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Spring 2018
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

fleeting February

Hi Everyone.  I wanted to share these photos I took on the early morning of February 15.  The sunrise was spectacular and turned the sky to pretty pink and mauve along with the snow....plus, there was a beautiful hoar frost coating everything.  It was a cold morning so I took these photos from inside.

I took this photo with my cell phone on Feb. 16 which promised a lovely sunny day but turned out to be cloudy.  We've had some really great sunrises this month.

A 'black cap' sitting on a black cap (hat).  ðŸ˜€

A male Downy Woodpecker.

We've had some milder weather the past few days and yesterday, although just 1C, was gorgeous with the sunshine.  The warmth of the sun is melting the snow down and making it shine under it's rays.

Melting snow along the road has made a long puddle reflecting the blue sky.

We are getting some snow melt and with above freezing temps the rest of the week and rain on the weekend, our snow will go down a bit more.  The roads are terrible with frost heaves, cracks and pot holes.....and watch out for those huge puddles hiding potholes under them!  Lots of vehicles are being damaged after hitting potholes or rough pavement.  One has to drive a lot slower than normal.  Do you have that problem where you live?

Well, that's it from here today.  A boring life these winter days and not much going on.  I've had issues with my left knee and hip the past couple of weeks and have difficulty walking up and down stairs. 😟  Needless to say snowshoeing is off the books for now.

I think I need some retail therapy.  Haha.  Hopefully I can walk the mall!  I might also need a holiday or even a weekend away.  Maybe in March.   What have you been up to?  Are you going 'south' this winter or abroad or just to the next town?  Are the winter doldrums getting to you too?

Hang in there.  The weather will soon change for the better (I know many of you are seeing spring blossoms blooming already!) and spring is officially just a month away.  

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

so....we had some snow

Boy did we have some snow!!  We had warnings of a huge blizzard that would make it's way across the Maritime provinces on Sunday night and all day Monday and they were right.  I know the New England States got it too.

The storm started about 10:00 Sunday night and ended about 24 hours later.  There is still light snow this morning.

The view through the kitchen window on Monday afternoon.  The snow drift was as high as the deck railing.

Pretty well the whole province (and in Nova Scotia and PEI as well) was shut down - schools, offices, stores, businesses etc. - due to the very dangerous driving conditions caused by the strong winds and blowing snow making drifts on the roads.  It just wasn't safe to be out.  So we hunkered down and were nice and cosy in our house and we didn't lose power.  Today is the third storm day in a row for schools as it's a clean up day.

This is not fog!

Apparently CFB Gagetown area southeast of Fredericton got about 79 cm. of snow which is about 2 feet.  We are northwest of that area so I'm guessing we got about 60 cm. of snow.  

The wind made some pretty cool drifts.

We opened the back door at 5:00 and were met with this wall of snow.  There was already some snow on the deck - about 2 feet in some areas - that we didn't get cleared off as it has that frozen ice crust and is impossible to cut through.  Then Murray decided the roof should be raked to open up the 'stink' pipes (that's important) and relieve some of the weight on the roof.  Well, that just added to the 4 feet of snow already out there.

This is the path he made from the steps to the back door after the roof snow was dumped on top.  At least we can escape in an emergency if we have to!  He will have to tackle the rest of that snow this week.

The picnic table buried under the snow drift.

This is where Murray cleaned some of the snow away.  The barbecue is under the highest mound of snow.  We won't be barbecuing for a while.

There weren't a lot of birds around during the storm at the feeders on the clothesline so today I put some seed in this feeder and on the snow on top of the picnic table which is under there somewhere!  I cleared a foot of snow off it for now.  

We survived the blizzard of 2017 and hopefully that's the only one this winter!  There is more snow coming on Thursday but only 10-15 cm.  We can handle that!

The wreath on the front door with a little nod to Valentine's Day.

Speaking of which ~ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!

I made these ice hearts last week for today and took the photo on Sunday afternoon before the storm.  I edited the arrow in with picMonkey.  

Me and my Sweet Valentine in St. Andrews NB last October.  It was our 4th visit there last year and every day was perfect, hot and sunny.  St. Andrews has held a very special place in our hearts for over 40 years and we hope to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary there this August.  

Happy Valentine's Day to each of you.  

Thanks for your visits and comments.  I hope if you were in this storm's path that you are safe and well.

Take care.


Monday, February 6, 2017

oh deer

They say two heads are better than one don't they?  These guys were nibbling on a tree conk at dusk one day a couple of weeks ago....right in our front yard!

We seem to have a deer problem this winter.  The deer are coming ever closer to our house with their tracks in the snow right up to the house and even on the front deck the other morning.

This is their buddy on the front lawn.  He saw me in the window of the entry way so stopped to pose for me.

This is another group passing through one evening.  They went on to the neighbours field looking for food.  Note that they are walking on top of the snow and not sinking.  That's because there is a 3 inch icy crust on the snow which makes it impossible for them to scratch and dig for food under it.  They are only eating from trees that are the right height for them to reach right now which probably isn't enough.

And they returned about a half hour later.

Mama and baby stopped to pose for me.  The other twin was up to the left.

That's mama and her twins on the left.  

Evidence!!  Haha!

The late afternoon sun shining on the crusty snow.  You can also see some light snow blowing across it in the wind.  Yup....it was cold that day.

A gorgeous sunrise.

The last day of January....in our backyard.  Those are snowmobile tracks in the foreground.  The crust is so hard it didn't even break under the weight of the snowmobile.

Another pretty sunrise on Groundhog Day.  And no, those aren't groundhog tracks in the snow.....they are deer tracks right out side the window.  I think the groundhog was still in his burrow, or if he came out he would have seen his shadow and ran back in for another six weeks.

We had a male Hairy Woodpecker (do you see him hiding?) and a male Downy Woodpecker at the feeders the other morning.

Now there's a happy man.  Murray finally got the snowmobile repaired and running last week and he and our son went for a long drive on the trails this past Friday.  I doubt I'll be going far on it....maybe over the back hill or on a local trail when the weather warms up.  I don't have warm snow pants or boots and as they would empty my bank account of over $200.00 for something I won't be wearing much I'll hold off for now.  lol  Do any of you enjoy snowmobiling?  We have some beautiful groomed trails in New Brunswick with rest stops (minus toilets!!) and also some great businesses that support travellers with restaurants and motels, cabins, etc.  It's a big business for our province in the winter.  They call the snow "White Gold".  Weekends on the trails are very busy with traffic and if the season brings lots of snow people can snowmobile into April, especially in the northern regions of the province.

This is the third puzzle I've done since January started.  It was 1000 pieces - the largest one so far - and was challenging toward the end when I had all that green leafy tree and golden grass to piece together.  It's funny how you end up with about 12 pieces left over and 12 spaces but the pieces just won't fit.  Well, that's because I put some pieces in the wrong spot and even though they fit the other pieces beside them would not!!  Go figure eh?  But, I got them switched and it all came together quite fast in the end.
Do you enjoy doing puzzles?  

Well, it's a new week and it's still winter.  Although it's sunny today the wind is gusting and blowing some loose snow across the fields. The weather is forecasting more ice pellets and freezing rain for Tuesday night and Wednesday which is not welcome here.  There are still some power customers without power in the Acadian Peninsula part of the province and it will be 2 weeks tomorrow since the last ice storm took out power lines and poles with the ice buildup on trees and lines.  

I hope you have a great week.  Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.  I appreciate it so much. I will be visiting you and getting caught up today.  

Take care.


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