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Thursday, April 6, 2017

downtown Moncton

Moncton Market on Westmorland St.

We had a getaway to Moncton this past weekend.  We aren't the 'going down south' people that vacation to Florida or other southern climes in winter and we were due for a weekend away after a long winter.  The weather was blustery with a cold easterly wind that went right through you.  On Sunday morning we woke up to wet snow.  Spring in New Brunswick.

Moncton is my hometown and I still have family there so I connected with them to meet up with them.  People are so busy these days and one just doesn't drop in for a visit.  Friday we had the day to ourselves and did the shopping thing.  Saturday morning we decided to visit the Moncton Market downtown after which we walked around on Main Street.  A lot of Moncton's historic buildings are still in use today and I love the old architecture so I took a few cell phone pictures to share.   Sorry the photos are a bit dark but it was a dull day.

It is nice to see the older buildings from the last century (and before) being re-vamped for use today, rather than being torn down.  This building on Westmorland St. now houses a restaurant called "Gusto".

This iron gate is at the side entrance to another building.  I'm not sure if it's original to the building or not.

This is the front of the same building in the previous photo built in 1900, that originally housed the Moncton Transcript newspaper.  I like the wrought iron gate over the portico window.  Years ago there used to be a turret with wrought iron decor on the very top of this entrance.

This is another photo I found online of Main St. Moncton today and in the early 1900's.  You can see the Transcript building on the right in the right hand photo with it's fancy turret with wrought iron work.  The building on the right of it burned a few years ago and is now being rebuilt.  I wonder if it was a photo studio with the big glass wall of windows on the second floor.

A newer building, part of the Assumption Plaza, overhangs the sidewalk.

This is Assumption Plaza.

The "Tide and Boar" Restaurant is a great place to eat.....from what I hear. 

Moncton City Hall.  You can still see remnants of the winter snow along the streets.

This building used to be Rubin's Department Store  and the mosaic wall is a beautiful work of modern art from the 1960's.  "Cora" is a breakfast restaurant chain in Canada.  And it is a wonderful place to eat!

I don't know the date of this building but am guessing it was built around 1899 as The Merchants Bank.  It now houses a Tim Horton's Coffee Shop.....another famous coffee shop/ restaurant chain that you may have heard of.

This is a vintage photo I found online of the Tim Horton's building.

And what it looks like today (photo found online).  It is missing its turret and fancy edging of it's early years.  The white tower sticking up was built in the 70's as the NB Tel (telephone) communications tower.

An Irish Pub
There are a lot of eateries on Main St. these days and maybe a couple of boutiques.  Not like it was when I was growing up there and there were many department stores and fewer restaurants.  There was Zellers, Woolworths (then Woolco), Simpson-Sears (Sears Canada), Eaton's, Creaghan's, Dalmy's, Rubin's, Reitmans, Curll's, and Colpitts Mens Wear, a local business that has managed to survive and is still there, among them.  The best place to eat was the Palace Grill (Chinese food) and Woolworths.  That was all before the malls were built and the stores moved or closed completely.  Time sure changes things.

The Capitol Theatre has been restored both outside and in to its original glory and is truly beautiful.

The beautiful underside of the marquee overhang.
And a bit of up-to-date digital signage built in.

Another beautiful building with it's squared off corner has operated as a tobacco shop since 1926.

We made our loop walk back to the car and passed by another entrance to the Moncton Market with the rooster on the cupola and the cloud covered sun peeking through.  It was a dull cold day.

We had a great visit with my family and it was good to get away for a change of scene.  

Our weather is getting a 'bit' milder and today is foggy with heavy rain coming tonight which will melt down the snow a lot.  It might hit 15C on Monday!

Thanks for visiting.  Have a good weekend.


  1. You have a beautiful hometown, Pamela. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Have you not eaten at that restaurant yet? 😳 Greg loved his seafood platter...you MUST eat there!
    Lovely pics Pam...nice to " get away" for a few days.
    Almost the weekend...raining like mad here...☔️☔️☔️
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Linda :o)

  3. Some marvelous architecture in Moncton! It's been a long time since I was there.

  4. Lovely weekend away in a lovely city. It is always nice to connect with family we don't see all the time. Rain, rain, rain today, but next week looks promising.

  5. In Halifax there is an Old Triangle Pub too! And Cora's is such a treat when you are in the city.
    I miss downtown, the mall just doesn't have the same feel. In New Glasgow, we use to have Goodman's Department store. It was a wonderful store, such good quality items, and the place to get what you need. I have a Hudson's Bay blanket we bought there with wedding gift money.
    I've been to Moncton a few times and always enjoyed the Market.
    Sounds (and looks) like you enjoyed your mini holiday.

  6. It was fun to take the tour with you. My memories are so vague, but I do remember a lot of conversation about Eaton's. Back in the day, one could put a call into Eaton's and have silk stockings delivered in time for the dance that evening. All my grandmother's descriptions of Moncton sounded so modern and civilized and nothing like her reality in small town Maine. Glad that you and Murray had a little break from the usual and I hope that you connected with the relatives, too.

  7. I do like old buildings so much more than the modern ones, they have much more charm. I wish the Tim Hortons building still had its turret, that looked so nice.

  8. Beautiful hometown Pamela . . .
    The buildings, architecture, history . . .
    How wonderful for you to visit and for us to visit Moncton with you . . .

  9. Downtown Monkton looks like an interesting place.

  10. Looks like a wonderful place to grow up, Pam. Love all the brick sidewalks and buildings. Time changes everything, but it looks like your hometown is still thriving and well-taken care of. I'm sure you have lots of great memories here and still making them, too. xx Karen

  11. What a lovely place to visit! It was interesting to see the then and now pictures comparing different places too and to see how things have changed. Hope that you get the warmer weather and that spring starts springing for you!

  12. Moncton looks like a pleasant town, Pam; one that would be good to grow up in. I like the 'then' and 'now' photos - they make good books, I think! Yes, it's astonishing how much has changed in a relatively short space of time. Change is the only constant!

  13. Urban safaris can be a blast. I try to break up my routine now and then.

  14. I enjoyed this tour of Moncton, Pamela. I've definitely heard of Tim Horton's but never of Cora's - it must be an more eastern Canadian chain. Cities do change with time, like everything else. Things are certainly changing in Victoria, too. Lots and lots of new building.
    Glad to hear that things are warming up for you a little. Hope spring pops out all over!

  15. Hi Pamela
    Moncton looks like a like town to visit and to shop and dine. I noticed in your old/new comparison that all the telephone lines are now placed underground? So many places in te US need to do that. Thankfully where I live they are underground and less effected by weather. I hope spring is beginning to warm up your area. We had snow 3 times alst week but it melted very quickly as the day warmed up. We needed all this moisture.

  16. Your hometown is beautiful! Some really nice architecture!

  17. You made me hungry for Timmy's! Oh how I love their coffee :) I remember shopping at Woolworths, Reitmans, Simpson-Sears and Eatons. Brought back some memories there, to hear those names again! Beautiful architecture in the lovely city of Moncton! You have an eye for interesting details, loved the "then and now" picture too, amazing isn't it to see how some things change, and others are recognizably similar. I too wonder if that was a photographic studio with all those windows. Great post, I really enjoyed all the history you shared! I hope spring comes your way quickly! My dear grandmother of 87 who lives up close to Perth-Andover is about to get on a plane in the morning in Bangor, and I will meet up with all my family in Texas on Thursday for Easter. Can't wait :) Hugs to you my friend!


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