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Spring 2018
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

winter has arrived

New Year's Day Sunrise

Hello there!  Happy belated new year to you all.  I just realized yesterday that I hadn't done a post since mid-December and thought I'd share a few pics with you.  The above photo was taken at sunrise on January 1 ~ a bitterly cold -18C.  I noted the sunrise this morning and it is already coming up to the left of the tall elm tree!  This brings me great joy as it means we are slowly creeping toward spring.

Christmas morning just as the snowstorm was starting 'our' family of deer took a stroll through the backyard.  They have been scarce since the snows came.  Our son and his wife had come for breakfast and I guess the deer thought they could join us too.  😋  It snowed all day but we managed to travel to friends for turkey dinner!

New Year's Eve

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year's Eve with family and friends.  

Christmas has been put away for another year but a few snowmen will linger on this shelf for a while as winter is settling in with lots of snow.

The full Wolf or Cold Moon was spectacular as it rose over the valley.  It was orange which didn't show in my shaky photo.  Jack Frost was nipping at my gloved fingertips so I didn't linger long for better pics.  We were under the Arctic Polar Vortex for a week and it finally left a couple of days ago.  I'm sure it will return later on.

This is the sunset on January 3 - the night before the major nor'easter, bomb cyclone/hurricane, blizzard arrived.  It came with a vengeance!

Looking out the front entry windows in the evening with the blizzard raging outside.  We got 25-30 cm. of snow and wind.....oh the wind!!  It was terrible.  The gusts were frightening and the snow blew in drifts and packed it so hard.  There were whiteouts and drifts on the roads. Thankfully our power never went out but we were prepared.  

The next day was cleanup time.  

The wind blew from the northeast so it fills the driveway in at the end along with what the snowplow drops off for us.

Our back deck has a 'bit' of snow on it. That afternoon after the storm the wind shifted to the northwest and then we were back in the deep freeze again.

 Our son popped over on his snowmobile the other day.  He was 'breaking trail' for Murray but it is pretty well drifted over again.  And, Murray hasn't had the sled out yet!  He's in Winnipeg again for work.  

A few winter birds are around, along with our resident red squirrel who we think is living in our barbecue for the winter.  😡  There are a lot of Goldfinches every day along with Chickadees, Crows, and a Downey Woodpecker.  I haven't seen any Juncos, Pine Siskin or Nuthatches yet.


Adult Male Downey Woodpecker on the bird feeder swinging in the wind.

American Crows waiting for some bread.

I looked out the entry window this morning and noted the beautiful bright sunshine reflecting off the drifts in the yard.  The wind is blowing the powdery snow into fluffy clouds.  Our weather will change on Friday with freezing rain and rain....lots of rain (40mm!!) continuing through Saturday.  😱😳 The temperatures are to rise to 12C (50F) so our snow will melt considerably. It's time for the January thaw. 

Well, I must go and find some bread crusts for the crows.   I wish you a good day and hope you are enjoying January so far.  

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  1. These are wonderful pictures! So different from where we are. I would enjoy it for a short time. I hope you are keeping cozy!! I am so glad the days are getting longer too. Long time till spring, but I love the light. I love hearing about and seeing your deer and birds too. Such a lovely place to live.

  2. Oh sure! Those things are American crows! 😆 Pray tell, what distinguishes them? Are they the flip side of Canada geese?

    You sure have captured the blast. I felt every foul wind all over again, except for the snuggly indoor bits. Hope that Murray is able to get out there and enjoy “the machine” soon in milder temps. Have you heard that the deep freeze is this weekend? Oh dread.

  3. Such lovely winter scenes you've shared with us! I enjoy seeing them on IG too. I wish you could send us a little snow here, but at least it's been cold so I feel like we've had a real winter.

  4. I love seeing your wintry shots, Pam! We are having a too mild winter so far in Breckenridge. We’re due a bit of snow tonight, but we need feet, not inches! However, your weather sounds very up and down - lots of snow, blowing, and now rain! I met some visitors from Ontario this morning when I went for my walk. They’re here for a week of skiing, but say they have plenty of snow at home!

