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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

it's summer

Hi Everyone!

It's been almost a month since I hit the publish button on what was to be my last post for a while.
I thought I'd post today as we are drawing close to the end of June already and it's been almost a month since I 'retired' for the summer.  ðŸ˜  

I would like to thank you for your very kind comments on my last post when I wrote about giving up blogging for at least the summer and maybe longer.  You are all such dear friends and your comments warmed my heart.  Thank you!! I didn't respond to you individually as I enjoyed the break from commenting so I hope you read this today and know how much I appreciate each one of you.

Today I thought I'd update you on what I've done the past month and perhaps this is how I'll do my posting.....a month in review.  Some other friends post monthly updates and I like that as it keeps me in touch with them.  

I spent 11 days visiting our daughter and her family in Calgary.  Murray had a business trip to Edmonton and suggested I fly to visit our family while he was there.  He joined us on the weekend in between then came back the day before we were to fly home.  That was half the month of June gone but it was so good to spend time with our daughter and our three grandsons. 

The boys helped me choose the 'decorations' they liked to the above photo.  

Family photo shoot on our last night.
The boys will be 4, 7 and 3 this summer.  They are cute, smart, busy, lively, active, loud and SO much fun!!  I sure wish they lived closer to us.  

The week after we got home I went to Corn Hill Nursery with a couple of girlfriends for a day trip. I've shared this beautiful spot with you before and we enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Cedar Cafe before walking around the gardens in the rain.  We didn't let the rain hamper our enjoyment of the gorgeous roses, lilies and rhododendrons that were in bloom.

Even on a rainy day the view is spectacular.

We've had quite a lot of rain this month so everything is growing well and very lush.  We also had a few, very few, hot and humid days.  It seems we can't get a day in without a shower or thundershower though, so hopefully July will be a bit dryer.  I just saw on the news how wet it is in southern Ontario as well and that it has affected the farmers terribly.  

We gave up on our vegetable garden this summer as the ground was not good (very rocky) and the deer ate most of what we grew.  We don't miss the weeding and deer visits at all.  We've been doing quite a bit of landscaping around the front of the house but it's not completed yet.  Yard work is never ending in our short season!

Photo taken in Officers Square in downtown Fredericton on Saturday evening June 24.

If you're Canadian, you know we are celebrating 150 years as a country this July 1st.  It is a huge celebration with events being held in every city, town, village and community across this great country of ours.  Even our small community is planning a parade and day long events ending with fireworks.  Sadly, the weather forecast is calling for rain from Friday through Sunday for us!  I don't think that will stop people from attending events but the fireworks may have to be cancelled if the rain is heavy.  I am so thankful to live in this great country of ours!  

Along the walking trail in downtown Fredericton.

The view of the trail and the St. John River in downtown Fredericton.

The wildflowers are in bloom along the roadsides and in fields and look so beautiful.  Farmers are trying to get their first cut of grass between the rains.  Strawberry u-picks are open this week for fresh berries....which I hope to do tomorrow.  School's out for summer and vacations are starting.  We have no plans for the rest of the summer at this point other than day trips but we hope to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in August with a weekend away to St. Andrews at the Algonquin Hotel where we started our honeymoon.  The years have gone by fast but God has blessed us abundantly over those 40 years and I am very grateful for the wonderful husband I have!

Happy Canada Day!!

I'll try to post again at the end of July.  Thank you for visiting and I wish you all a blessed and safe summer. 

See you later.



  1. Hi Pam! Well, I guess I missed your last post about what your blogging plans were...I will go back and read it. Since I keep up with you just about everyday on facebook, I guess I haven't visited your blog for a while. The photos of those wildflowers just makes my heart beat a little faster...oh my, they are gorgeous! Enjoy your holiday weekend...it sounds like it may be as wet as they say ours is going to be. See you on facebook!

  2. You have been busy! Have a wonderful Canada Day!

  3. You have had a great June! Most especially because you were able to visit your daughter and son-in-law and those three sons of theirs! What a great bunch of grands. I have always loved your photography and the pictures you took of the gardens are quintessential "Playing with My Camera." Delightful! Now see, that wasn't so bad. 😊

  4. Happy Canada Day Pam! So nice to get out and visit those grandchildren! Have a good July.

  5. So nice to see a post here today! Love the photo of you two with the three grandsons! Sounds like you had a lovely time in AB. Things are looking lush and green around your place for the BIG 150th celebration. Happy Canada Day!

