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Monday, November 20, 2017

November's palette

Hi everyone!

Here we are more than half way through November and getting closer to Christmas and holiday time in December.  I thought I would share some photos of what November looks like here in the Maritime Provinces of eastern Canada.
It's a dull month and we've had a lot of cloudy days and rain and wind.  The trees are bare and we had our first little snowfall on Friday morning which melted by noon.  The weather has been so up and down one has to change from boots and winter coats one day to shoes and a lighter jacket the next.  Winter will soon have its icy grip on us though and our world will be white and cold!

All alone.

Sunday Morning Sunrise

Backyard Visitors - Mama and baby.

A skim of ice on a local pond.

A Mackerel Sky 

Last week a friend and I went for a walk at the beaver ponds in Mactaquac Provincial Park.  It was a cloudy day and quite chilly.....some of you would have been really cold! 😱😱  The ponds were frozen over already so it was cool to see them without snow and the reflections were as pretty as a still summer day.....well, almost.  ðŸ˜Ž  Just minus the greenery and the heat.

These are Winterberries or Ilix berries on a branch that was growing over the pond.  Note all the seeds etc. frozen in the ice.

Tiny Bubbles
It was so neat to see the millions of tiny bubbles as well as larger ones that froze in the ice.  All the frogs and tadpoles and tiny fish are asleep beneath the ice now.  Nature is so amazing!

Nope....it's not a whale tail.  It is a branch in the water that has been frozen in plus the wind had blown the water over it and the water drops froze.  

Looking south across the pond as the sun started to break through the clouds.  I had to lighten this photo as it was quite dark.  Love the reflections! 

This is a birch tree that has been riddled with holes  in an even pattern by the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.  These birds tap holes into the bark looking for the sap they love.  Eventually the tree will weaken and die.  The top half of this tree had broken off in a wind.  There were a lot of new windfalls along the trails and in the woods since I was last out there in October.

That's it for now.  Thank you for visiting.
I wish all my American readers a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this week.  Enjoy your time with family and friends.  

This next month will be busy so I will be scarce on here but hope to post sometime in December.  Until then please take good care of yourself and your loved ones as you prepare for the holiday season to come. 🎄🎅🎇🎉



  1. Even though I have seen many of these on facebook, they are always more stunning when I see them on your blog...bigger is better! That mackerel sky is breathtaking, Pam. Have a great week!

  2. Pam, your photography is always so stunningly captivating! In a way, though November can be a bleak month, there is something about it that makes me love it, too. Thank you for these beautiful photos.

  3. Wonderful photos, Pam! There's beauty even in the dull month of November. The mackerel sky is gorgeous, as are the berries against the ice. When I first saw the tree branch dripping with ice on IG I had to look twice; it really does look like a whale! Have a wonderful week, Pam!

  4. My husband and I both marveled over the birch tree....how neat! And yes, I would have been cold❄️ hugs!

  5. Beautiful shots; my favourite is the mother and young deer.

  6. at first I worried you were telling us you were in a rut. Then you wowed me with that Mackerel sky

  7. Hi Pam! Nice to hear from you. I find I'm looking forward to your monthly updates. November has been pretty much a dull month here too, though we did squeeze in a week in B.C. with the grandkids. And it's white outside here now.

  8. Such beautiful photos of the world around you, Pam! Love seeing those fuzzy deer, all warm and cozy for the coming winter. The photos of the pond with the silvery trees is quite stunning and the frozen branch really does look like a whale fin. These last few weeks before Christmas keeps us so busy that we don't notice how quickly the time is passing, but I am always surprised when another year comes to an end. Enjoy all the Christmas preparations and I'm looking forward to your next post. xo Karen

  9. I always enjoy your photos, Pam. That tree is astonishing - and I think your frozen branch looks like the jaw of a mighty fish!

  10. Well it seems that we are enjoying the same weather conditions. It was mild today so I took advantage of it and slapped another coat of paint on the back steps. I would not have believed it possible a week ago.

    I know that you’re not blogging as often, but I do hope that you’ll share some Christmas cheer and decor. Will the choir be doing a Christmas cantata?

  11. That sapsucker sure made an interesting pattern. We will be away till the New Year. Wishing you and Murray and family a wonderful, joyous and fun filled holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  12. Gorgeous landscapes and sunrise! You have beautiful surroundings!

  13. Your camera makes dull look beautiful!

  14. I always enjoy your photos Pamela . . .
    The log in the pond looks like an animal with big teeth.
    Enjoy the rest of November . . .
    No snow here yet . . . I am waiting!

  15. Love your November palette. There is such beauty in every season...and you always capture it well.


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