  5. That collection of amazing photos was sure worth waiting for! Beautiful! Wow, that's a lot of snow!

  6. Well, it's not as if you're using the barbecue over the winter, right?

    Beautiful shots, and Happy New Year!

  7. Enjoyed the photos.

    It's a balmy 75 in Tampa today.

  8. Beautiful photos! I love the moon shot and the crows! We've had some very cold temperatures, but still waiting for the first significant snowfall.

  9. Happy New Year! Good to hear that you will be having warmer weather soon. We had snow all day yesterday and it very cold after a mostly milder winter than normal. It will feel like -42 tomorrow. Your.photos really tell a tale! What a storm you had. Keep warm!

  10. Hi Pam,
    I came across your blog while searching for Church Ladies' Easter eggs. You have an entry about Easter in 2011. Great stuff, you have a new follower.
    Andy from Toronto

  11. Glad you had a good Christmas, but sorry you got that bomb cyclone! You've got at least as much snow as we have, though it's melting now.

  12. You make winter look so beautiful through your lens, Pam! I am not a winter person at all, but do enjoy the lovely snow scenes. I kinda turned sour on winter many years ago when I fell on ice and broke my ankle right in the joint in 3 places. I used to love the snow when I was a youngster, tho. I also loved the photo of your tree with the lights reflecting in the window and all the pretty birds. Happy New Year to you! Take care and stay warm. xx Cheryl

  13. Pam, when you get snow, you GET snow! Amazing! We haven't had that much snowfall in a few years now, this year it's very sparse, and the cold weather we had earlier was brutal with little cover for the plants. I love the pictures, each one is so lovely. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas, too. My bird feeders are a frenzy of activity, birds everywhere, too. :-)

  14. It's all so pretty, Pam, but I can almost feel that cold air! Looks like you are all set up with the snow blower and snowmobiles, though. The views are wonderful and love seeing the deer and the birds. We had a snowfall early in the season, but none since. Tomorrow we are getting a wind storm with heavy rain. Always hate those, as we have so many tall trees....Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas and hope your New Year is wonderful, too. Stay safe. xx Karen

  15. Hi Pam, winter always looks lovely in photos, but you sure have had some nasty weather. Luck fir us we missed the bitter cold and snowfalls in Ontario, it was nice when we left and lovely when wegot home a couple of days ago. In fact it is 7 Celsius and rainy now. But that will change in a couple of days. I’m slowlt getting back to routine.

  16. I can't imagine having snow like that where you need a snowmobile

  17. Wonderful post and photos . We are having a melt down here now after very cold temps and more snow then we have had in years , but now a lot of our snow has gone with all the rain and temps hitting 10C . I am now looking forward to spring as I saw a Robin early this morning already in our birch tree as he chirped chirped for me . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  18. Pamela, your snowy photos are just stunning. I know you are probably tired of looking at it but we haven't had more than just a dusting so I will enjoy yours until we get more! If it was a cold as it was here, I can only imagine how cold it was at your place! It was great seeing a post from you...your photos are always beautiful on facebook and Instagram but even more so on your blog :D Stay warm, my friend!

  19. WAYYYYYY too much snow for me! Glad I do not live there! Love how the windows look all iced up like that. Keep cuddly warm.

  20. I enjoyed all your pictures . . .
    Oh My . . . You have SNOW and COLD . . .
    Stay warm and safe . . .

    We had much the same for days it seemed and then we have had this
    “Spring Fling” that has been here this week.
    Sub temps to springtime temps in one week plays havoc with my body . . .
    I think I will brighten my spirit with some “springy color” today!
    Happy January Days Pamela . . .

  21. Thanks for sharing your snow shots- so pretty and so nice to see from afar! I remember snow like this when we lived in Canada...it was fun then, but I was a child and of course snow is always fun to children. Now I hardly ever see snow here. Have a great weekend!

  22. Wonderful photos of real winter, Pamela. I know it's been bitterly cold and stormy, but I do enjoy snow for part of the winter. The deer family casually traipsing across your yard are so graceful.

  23. Beautiful beautiful photos Pam...
    Love the birds!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)


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