Spring 2018

Spring 2018
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

over the hill

Looking up the hill in February 2017

No, it's not my big birthday.  Yes, I've been over the hill for a few years now.  ðŸ˜„ This post is about going over the hill behind our house which we don't do very often.  I've shared lots of photos on here of the view behind our house year around.  Our property ends at the cedar rail fence and once in a while we take a walk up the hill either in summer or on snowshoes in winter.  A couple weekends ago we walked up on the snowmobile trail that Murray has been making this winter and didn't need snowshoes.  I did need my ski poles to help me with balance though and it was a brilliant idea to bring them, I must say.  

We followed the snowmobile trail that Murray has been making over the hill down to the river although we didn't go that far as my knee wouldn't allow me that strain.  It was a beautiful sunny day as you can see by the blue skies.

We are getting closer to the top now.  I stopped often to look around, take pictures and watch for deer.

We saw these three deer off to the far left once we got over the other side.  There were deer tracks everywhere and we also saw a group of them grazing on the next farm over.

This photo looks across the river to Mactaquac and the provincial park.  It is a long way down to the river by foot and it's also steep so you can see why we didn't walk too far.  These fields are starting to grow up with trees now as they haven't been farmed or used for pasture for decades.  We should take a walk this far in the summer to see how much the fields are grown over with brush and trees.  The view will be blocked by leaves by then.

This is a broader view showing the snow covered St. John River.  Do you see that faint tiny bump in the middle of the horizon?  That's called Harvey Mountain.  And it's not that big really....more like a very large hill.  ðŸ˜€

Here is a pano shot from my cell phone of the pretty clouds, the snowmobile trail and deer tracks.

I turned around and took this shot looking up the hill where we came from.  This would be a lovely spot for a house with the gorgeous view and southwesterly exposure.

As we came back up to the top on our way back I took a this photo of the bare grass, which is probably covered with fresh snow again.

We've reached the top of the hill again and are looking east toward our house.

Now, you may notice that these prints aren't deer tracks, although the one at the bottom right looks like one, so I'm thinking some sort of big cat was on the hunt.  Hmm.  There are bobcat around now and then and lots of coyotes but I'm just not sure what this track would be.  Also, the warm sun would have melted it down and made it look bigger than it was.

The 'yellow' door in the centre of the photo is our shed door.  Almost home.

Just brilliant!

Last Saturday we went for a quick run up the hill on the snowmobile.....my first time on one in years.  Since I had no helmet Murray drove really slow and we were gone for 10 minutes.  It was a hazy/sunny spring-like day.

Murray, and our son and daughter-in-law, went snowmobiling on Monday night for a few hours during the snowstorm.  They had a blast and drove all the way to New Maryland, a town south of Fredericton.  They had to cross the river two times there and back which always makes me nervous this time of the year.

I took this through the window at 7:00 pm with snow falling so it's a bit blurry.  

Our deck yesterday morning after it was snow-free for about a week.

As you see we still have lots of snow.  We got about 14 cm. on Monday and another 5 cm. last night.  As we finish off the month of March and head into April - the month of showers - we hope we've seen the last of old man winter.  

Here's some colour for you after all these white pictures.  ðŸ˜€

Thank you for visiting.  
Have a great day and I hope it feels like spring where you live.

Take care.

Monday, March 20, 2017

sugar bush weekend 2017

Happy Spring Everyone!  
You may have noticed I changed my header to a springtime one even though it looks nothing like that outside right now, and won't for many weeks yet, but we're hopeful and we enjoy any days when the sun is shining, the temperature rises above freezing and the snow is melting.  

On Saturday Murray and I went to Kings Landing Historical Settlement for the annual Sugar Bush Weekend.  A friend gave us complimentary tickets for the breakfast sponsored by the York Sunbury Ground Search and Rescue Organization and then we walked through the settlement to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.  It was mid-morning and the sun was shining beautifully with no wind.  The air was chilly (-6C) but we were dressed warmly with long johns, winter parkas, hats and scarves so didn't mind.  We did get warmed up from our walk by the end of it.  The road was dry and still frozen so we didn't have to deal with mud or snow.  I took lots of pictures so I hope you enjoy them.  

None of the houses were open for viewing and most were surrounded by drifts of snow from the recent blizzards.

The saw mill and frozen waterfall over the dam.

Making maple syrup from the sap of maple trees the old fashioned way.  

Preparing to make candy on the snow.

A lean-to campsite that would have been used in the sugar bush in the 1800's.

These horses were in the barn having breakfast before starting their day hauling the wagon loads of people though the settlement.

I liked the contrast of this photo in black and white.

This is the St. John River.  It was mostly ice recently until we had the blizzard last week which made some amazing drifts.  There were snowmobilers on the other side going up river.

The Perley House got a new shingle roof last fall I think.  

All aboard!!

I hope you enjoyed our walk through Kings Landing.  It was a gorgeous morning!  When we arrived back at the welcome building the huge lobby was full of people waiting to pay for their way in to the breakfast or the site.  I'm glad we got up and went early!

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.  I always appreciate them.  Have a wonderful first week of spring!  I know it's spring somewhere.  I'll be back in a few days with more pics of another walk we made on Sunday.


Monday, March 13, 2017

this and that from the weekend

Scott's Nursery on Friday the 10th.

