Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, October 1, 2017

is it October already?

Hi everyone.  Fall as arrived in full swing here the past few days.  We had a fabulous September with unprecedented summer weather nearly every day.  The last  two weeks of the month was very hot and humid with highs in the upper 20's and a humidex of mid-30's.  I was loving the heat but reality bit last Thursday when more seasonal temperatures arrived and it cooled down a lot.  

I spent ten days in September in Calgary visiting our daughter and her family.  The boys are growing and are so smart.  I noticed some changes in them since our visit in June.  

We have 3 little superheroes in the family and they like to accompany us when shopping....well, two of them did this day ~ Spiderman and Captain America.  

Our oldest, at 7, grew some giant sunflowers this summer.  He was quite proud of them.

The drive to the mall is always beautiful - especially the dramatic skies.

We had some dramatic skies here as well.

I've decorated for fall outside and inside.

The late summer blooms kept on coming despite the lack of rain.  The gardens took a beating this year and so did our lawn.

Sunset the other night - when it was really hot.

We have about 15 - 20 deer yarding in our area lately.  Lots of babies - singles, twins and triplets - keep me entertained most days.  At night we hear cars jamming their brakes or slowing down fast when deer cross the road in front of them.  There has been one killed so far which is sad. They are a nuisance but so pretty.  And so plentiful!  

Sunset on the St. John River last week.

This lone boater was having fun.  I'm not sure how he does this but it was interesting to see.

Yesterday we went to the local apple orchard to pick Cortland and Honeycrisp apples.  We met our friends there so Tracey and I had our picture taken in the arbour.

We had our first frosty morning today - October 1. A great way to start the new month.  It was a beautiful sunny day but chilly at 15C.  I'm already missing the summer heat!

I hope you had a good September and are ready for the beautiful month of October with all it's colour.  Our leaves may be a bit faded this year due to the lack of rain but they are already putting on a show.  Our Thanksgiving is this coming weekend so I wish all my Canadian readers a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping buy and catching up with me.  
I appreciate your visits and comments.



  1. Love those sky photos...and those Sunflowers!! A gardener in the making!!
    Gonna be warming up again this week here in Southern Ontario...
    Boyfriend and I heading to the cottage in the am...looking forward to that!
    Have a great week Pam...
    Linda :o)

  2. Beautiful September here too. And first frost this morning. Good to hear from you.

  3. Happy October! You certainly enjoyed a terrific September. 🙂 We have not had a frost here, which suits me fine. Unlikely to happen this week.

    All those deer...oh dear. They certainly can be as dangerous as they are beautiful. 🦌

    In case I forget, Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. You had a good September and you are really ready for fall. Your header looks festive! I'm glad you were able to have a visit with your kiddos!

  5. Gorgeous pictures Pam . . .
    Loved seeing the little super heroes, and sunflower master . . .
    Happy Thanksgiving to you coming up soon.
    Happy colorful October . . .

  6. Beautiful shots! It sounds like you've been quite busy.

  7. This is a lovely time of the year, cool mornings and evenings and gorgeous during the day. Sounds like a lovely visit to your family out west. Enjoy the week.

  8. Beautiful autumnal scenes, Pam. I'm glad you had a nice long visit with your grandboys in Calgary. The open skies there are so beautiful and dramatic!

  9. Just wonderful photos Pam, sounds like you are getting amazing Fall weather.

  10. Gorgeous landscapes and sky photos!

  11. Alberta's skies can be very dramatic, but I see that yours are, as well. Our fall has been filled with plenty of wonderful weather, too. A bit of rain, then more sunshine. We won't complain!

  12. Love the snapshots of fall through your lens...capturing the delights of the season! And those Honeycrisp apples...aren't they just the best? Glad you were able to have a nice visit in Calgary again. It's really a small world, isn't it...distance does not separate like it once did.

  13. Pam, your photos are really wonderful! I'm so glad you got out to Calgary again. It's hard when our loved ones live so far away. It was fun to see your grandson's sunflowers and I just love the excitement of the little guys over their accomplishments. We are having lovely weather today and hopefully the next couple of days. How I will miss the warmth after it's gone for the winter months. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and enjoy lots of pie!


  14. I love the photo of your grandson with the giant sunflowers - looks like the beginning of a great adventure.

  15. You had a busy but very exciting September, getting very special time with Superman and Captain America, lol! He grew some great sunflowers, so fun, I agree! Love the expansive skies of the prairie and moody skies, and all your fall photos. Gorgeous pumpkins! Isn't fall the nicest season! We are enjoying it so much here too. :)

  16. Pam, so many beautiful pictures! We had a very nice fall so far, too, but I haven't captured any of the beauty you have here! Apple picking, grandchildren, pumpkins, everything is wonderful.

  17. Lovely lovely post and great pictures...
    Autumn is a beautiful time with all colours and fresh air!
    Love from Titti

  18. It's sure a beautiful time of year where you live! And I love the photo of you and your friend, Tracey! What pretty smiles you both have! Love seeing those deer and the sunset photos! WOW....just gorgeous views! Enjoy your week. Hugs, Diane


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