Spring 2018

Spring 2018
Spring Green

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

spring is bursting out


After weeks of rain and cold weather with the odd teaser spring-like day we are in a 5 day stretch of sunshine and very warm temperatures in the low to mid 20'sC.  Everything is late growing and the fields are so wet that the farmers can't get out to plow.  Hopefully this 'dry' spell will help and things will start looking up.  Flood season is over and the water is going down. Folk are picking fiddleheads along the streams and rivers now - a spring delicacy.  

The tulips are blooming and the daffodils are dying down, their yellow trumpets shrivelling after putting on a great show.

This bee was drinking nectar from a golden cup one day during a break from the rain.

The Tree Swallows are always flying overhead catching bugs.  A pair have settled on one of the birdhouses near to the back deck where they have nested the past 3 summers.  The Bluebirds finally gave up trying to oust them out of that house and settled on the house in the back garden.  I think both pairs are settling in and perhaps have eggs in their nests.  Time will tell.  I'm still waiting for the Hummingbirds to arrive but they have been spotted in the area so I expect it will be soon.

The Solomon's Seal is starting to grow fast now. 

Maple tree tassels look so pretty in the morning sun.  It was really windy so difficult to capture them as still as I'd like.  

Yesterday I went for a nice walk and took these photos.

This is the apple orchard which will soon be in blossom.  Note the pretty greens in the trees down below the orchard.

At the apple orchard they also grow raspberries and strawberries.  I can't wait to pick some fresh fruit!

I'm not sure what this bush is growing in the ditch.

Manitoba Maple tree tassels.

How is this for a gorgeous view??  This is looking down at the islands in the St. John River and if one had a really good zoom or binoculars one can see Fredericton, our capital city.....well mostly just the bridge that crosses the river downtown, but we know the city is there in the trees.  

I know our spring is much later than most of you but it is such a glorious season and I enjoy it so much.  There is so much new growth and the colours are magnificent.  I love spring!!

  We have our holiday long weekend coming up celebrating Queen Victoria - apparently the only country to do so.  It will be a busy weekend as it's the start of camping season and a lot of the tourist attractions open for the summer season.  I'm hoping we can make our traditional visit to 
St. Andrews-by-the-Sea if the weather stays nice.

Have a great day and holiday weekend, should you celebrate it.  Thank you for visiting.  



  1. Summer here...95 yesterday. 93 Sunday when I almost killed myself on my hike.

    All lovely shots.

  2. England does not celebrate Queen Victoria? How interesting! Well you surely live in a beautiful corner. I have always loved it and enjoy seeing it through your eyes. I may never in this lifetime see it again so it is always pleasant to visit you. My sister pays very little attention to my blogging peeps, but she has you bookmarked! Your tulips are way ahead of ours!

  3. You have the most beautiful long range views! It looks like it has greened up overnight! Love your tulips! And ship some of those strawberries down here when they come in season. I miss them. Enjoy your long weekend. We celebrate every weekend! heehee! Hugs!

  4. Absolutely glorious - the views are unbelievable - and all the closeups are wonderful. Our spring out here in NW Washington state is very slow also - so cold this year - barely above 55F and so much rain this year - the wettest Feb and March in history. But they say a week of no rain and some sunshine over the next few days - I can hardly wait. Our daffodils and tulips are mostly done now - but the rhododendrons are coming on and filling the area with beauty. I love the apple orchard view and the swallows. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. Beautiful shots, especially the tulips!

  6. Your season looks very much like ours! Things are VERY late here. But lots of beautiful yellow-green colours!

  7. Happy Celebrating Queen Victoria weekend . . .
    Although your Springtime is arriving later than usual
    I loved seeing all the fresh, greens, yellows, blossoms.
    I agree such a pretty time spring is . . .

  8. Sorry it has been so wet. Looks like your spring has a lovely beginning though. We have a later spring start here too...I am not used to 40 degree temps in May! :-) But, it looks like it is warming up to the 70s within the next week. Beautiful photos!

  9. Such lovely signs of spring in your area. We've had a cold/wet spring here as well. Enjoyed all your wonderful photos.

  10. Gorgeous view and lovely spring blooms. I think this is my favourite time of year when everythings starts to grow again. Nature never fails to amaze me. Have a fantastic weekend.

  11. Always so nice to see your photos! Enjoy the long weekend!

  12. It must be wonderful to live in the country and have such beautiful vistas to gaze upon and walk through! Your spring flower photos are great -- I know you are enjoying it all and it doesn't seem that long ago that you were having some snow!

  13. Stunning shots of your spring in bloom, Pamela. Your macros of all the flowers and tree blossoms are beautiful. I can feel your excitement for the season of radiant rejuvenation!

    Happy Victoria Day weekend!

  14. Spring and summer nothing like it.

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  17. So exciting to see spring in New Brunswick! It has been a long cold wet spring here too, and any blooms or green at all is so very welcome and a joyous occasion to celebrate after the long winter! Enjoyed your view of Fredericton from a distance and the pictures of the maple trees putting on leaves. Our maple is leafed out too, and it is so pretty. Hope you had a wonderful Victoria weekend :)

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