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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

so....we had some snow

Boy did we have some snow!!  We had warnings of a huge blizzard that would make it's way across the Maritime provinces on Sunday night and all day Monday and they were right.  I know the New England States got it too.

The storm started about 10:00 Sunday night and ended about 24 hours later.  There is still light snow this morning.

The view through the kitchen window on Monday afternoon.  The snow drift was as high as the deck railing.

Pretty well the whole province (and in Nova Scotia and PEI as well) was shut down - schools, offices, stores, businesses etc. - due to the very dangerous driving conditions caused by the strong winds and blowing snow making drifts on the roads.  It just wasn't safe to be out.  So we hunkered down and were nice and cosy in our house and we didn't lose power.  Today is the third storm day in a row for schools as it's a clean up day.

This is not fog!

Apparently CFB Gagetown area southeast of Fredericton got about 79 cm. of snow which is about 2 feet.  We are northwest of that area so I'm guessing we got about 60 cm. of snow.  

The wind made some pretty cool drifts.

We opened the back door at 5:00 and were met with this wall of snow.  There was already some snow on the deck - about 2 feet in some areas - that we didn't get cleared off as it has that frozen ice crust and is impossible to cut through.  Then Murray decided the roof should be raked to open up the 'stink' pipes (that's important) and relieve some of the weight on the roof.  Well, that just added to the 4 feet of snow already out there.

This is the path he made from the steps to the back door after the roof snow was dumped on top.  At least we can escape in an emergency if we have to!  He will have to tackle the rest of that snow this week.

The picnic table buried under the snow drift.

This is where Murray cleaned some of the snow away.  The barbecue is under the highest mound of snow.  We won't be barbecuing for a while.

There weren't a lot of birds around during the storm at the feeders on the clothesline so today I put some seed in this feeder and on the snow on top of the picnic table which is under there somewhere!  I cleared a foot of snow off it for now.  

We survived the blizzard of 2017 and hopefully that's the only one this winter!  There is more snow coming on Thursday but only 10-15 cm.  We can handle that!

The wreath on the front door with a little nod to Valentine's Day.

Speaking of which ~ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!

I made these ice hearts last week for today and took the photo on Sunday afternoon before the storm.  I edited the arrow in with picMonkey.  

Me and my Sweet Valentine in St. Andrews NB last October.  It was our 4th visit there last year and every day was perfect, hot and sunny.  St. Andrews has held a very special place in our hearts for over 40 years and we hope to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary there this August.  

Happy Valentine's Day to each of you.  

Thanks for your visits and comments.  I hope if you were in this storm's path that you are safe and well.

Take care.



  1. OMG! I am so glad not to be getting that but I have to admit I miss snow this Winter. Happy Valentine Day Pamela. Take care. Carol

  2. Yes, it was a wonder! i can't remember that amount of snow before in such a short time.. Our son and Terry have to do a dozen driveways.. The poor things.. Made them some cheesecake for Valentines.. lol.. Have a happy one, my friend. xo

  3. Wow, you did get a lot of snow! But isn't a storm lovely? Especially when the power stays on ;)
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Love your ice valentine!

  4. Oh my goodness - that IS a lot of snow! It gets a little scary when it gets that deep, too! My Hubby's family lives in New England and they are getting lots of snow, also. Mine is all melted, thank goodness, but I have a lot of tree damage. Love your sweet hearts - so clever - and your very cute selfie. Happy Valentine's Day - stay safe inside. Hugs xo Karen

  5. Yes, you had a LOT of snow!!!! Wow!!! Glad that you are safe and that you didn't lose your power, hope everyone else is safe too and that you are soon able to get out and about again. I cannot imagine what it is like but I was glad to get your other comment to say that all was well because I was worried about you!

  6. Now that is SNOW . . .
    I must be weird . . . to love snow so much.
    That is the kind of snow I remember when I was a young girl . . .
    Happy you and others are safe.
    I hope Murray is careful with all the heavy shoveling.
    What a contrast from your snow pics and those from October.
    Great photos Pamela . . .
    Happy ❤ Day . . .

