, I know how tedious it can be and also how cold the house can get when it's off. Twelve hours is a very long time. We had our first snowfall today, but I think it only amounted to three inches. Hopefully most of it will melt tomorrow. I've still got a few things I'd like to accomplish yet. And I need to buy new skis.

  16. How magical it looks, Pam. We don't get any snow around here so I know nothing about the inconvenience, I only know I want some :-)

  17. These are such beautiful pictures! I love the one "before" as well. That's a long time without power!

  18. Always one of those rare times when the power goes off that you just have to go with the flow until it is brought back...better to have it happen without all of the snow. We lost ours a couple of years ago due to an ice storm and we had no power for several days. I learned to make even toast on a small grill and used the huge chard's of ice from the yard to keep two coolers cold enough, not to loose anything from the frig, or freezer. Showers were the worst...yikes ice cold. It was a nice time for you to reflect, and your images from your windows are lovely. Have a great week~

  19. I am far behind with following you my friend . . .
    I hope your power has stayed on, that you still have some of the snow.
    Nothing like that first snow, is there?
    We have had a few dustings but not much.
    The next few days should change things up . . ,
    Storms are a brewing!

  20. Wow! I enjoyed your pictures of the first snow, what a surprise! Did they forecast it? We have had a time this year, they have forecast snow so many times, and we have got nothing to show for it, lol! So hard when the power goes out, and not having a hot cup of tea is tough! We have a generator for such times when the power goes out, a must have here where we live. Your pictures are absolutely glorious. I just love the one with the tree off center, and the little fence,it is just a very moody and lovely picture. You got a lot of great shots! Amazing how much snow can fall in a short amount of time. We are predicted to get some snow here over the weekend. We shall see, lol. I may soon have my "winter wonderland" post to share! Hugs to you today :)


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