  6. It is good to see and hear about your fun days. You have enjoyed so much! The gardens are so lovely and colorful as ell as the wildflowers. Glad to hear that your summer is going nice so far.

  7. Happy Canada Day!
    Good idea to do a month in review.

  8. Dearest Pamela, seeing you here has made my morning - really enjoying all your news and lovely photos along with my wake-up coffee! Glad you had a great trip out to see the family, the boys are getting big and are adorable - and that you will be enjoying Canada Day at home, then your big anniversary with some time away.
    Life goes by so quickly doesn't it? Each day is precious and it will be so nice if you can at least keep in touch monthly - I like that idea and my even consider it for the future. I feel blogging just "ain't what it used to be" for our age group perhaps - so many have quit altogether over the past 6 months. The new younger gals who have turned their blogs into businesses, and many are amazing I have to admit, are way out of my class, and of course don't rely on close friendships with their readers as our group ('the originals' as I Iike to call us) always have done.
    Enjoy each day dear, rain or shine. Hope the strawberries are sweet and luscious, our local crop is over now but we're started to enjoy corn, tomatoes etc., all those lovely summertime veggies.

    Happy Birthday beautiful Canada - I hope to come back again soon.
    Hugs always - Mary

  9. Happy Canada Day, 150th . . .
    Like your month review . . . the idea of it too . . .
    I am finding it difficult to keep up my posting pace of earlier years.
    Rethinking what works best individually has to be a good thing!
    Love the outdoor photos . . .
    I think some of my favorite photos are from rainy days.
    The green is brilliant in your photos . . . a rainy day vibrant green is so Ireland . . .
    And a visit with "the three littles" . . . how fun.
    They are changing and growing up so fast . . .
    Enjoy your celebration . . . Happy Day!

  10. Hi Pamela, It sounds like you've had a good month. Isn't it amazing how fun our grandkids are? I love your new summer header too. Hope you have a good celebration on the first,

  11. Hey Pam - I hadn't realised you were thinking of giving up blogging; I hope you don't! You have some wonderful shots in this post - that first one is really lovely. Congratulations and all the best wishes to you and Canadians everywhere for your special day!

  12. All nice photos, but I LOVE the last one. Very nice tribute. Summers are for just what you have been up to! I think we have had a similar month of June. Happy celebrating!

  13. How lovely to see a post from you. Glad you could spend time with your family in Calgary. It's hard when loved ones live so far away. Frederickton looks like a wonderful place to walk - we hope to visit the Maritimes again one day and spend more time there.
    Have a grand time celebrating Canada's 150th birthday. We live in a great country!

  14. It was great to hear from you Pamela! How special that you got to spend such a sweet time with the grandkids, they are just precious! I know you must miss them so much! Beautiful picture of all of you together :) And I loved the little garden you went to visit, it is gorgeous, oh my! And all that rain is crazy isn't it! Happy 40th anniversary to you and your husband, what a special way to celebrate by visiting the same hotel you stayed in 40 years ago! And have a blessed and very special July 1st 150th celebration, an amazing milestone for the great country of Canada :) I will look forward to your update in July, that sounds like a good idea, to blog once a month :)

  15. I missed your last post about quitting. It's hard for me to keep up too. I usually do a post a week or maybe 2 weeks. Your monthly one is a good idea too.

  16. I'm enjoying my break away from blogging too, though I've been managing the almist weekly garden updates. So glad you had a visit with your grandsons and family. Can't wait for our next visit out west. Thank goodness for the internet and texting and facetime. Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. So lovely to catch up with you glad to hear that you have been having a good time hope you had a good Canada day

  18. Please dont stop with your blogging! I always read your blog with joy and I just love your photos...
    Have a great sunday, take care!
    Love from Titti

  19. Heart-warming and spectacular photos!
    Belated Happy Canada Day wishes! xx

  20. Wonderful!!
    Love all the photos, especially family ones.
    And I love your Canada 150 blocks :)
    Enjoy summer!

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Lovely photos, Pam! I'm glad you were out visiting your family. Those times are precious, I know. My family is arriving next week so I'm trying to get ready for them. Hope you're having a spectacular July!



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