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Spring 2018
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Monday, March 20, 2017

sugar bush weekend 2017

Happy Spring Everyone!  
You may have noticed I changed my header to a springtime one even though it looks nothing like that outside right now, and won't for many weeks yet, but we're hopeful and we enjoy any days when the sun is shining, the temperature rises above freezing and the snow is melting.  

On Saturday Murray and I went to Kings Landing Historical Settlement for the annual Sugar Bush Weekend.  A friend gave us complimentary tickets for the breakfast sponsored by the York Sunbury Ground Search and Rescue Organization and then we walked through the settlement to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.  It was mid-morning and the sun was shining beautifully with no wind.  The air was chilly (-6C) but we were dressed warmly with long johns, winter parkas, hats and scarves so didn't mind.  We did get warmed up from our walk by the end of it.  The road was dry and still frozen so we didn't have to deal with mud or snow.  I took lots of pictures so I hope you enjoy them.  

None of the houses were open for viewing and most were surrounded by drifts of snow from the recent blizzards.

The saw mill and frozen waterfall over the dam.

Making maple syrup from the sap of maple trees the old fashioned way.  

Preparing to make candy on the snow.

A lean-to campsite that would have been used in the sugar bush in the 1800's.

These horses were in the barn having breakfast before starting their day hauling the wagon loads of people though the settlement.

I liked the contrast of this photo in black and white.

This is the St. John River.  It was mostly ice recently until we had the blizzard last week which made some amazing drifts.  There were snowmobilers on the other side going up river.

The Perley House got a new shingle roof last fall I think.  

All aboard!!

I hope you enjoyed our walk through Kings Landing.  It was a gorgeous morning!  When we arrived back at the welcome building the huge lobby was full of people waiting to pay for their way in to the breakfast or the site.  I'm glad we got up and went early!

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.  I always appreciate them.  Have a wonderful first week of spring!  I know it's spring somewhere.  I'll be back in a few days with more pics of another walk we made on Sunday.



  1. It looks like a fun thing to do and interesting too. I love the pics of the little white church(es). And your spring header looks very hopeful!

  2. Happy Spring to you too! Beautiful photos of your snowy scenes! And I love your new banner. Hugs, Diane

  3. Wonderful photos . I do love your header soo pretty ! Looks like a fun and great day you both had there ! Thanks for sharing , have a good evening !

  4. Beautiful photos of your delightful walk through Kings Landing. I'll be sending the link to my Kings-Landing-loving family. Always a treat to see the village in a light that we don't have the opportunity to enjoy otherwise. Glad that you two stayed nice and cozy. Are you able to purchase maple syrup there?

  5. Oh, I did so much enjoy your photos, Pam! I remember my parents made maple candy on snow one year. What fun! Loved the photos of the Landing and especially of the first little white church. A sweetheart of a building! We have fewer and fewer little white churches here on the Island which is a pity. Driving through the countryside, one would see a little white church about every mile. I recall one Sunday morning driving down to our church in Kensington, our son was home for Christmas and he came with us that morning instead of going to his brother's church. He said, "We must be on PEI because there's a little church every mile." It's a lovely memory! Happy Spring, my friend!


  6. That looks like a wonderful outing! I always enjoy maple syrup season. And I like your spring header too.

  7. Looks like such a fun day, Pam! Your photos are wonderful, as always, and really capture the beauty of the snowy countryside. I loved seeing the little chapels, the horses, and all the pretty houses and barns. Such a cute selfie with your rosy cheeks. I can't imagine how cold it must be for a large river to freeze over! That is amazing! Thank you for your kindness regarding the loss of our little Peanut. Sending hugs and blessings and thoughts of spring your way. xo Karen

  8. Oh my . . . the blue of the sky . . .
    Lovely photos . . .
    Sugar Bush time looks fun . . .
    Looks cold too . . .
    Happy First Day of Spring Pamela . . .

  9. Oh so much snow and lovely pictures! Sugar Bush time look´s really nice...
    The spring has now arrived to South Swedeb, finally. Today I must have coffee outside in the sun :)
    Have a lovely day, take care...

  10. The header photos are fabulous, Pam!
    Thank you for the beautiful and interesting post. Such fascinating old buildings and bright blue skies. Yet my favourite photo is the one of the St. John River with snow drifts. I have seldom seen anything as beautiful.
    Here it's snowing also today. :) Wishing you happy spring days!
    PS I googled Lang calendars. They are lovely!

  11. What a wonderful learning all while having fun!...:)JP

  12. You wouldn't have caught this Floridian out there with you, but you got some lovely shots. The one with the church could be a Christmas card.

    Happy spring.

  13. Every year I enjoy the photos of your outing at King's Landing Pam, certainly worth revisiting.

  14. Hi Pam,

    I always enjoy your trips to this beautiful place, whatever the season! I miss maple syrup, already, and your pretty pics of the process have me craving it, now! The pics of the houses and especially that little white church, so humble and heavenly, made me smile.

    Happy Spring!

  15. It's a beautiful place,perhaps particularly in the snow.

  16. Gorgeous place! I love the barns and horses! The snow just makes the scenery even better! Beautiful new header, too!

  17. Great SB weekend photos Pam. The sky is SO blue! I didn't get there again this year... :( Love your new header. It sure doesn't look very spring-y yet, as I look out at all the snow, and even snowflakes in the air today.

  18. Simply beautiful, Pam.. I would so love to go but it is a bit difficult for me to get around this time of year.. Loved your post.. ox

  19. Looks like a beautiful place for a walk! And I'm wondering what maple syrup on snow candy tastes like! I'll bet it's yummy. :)

  20. What a great day to get out and experience Kings Landing and maple sugaring! Did you get any maple syrup or candy? Looks like a wonderfully beautiful day too, I do love those kind of winter days. Great picture of you and Murray!

    Hopefully spring is coming your way now! Most of all our snow has melted, and today I spotted tulips coming up in the garden, woohoo!

    Your new header looks wonderful! Is your snow starting to melt yet?

    Hugs to you today :)

  21. Great series images from the event.

  22. What a great visit. I love those blue skies against the snow!


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