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Saturday, September 2, 2017

the calendar says September

The late summer garden.

Hello Friends.
The calendar says September as another month has come to a close and also the end of summer as some of you will be finished summer vacation time and your children will be back to school.  I know we still have a few more weeks of actual summer although the weather is starting to change as we get into much cooler nights and some days as well.  

The field behind us was cut at the first of the month.

Bales of hay going to the barn.


At the Longest Covered Bridge in the World in Hartland, NB.

As I mentioned in my last post, Murray and I celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary on August 6.  As his sister was visiting with us we spent the day with her taking a drive on the backroads of Carleton County and visiting Hartland.  The "40" is a vintage one I found so we took that with us on a few adventures that week for fun.  

The "40" showed up at New River Beach the next day as we went there with friends.  It was a beautiful summer day and the tide was out so we walked the beach and had a nice seafood supper later.


The same week I met a friend downtown Fredericton where we watched the 'changing of the guard' ceremony in Officers Square that we'd missed in July.  It was quite impressive for a small town event.


The Tidal Bore in Moncton.  The wave of water is coming over silt that has been built up over the past 40+ years.

We went to the huge Sussex Flea Market and had a great time but it was SO HOT!! We walked and walked up and down the lanes looking at stalls of antiques, new stuff and lots of junk too.  We stayed in Moncton for the night and went downtown to catch the Tidal Bore in the Petitcodiac River.  It is an event that occurs twice a day when the tide comes up the Bay of Fundy and then the Petitcodiac River with a wave.  People actually ride the wave on surf boards these days.  It is interesting to see and watch, and listen to the sound of the silt being tossed in the wave as it approaches.  Sometimes the wave is quite large especially near a full moon or tidal surge.

We walked along the beautiful riverfront trail and found this wall art on the back of a building.  The city sponsored mural painting on many buildings earlier in the summer and this one was quite spectacular as it is made of junk - mostly plastics - that go into our landfills, and even our waters.  It gives one lots to think about and makes a quite a statement to our wasteful society today.


Another friend and I went to Kings Landing Historical Settlement on a very HOT and humid day last week.  We had a great time as she hadn't been there since she was a young girl.  

Some of the "visiting cousins" we saw that attend camp there for the week learning about life in the 1800's.

And this 'visiting cousin' is me!  Haha.  In one of the houses one can dress in period clothes and have your photo taken with your own camera or phone.  There is a person there to help out and take your photos for you.  We had a blast doing this!  And as it wasn't busy could take our time.


We are into the ending dog days of summer now with some cooler nights and foggy mornings as the rising sun hits the morning dew.  This photo was on Monday morning and when I looked out and saw the fog I got right out with my camera to get some pics.

I even saw a couple of 'white tails' jumping across the field.  There are lots of deer around and new little ones and they come out on the hill behind us every day.

I captured this Monarch butterfly on the Liatris one evening too.  What beauty!

It is the season for fresh local produce and the roadside stands are open for business.  I bought corn on the cob and green and yellow beans on this day.  Delicious!!

Friends took us out for ice cream on Sunday evening where the scoops were huge and the cheapest cones around!  Yummy!!  I must admit that it was a bit too much ice cream for me and a single cone is certainly big enough. 

I bought this sweet bouquet of flowers from a local vendor who sets up a flower cart on Saturday mornings.  

I'm enjoying our deck and pergola a lot this summer as it's been so sunny and hot.  Although some days it is just too hot to sit out there! I sanded the two cedar Adirondack chairs and stained them in Architectural Grey semi-transparent stain.  Quite a job but they look so nice and really compliment the wood deck and black spindles.  I found two new chair pads on sale too!  I enjoy watching the hummingbirds at the feeders and listening to the birds from my comfy seat.


 So here we are approaching September and a new season.  As I think of our beautiful summer we've had here in NB and the lack of rain in our area my heart goes out to the people of Texas and everyone affected by the devastation and terrible flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.  It is heartbreaking to see the photos in the media.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you as it will be a long road to recovery and renewal.


Thank you for visiting and I hope you leave a comment so I'll know you stopped by.  I wish you a blessed new month of September as we step into a new season.  Take care.




  1. Happy Anniversary! The Kings Landing shots really stand out!

  2. Lovely images. I'm so glad its September and cooler weather here too. love your hydrangeas.

  3. Sounds like you had a good summer. Congrats on 40 years and you're still smiling!

  4. What a lovely month you have had. You both enjoyed your 40th anniversary in many ways. The weather is cooling down, especially the mornings and evenings. We are actually getting a day of rain today, first in ages.

  5. Happy Anniversary 40th . . .
    August here has been warm . .
    Summer has been warm too . . .
    But as summers go, the humidity has seemed less . . .
    (although our dehumidifier ran constantly, then quit, we had to purchase a new one.)

    The 1800's dress up sounded like a fun day trip.
    Loved picture of YOU!

    Deck sitting and hot, humid and sun . . . aren't what I call fun.
    Your deck and pergola look wonderful though . . .
    Nice adirondack look . . .

    Loved the dried Hydrangea colors . . .

    And now onto autumn days . . .
    warm pleasant days, cool window open sleeping!

    Happy September Pamela . . .

  6. What a wonderful end-of-season post! Happy 40th Anniversary! Loved seeing all your wonderful photos! Yes, that is one LONG covered bridge! The leaping deer was fun to see. It was all so much fun.

  7. Happy belated anniversary. Your photos are gorgeous as always. xo Laura

  8. Always fun to peek in on you! I am dumbfounded by the differences in weather between here and there...I can count on one hand the truly hot days this summer; otherwise, it has been like spring and now fall. (I am not complaining.😊) You do live in a beautiful corner of the world and your photos are always so lovely. It was great fun to see you all dressed up in Kings Landing garb. You make a great spokesperson for that wonderful historical settlement. Keep celebrating...

  9. Wonderful photos - so much beauty. Love the ice cream shot. We had huge ice cream cones yesterday too and they were huge - even though one scoop. Happy anniversary - a good long time. We will hit 53 years at the end of this month - the time does pass, though we've stuffed a lot into it over the years.

  10. Hi Pam. Happy end of summer. It looks like you took full advantage of everything summer has to offer. I love the shot of you in "old timers" attire. Happy belated anniversary wishes to you and hubby. Have a wonderful weekend..Judy

  11. Hi Pam, happy anniversary. That's quite a milestone. (We're a bit ahead of you.) I enjoyed the review of your busy month! Now the beauty of fall will be upon you! Enjoy!

  12. Lots of great photos! Love the round bales and the turtle is pretty awesome! Nice shots from the settlement! Congrats again on your anniversary!

  13. Very enjoyable post. Lots of great stuff to see & I agree with Brian, that Turtle Art is super cool.

  14. August looked lovely through your lens! Your post brought back memories of our visit to your part of the country not so long ago...visiting many of those same spots. Happy 40th anniversary to you two...keep on celebrating!

  15. Beautiful photos Pam, as always. Looks like you had lots of fun in August, getting out to enjoy our beautiful province. Congrats on your 40th, we're 10 years behind you! I can wait for colder weather, but looking forward to lots of fall beauty...


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