  7. You really did get a pile of it! We got some of that system, but not that much, something past thirty centimetres.

  8. The good news is that none of us lost our power...praise God! My plow man was in an accident with his plow in the middle of the storm...he's fine, but the truck is totaled. There goes my help! I spent all morning getting things back in order. I must say that John would never have things in the state I have...one narrow lane in.

    Hope that you and Murray stay at the Algonquin in August. Was just looking at their beautiful refurbishments. Start saving your pennies!

  9. Happy St Valentine's Day Pamela! I thought of you as I watched the news last night. Cape Breton got hit with it too. Early yesterday able bodied family members told me that they'd headed out to spend the next few days with elderly aunts who live alone. What a time!

  10. Happy St Valentine's Day Pamela! I thought of you as I watched the news last night. Cape Breton got hit with it too. Early yesterday able bodied family members told me that they'd headed out to spend the next few days with elderly aunts who live alone. What a time!

  11. Oh, my! Shades of Norwegian winters! I'm glad you're safe. I'd be inside with the fireplace glowing and my knitting needles clicking.

    Warm hugs from the South Coast of Ohio where it's chilly, but nothing like the weather you have!


  12. Wow, your provinces are known for nasty winter weather like this and don't most families have a deep freeze with food for such occasions? I know the family we met in PEI did and told us stories about previous winters without being able to get out for several days. Yikes!
    Stay warm Pam.

  13. Wow, Pam I can't believe all of that snow. We have had only a dusting this winter, and our weather is so mild. It has made the winter go by quickly here, which makes me happy. Happy Valentine's Day. xo Laura

  14. Glad to know you're "nice and cosy"! Those are some drifts.

  15. That is some SNOW! Wow! I thought of you when I heard about the storm on the news. I'm glad you didn't lose power. Stay cozy. Happy Valentine's Day. We'll be celebrating our 40th in July. 1977 was a great year!

  16. Good grief Pam, you seem to have enough snow to share with everyone. And we thought the 27 cm that we got was alot. So glad you didn't lose power. You will be be getting lots of exercise with all the snow clearing you will have to do.

  17. argle bargle

    that's a lot of white stuff. I think I'll head for the beach. (he shivers)

  18. YIKES!!! Wow, Pam, I've been keeping up with my Toronto Star online and read about all the snow you got out there on the East coast, but until I saw your pics just now, I couldn't have ever imagined what it truly looks like to get that much snow!

    Hurray for your Murray! Stay warm and safe!


  19. All I can say is....Good Grief!
    Glad you are safe...and still have your sense of humour!
    Linda :o)

  20. Crazy...all that snow! You captured it well. Spring is just around the corner...though you may have to dig through the snow to find it!

  21. That is an impressive amount of snow. I think you are better prepared there than we are. Very probably we would be without electricity after such a storm.
    I hope people and animals and homes are safe and that there will not be more storms. xx

  22. My word! That is a LOT of snow... coming from me here in North Idaho where we always get lots of snow, lol! However, what we DON'T get is the wind! We don't get the high piled snow drifts, and I am so thankful for that. We have had to shovel our roofs now at least 4 maybe 5 times (I've lost track), but never have we gotten that much snow at one time. I'm so glad you didn't lose power! That is a HUGE blessing! Hopefully the snow will melt but not too quickly and not cause any flooding. We are now in a flood watch here, although where we live, on a mountain, we are fine, no worries here, but many others are having a lot of trouble. This winter has been quite the winter! I enjoyed your pictures! Also, how awesome to be celebrating 40 years this year! St. Andrews is a gorgeous place to celebrate, I agree :) Hugs to you today!

  23. Well Pamela, I haven't been getting around very quickly these days, and now your storm is old news. I was thinking of you quite a bit when I heard of your massive blizzard! We got about 15 cm ... nothing compared to what you received. A week later and that snow is almost gone. I hope you are still staying warm and cozy and that the power has remained on. What amazing photos you have of the heaps of snow! Crazy! I've read back through a few posts (to the tulips in the snow) and have enjoyed catching up with your doings. I hope that's it for your storms this year.

  24. WOW! I think you got all the snow we haven't had all winter! My goodness! Beautiful, but that's a lot to get at one time.


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