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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

seasonal flooding and bird watching

The moon setting over the field while the deer graze at sunrise on Thursday morning.

We had a really good, and very busy, Easter weekend.  The above photo was taken Thursday evening on our way to church for music practice.  The rivers are up and flooding their banks so all the fields were flooded.  So far it hasn't breeched the roadway!

The Islands in the river are flooded as well, a usual occurrence.  The St. John River runs through the province from northern Maine down to the Bay of Fundy in Saint John and is now totally ice free, which is good, as there won't be any ice jams causing major flooding of the Perth-Andover town  upriver.  However, it doesn't mean there won't be anymore flooding of properties.

This is the much same view taken on Friday morning on the way to church.  It looks so much prettier in the sunshine with blue skies doesn't it?

We had our Easter dinner on Good Friday as it was the only day our son and daughter-in-law weren't busy with her family and because of our music commitments at church all weekend.  I made a little white cake with vanilla butter frosting (and a few sprinkles) for dessert along with 'fresh' strawberries (all the way from Florida so I'm being facetious when I say 'fresh').  I found the recipe on my friend Faye's blog "The Blessed Hearth" and it is delicious!

The flooded fields at sunset on Saturday evening.

Saturday was sunny and warm at 15C so we got some yard cleanup done before we had to head to church to practice for the evening service.  

A Tree Swallow peeks out of the birdhouse behind our back deck on Saturday afternoon.  There have been a few around all week and they have been visiting now and then staking claim to this house.  This afternoon there was an Eastern Bluebird checking out this same box which could be interesting to see which wins out.  We put another box about 20 feet away which the Bluebirds were checking out on Sunday.

The female Bluebird checking out the new house.

And the beautiful male Bluebird sitting on the clothesline waiting.  Isn't that typical - the wife out 'shopping' and the husband waiting.  😁

Our snow is just about gone.  There are two patches in the ditch by the driveway and a small patch out back.  It is hard to believe all that snow went so quickly.  Mind you, we woke to a dusting of snow this morning which has since melted, and it's really chilly here today, so our wintry weather isn't finished with us yet.  

Today is dull, cloudy and cold.  But, I see green in the brown grass and the buds on the trees are swelling and the daffodils have buds forming.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and wish you a beautiful spring-like week ahead.

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.


  1. It's so hard to imagine you being snowed on still - even if just a dusting - Pamela! Know you are anxious to get on with spring and all that work which goes along with it, haha! Your bluebirds are gorgeous, know you will enjoy watching them in their new nest box, and I spy a sweet chickadee in the round feeder. We've got an interloper at our chickadee nest box - I'll post on it soon!

    Your Easter table, and pretty cake, looked inviting.
    Hope the floods aren't severe this year.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. The shade of pink as the tulips appear in your window is pretty. I guess you would have a lot of flooding after so much snow. What a gorgeous bluebird!

  3. That's a lot of water. Hope you manage to dodge severe flooding this year. It sounds like you had a good Easter. Your vanilla cake with sprinkles had me fooled there for a moment...I thought you had baked Paska. :)

    You captured that bluebird perfectly Keep on playing with your camera!

  4. Oh I hope that the bluebirds move in! Easter, like all other special days and times can be whenever we need it to be. Have you developed the back and forth deal with holidays? This year, your year; the next, mine? It has its charms.

  5. I love your tulips and that pretty cake. Fresh strawberries are yummy too. I can't imagine talking about snow when it's almost 90 every day this week. That seems a little warm even for us but I won't complain. Love your sweet birds too. Hugs, Diane

  6. Lovely photos . WOW ! lots of flooding there for sure hope it goes down soon . Glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend as well . that cake looks YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing ,have a good week !

  7. Yes, the water is high on the river,let's hope there's no major flooding this year. Can't wait for fiddleheads! :) I hope the bluebirds take up residence. I have never seen a bluebird, I might have to come visit with my camera.

  8. Some beautiful shots here! We still have the odd pile of snow here or there, but most of it's gone.

  9. That's a lot of water and it makes for great photos! As long as it isn't negatively affecting anyone, that is. Love the moon photo and the bluebirds!

  10. We were wondering if the river would flood... Hopefully not much. Love your deer and your Easter table is lovely, my friend.. Glad you like the cake recipe.. It looks so good!! xoxo

  11. Oh, I meant to tell you that I love love your header.. Wish I were smart enough to make one like it... Sort of like it.. grin. xo

  12. Hi Pam, so special to see your bird-houses being checked out by the cute little birds. I hope you get some little families soon. Your Easter table is so sweet with the pretty cake and linens. I love the salt and pepper shakers :) I hope you avoid any flooding and that things warm up for you soon. xo Karen

  13. Winter weather seems to still be persisting in your land.
    Enough is enough, I'd say.
    Bet it will bring some gorgeous green though . . .
    And oh my, do I love seeing a Blue Bird near your nesting box.
    Happy Easter and Spring days Pam . . .

  14. Oh so cute bluebird! Cake and birds - what a lovely post!
    Have a great friday, take care...

  15. I have never had birds nest in my birdhouses! So cool to see them!

  16. So thankful the ice has moved on and Perth-Andover won't have ice flooding, that is always such a worry every year! The pictures of all the flooding looks like you are about a month behind us here, we had all that field and roadway flooding back in March. How exciting though to see it, knowing that spring blooms are next to come! Glad you had such a lovely Easter, that vanilla cake sounds wonderful! Hugs to you today :)

  17. Ohhh your header is fabulous - and love the trees in the flooding field. We'd be so happy if bluebirds were nesting in our yard - what a treat - and your dinner and cake look scrumptious.

  18. I hope the pretty bluebirds make your box their home, Pamela! I have a birdhouse hanging from a tree in my yard and the birds go in and out but none have ever made a nest in it. They prefer making their nests in my roll up Then I have to wait till they move out of the awning in June in order to use it.

  19. Looks like spring in your neck,of the woods, love your new header!

  20. I love to see bluebirds! It looks quite warm there now, I like the picture of the flooded field and also love the header pic.

  21. love all your more springy moments. the blue bird, tulips and the Easter table decor. so fun!! we are having tons of rain this week, glad for it ... but it makes me so sleepy and a great time for book reading. ( ;


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