Hello friends.  
There isn't much new here.  We've endured several bitterly cold windy days since last Friday.....with temperatures sitting at -18C on Saturday.....which is unusual for March, but we're on the upswing this week and there is a major snowstorm moving in on Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday night.  I'm sure most of you have either heard about it or are under it by now if you live in the northern US or southern Ontario and Quebec.  

Last Friday was Murray's birthday.  He is now officially a senior citizen, albeit one who enjoys working so much he's not ready to retire just yet.  He took the day off and we went to town to run errands and just enjoy the day.  At suppertime we went to a pizza restaurant where we had invited some friends to join us for a celebration. 

That morning we went to the biggest green house operation in Fredericton, Scott's Nursery, just to get a taste and feel of spring and a tropical climate. The top photo was taken of the Primulas all in bloom.  The moist heat, colours, and greenery was wonderful for the senses after this long winter season.  I could have set a nice comfy lawn chair in there and just relaxed for a few hours but I don't think they allow that, which is too bad, as I'm sure they could make money by renting out chairs for winter weary folk to enjoy the place.  I did buy a couple of plants while there though. 

 One is an Aloe Vera plant and the other is a Mimicry Plant.  I had an Aloe Vera back in the 80's but got rid of it or maybe it died, and having read that it is very healthy to have plants in the house I decided to add a few more.  The little Mimicry plant is so pretty with its rose and lime green colours.  I may invest in a couple more of these little succulents to set in a tray of some sort with pretty pebbles or stones.

Notice the two stones?  When Murray was away for work a week ago he ended his trip with a visit to our daughter, son-in-law and grandsons in Calgary.  Yes, I was jealous that I couldn't go too!  When I was checking the pockets of his travel bag I found these two stones.  Our two older grands sent them home for me.  Isn't that the sweetest?

Do you have any succulent plants in your home?  What is your favourite?

I've enjoyed the colour of these orangey/coral/yellow tulips this past weekend.  They are gorgeous but sadly, are not lasting as long as usual.  One of the stems has 3 blooms on it!  Have you ever seen that before?

A three-headed tulip.

The buffet and hutch are decorated for spring, which is lurking around the proverbial corner, and will get some Easter touches later this week.  I like that Easter is in mid-April this year as our weather should be a bit better.  

How did you make out with the time springing ahead on the weekend?  Between that and the full moon it was not the best for me.  I'm waking too early and it is now dark in the morning again for a while.  I enjoy the longer evening light but since we can't even do anything outside due to the snow and cold it's kind of a waste of that extra hour.  We won't enjoy that evening light until May when we can maybe sit outside or do some yard work or go for a walk.  I'm looking forward to that!

A little bunny hopped out of the cabinet.

Thanks for popping by!  Maybe my next post will have some lovely snowy scenes to share.  I do enjoy visiting my southern bloggers who are having warm temperatures and enjoying spring blooms and green grass.  They make me hopeful.  
Have a super week!

Take care.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

signs of spring

Note the deer on the right.  It was kicking its heels and biting its rump as it ran.

I'm still around.  Sorry I haven't been posting or visiting the past week but life happens.  Here we are into day 6 of March!  The days are getting longer and the time changes to Daylight Saving Time on the weekend.  I wish we had the warm weather to go with those extra daylight hours at the end of the day.  We don't really get to enjoy them until May and by then we're getting close to summer.  Such is life in our part of the world.

The deer have been gathering on the hill the past week and I've counted up to 25 or so at once. We had mild temperatures and rain last week which melted down some of the snow so the deer have been eating the stubble in the bare patches.  

Meet and Greet
On the hill with the bare patches.
Noon Hour
March 3, 2017
Bring a Friend.

I braved the bitterly cold wind and -20C windchill to venture into the backyard to take these photos.   We had such gusty winds from Thursday through Sunday.  I don't like wind.  I worry about trees snapping and power outages.

Two of the 'three amigos' who hang around our yard having a chat in the tree.  They like to clean up the bird seed on the ground which is great.

Monday was a lovely day - sunny and the wind had subsided - so I took a walk around the yard on the icy snow.  I had to be careful as my knee is still very unstable so I picked my way carefully and tried to find bare spots to walk on - few and far between.  I was delighted to see these daffodil leaves poking through next to the foundation where the snow had melted.  Spring is coming!

Purple Campanula
With winter weather still around I like to buy some pretty flowering plants and tulips to bring spring cheer to our home.

Have you ever seen or used one of these vintage Kodak cameras?  My father had one like this and I remember taking my first few photos on it when I was about 9 or 10 years old.  Then I was given a Brownie camera - the small square brown plastic kind - which I used for a few years until the Kodak Instamatic Camera was invented.  I loved the drop in film cartridge and the flash cubes.  Remember them?  That was in the 60's and early 70's.  My next camera after that was gifted to my by my husband - a 35 mm. film camera.  I've been taking photos all my life and I must admit I really like the ease and convenience of a DSLR camera.  

This is a collage of the above camera and a vintage Kodak Brownie box camera.

Some spring touches in the front entry.  No Forsythia in bloom here yet so faux it is.  And faux pussy willows too!  I took this photo this morning while the sun was shining before the clouds rolled in.  We have snow, ice pellets, maybe freezing rain, then rain moving in.  Then back to the deep freeze again on Friday.  

Thanks so much for visiting.  I hope you are having a good week and that spring is showing signs of it's impending arrival for you.


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